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Amii Expansion Suggestions Thread


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What is this?

A thread where I'll be posting cards I randomly come up with and fully theorycraft when I'm bored. Everyone is welcome to contribute. With some luck, once the game is fully working devs might start to look at new cards suggestions.





Power Cost:  




Level 1: 
Level 2: 
Level 3: 








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Name: Twigsprout
Tier: 1
Orbs: 1 Nature
Power Cost: 75
Amount: 3
Type: Forestkin Supporter
Rarity: Rare

Attack: 400 (M) - Melee
Life: 250 (M)

Root (Mode)
Enable to become immobile and gain: Nourishment and Linked Fire.

Nourishment (Passive)
Friendly entities connected to the root network within a 20m radius around Wisetwig will regenerate 5 hp per second.

Linked Fire (Passive)
Up to 3 entities connected to the root network suport each other enabling more powerful attacks. The unit will then heal more.

Level 1: Linked Fire +1 units may support the root network, Nourishment +2 lifepoints regenerated per second
Level 2: Linked Fire +1 units may support the root network, -5 Power Cost
Level 3: Linked Fire +1 units may support the root network, Nourishment +3 lifepoints regenerated per second

Notes: The buff should not stack with itself, only one instance of the buff will work on any affected unit at any time. The unit does not benefit from its own buff. Only the unit applying the buff counts as active for determining which are the idle units contributing to the network. Linked fire increases the amount healed per second by 20% for each unit supporting the network. The % is exponential, (with 3 upgrades):

  • 1 entity = +2 hps / 12 hps
  • 2 entities = +2.4 (+2) hps / 14 hps
  • 3 entities = +2.8 (+3) hps / 17 hps
  • 4 entities = +3.4 (+3) hps / 20 hps
  • 5 entities = +4 hps / 24 hps
  • 6 entities = +4.8 (+5) / 29 hps

Appearance: Resize and Recolor of Spikeroot. Size of Treespirit. Light brown spikes; yellow-ish leaves; light green "skin" bark; medium brown "armor" bark. Half unit-sized faint green mist coming from the unit when rooted.

Concept: After a lot of meditation, and the idea of making a secondary healer (because Shaman is too mainstream, expensive, ugly, or whatever other reason), the idea is to make a support for root nexus strategies on early game. With Treespirits and Spikeroots being fragile and vulnerable to ranged units or hard hitting units (until they are melted that is) there is a need to support them and so far the only solutions to this issue are shamans, which got single target big heals every 5 seconds, risking the unit to die before the next heal, and heal spells like surge of light or ray of light which are expensive for the amount of wells you may possess in that tier and not sustainable in terms of power. As Spikeroot costs 2 nature orbs, the healing options areeven more limited as surge of light isn't that effective on them, and although by then you should be able to set up a proper root network with blessed root nexus, that is only stationary. Wisetwigs offer a more mobile solution to this problem, and a powerful regeneration source if a full network is built. They are still very fragile however, so it is a must to have something in front tanking for them and be vigilant of nukes and flying units or units with aoe, cleave or multishot; even damage over time spells may take care of them swiftly if a network is not built for them to regenerate and while somewhat small having 1 with at least another one unit linked further back is already enough to allow units like treespirits not to die as fast. This is less noticeable on spikeroots but by then you should be able to produce a full network allowing for mobile healing.

Comparison: With 3 upgrades on a Treespirit (880) and Spikeroot (1320)

  • Shaman: 150 hp/5s = 30hps
  • Crystal Fiend: (33hps*10s)/2.5s
  • Gifted Root Nexus: 8.8 hps; 13.2 hps; costs less than half, doesnt occupy unit slots, has more radius and more than 3 times the hp.
  • Viridya: 26.4 hp/2s = 13.2hps; 39.6 hp/2s = 19.8hps


  • Healing over time 
  • Complements root network strategy on tier 1 and tier 2
  • Powerful HoT on full network, for the tier


  • Risky to play beyond T2
  • Requires the network to be meaningful (6 of the cheapest unit -treespirit- = 360 power)
  • Really fragile 


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Name: Thistlebriars
Tier: 2
Orbs: 2 Nature
Power Cost: 70
Amount: 5x6
Type: Forestkin Corruptor
Rarity: Common

Attack: 660 - Special
Life: 780 (S)

Sap (Passive)
Enemies will deal 20% less damage and take 20% more damage as long as being attacked by this unit.

Puncture (Passive)
If the unit dies, it will trigger a burst of sharp splinters and prickles dealing 200 damage to units in a 10 meter radius, up to 250 in total.

Level 1: Damage +10x6
Level 2: Damage +15x6
Level 3: Sap Enemies deal +5% less damage and take +5% more damage

Notes: Sap's effect does not stack with itself, only one instance of the debuff will work on any affected unit at any time.

Appearance: Resize and recolor of Stoneshards. Stone into dark brown bark; blue areas into light green; floating shards colored green as leaves; orange details on the tips of the back-spikes and weapon.

Concept: Its role is that of a side unit applying a debuff, beyond that it is a cheap Tier 2 spammable unit that can be used, for example, along with other root network units to work as an obstacle to not let enemy melee units reach them so quickly and apply a small debuff to make them do more damage or with bigger units to apply the debuff even for a few seconds. It is not something you would summon as main unit as its HP is very low, but may work as that against Tier 1 and small T2 units when using a small horde of them. It is good in general as it always has something to do, if it hits, it deals a little damage and applies the debuff and if it dies it goes out with a small bang, making it possible for it to work as a small nuke if it is summoned mid fight (dazed -50% hp) and let it die quick.

Comparison: Comparing it with other 5x6's units.

  • Lowest HP - With 750, it is the lowest of the T2's 5x6 units, lower than Twilight Minions (780).
  • Lower than average damage - Deals the same amount of damage as Stone Shards.
  • Sap's effect would work the same way Snapjaws' do but half as effective.
  • Shatter's effect would work the same way Slaver's do with less damage and area of effect.


  • Jack-of-all-trades kind of unit
  • Only debuffing (weakening) green unit
  • Expendable


  • The debuff and on-death effect are not that much of a big deal for the Tier of the unit, works in numbers but dont depend on it
  • Requires 2 Nature orbs
  • Weak in attack and hp


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Name: Greenskeeper
Tier: 3
Orbs: 3 Nature
Power Cost: 250
Amount: 1
Type: Forestkin Crusader
Rarity: Uncommon

Attack: 3600 (L) - Melee
Life: 2400 (XL)

Garden's Grace (Passive)
All friendly units in a 25m radius benefit 15% more from regenerating abilities.

Level 1: Lifepoints +150; Garden's Grace +5%.
Level 2: Lifepoints +250; Garden's Grace +5%.
Level 3: Lifepoints +350; Garden's Grace +5%.

Notes: The unit does not benefit from its own buff. 

Appearance: Recolor of Avatar of Ice. Stone into wood; ice into leaves of green, yellow, blue colors; brighter vines. 

Concept: Nature is sort of starved in terms of muscle power, it is compensated by the root network but it still is very short in direct damage. This Oaken Guardian is to fill that niche for T3 along with the Abyssal Warder but on a more supporting role. It technically can fill the role of an Avatar of Ice, but it can also work as support for other nearby units. Nature is rich in heals so it makes great synergy with many spells and abilities, particularly Healing Gardens. There are a couple of simple strategies for this guys; one is to work as tanks for razorleaves, another is to use it as staple T3 offensive unit, and even on T4 it still works due to the buff. 

Comparison: It can be compared to Avatar of Ice in terms of stats (a little weaker), while the ability is similar to that of Healing Gardens, on a smaller a scale but permanent.


  • T3 XL nature unit that can actually deal some damage without being rooted
  • Can work as support for T3 and 4 armies
  • Synergyzes well with Healing Gardens for even greater healings


  • Requires 3 nature orbs
  • You need 2 of them if you want them to benefit from the buff
  • Still not the most powerful thing out there for the tier


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Name: Root Hub
Tier: 4
Orbs: 2 Nature 2 X
Power Cost: 120
Amount: 2
Type: Hut
Rarity: Ultra-Rare

Attack: -
Life: 1360

Network Origin (Active)
The hub grants access to far away networks. Activate to set as point of origin.

Transmissor (Passive)
Is able to repeat the root network and bridge the distance from a distant Root Hub origin. 

Level 1: Lifepoints +100
Level 2: Lifepoints +260
Level 3: Lifepoints +380

Notes: Transmissor's range is map-wide. There can only be one point of origin. 

Appearance: Large sized Root Nexus. Blue-coloured Sylvan Gate healing effect on point of origin Root Hub; Blue-coloured Treespirits sparkles on non-origin Root Hubs.

Concept: A simple and straight upgrade from Root Nexus; if they are hard wire, this is wireless. Having the entire map with root nexus is all nice and cool, you can even draw things with it, but in late game the smallest random spawn can break it with 2 or 3 hits and when the 2 twilight juggernauts come you'll start wondering why your razorleaves hit like little girls and start tracing it back all the way to the missing root nexus in panic only to find the units that are currently eating them. This is fixed by setting up living towers, howling shrines or some other root unit, but it is expensive and a hassle to do it. By tier 4 one should already graduate from that and build the antenna-like Root Hub to send network power to some other distant important point and not bother yourself with anything going on in the middle of nowhere. This might even make root network useful in rpve and pvp, the strategy with this is to have a bunch of treespirits or living towers working as batteries in one safe base, usually the starting base in campaign maps or the t1 monument in rpve, set up a root hub as point of origin there and then set up another hub on a forward base or some other defending point. Somewhat expensive but you only need few of them; destroy it and you render the network useless so it becomes a major weak point but then again the same happens with the root nexus. It synergyzes well with Sylvan gate as you can send units from the safe base to the forward base with the tunnel and quickly build up the network.

Comparison: It can only be compared with Root Nexus really, and the differences are very obvious. It otherwise covers the same role.


  • Not risking the network from getting done in by random spawns anymore 
  • You still benefit from root nexus for short distances from the root hub
  • Better and cleaner root network layout


  • It becomes the new network's weak point, so it is a must to defend it
  • Low amount of charges
  • Not very effective in small maps


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Name: Thicket Sentinel
Tier: 4
Orbs: 2 Nature 2 X
Power Cost: 120
Amount: 3
Type: Forestkin Archer
Rarity: Uncommon

Attack: 1700 (M) - Ranged
Life: 1800 (L)

Root (Mode)
Enable to become immobile and gain: Splinter Barrage and Intrusive Link.

Splinter Barrage (Special Attack)
Every half second the unit unleashes a barrage of wooden splinters that deal 33 damage to enemies in a 5m radius around its target, up to 51. Deals extra damage against extra large units.

Intrusive Link (Passive)
The unit links to a friendly root network. While connected Thicket Sentinel charges up his powers: if he is linked for at least 10 seconds he will attack 100% faster for 5 seconds. This can only be triggered every 20 seconds. As he is not able to generate any support for the network himself he needs to link into a network that already has members other than Thicket Sentinel units.

Level 1: Splinter Barrage +2 damage per target, 3 in total.
Level 2: Splinter Barrage +4 damage per target, 5 in total.
Level 3: Splinter Barrage +6 damage per target, 7 in total.

Note: Intrusive Link's buff is given to the unit and remains on stand-by until it attacks, which is when the cycle starts.

Appearance: Recolor of Stone Tempest. Stone into wood; medium green on the blue areas, tail and head spikes; light green face and hand-cannons.

Concept: A nature-based Tempest with benefits from root networks, although they really are not needed. Its role is point defense and anti-XL, it would also be the only direct-hit ranged nature unit. The specific bonus against XL makes it good in late pvp and rpve as you can send a horde of those behind some big tanky units, let them sit down and pepper the enemies at the good range they have (same as tempest). Not slow like razorleaf and spore launcher but not that big either, they are more fragile compared to them. Their damage is also low compared to the latters nuke-like attacks, but it hits fast, and even faster for a little while if its connected to a network. It isn't overly expensive like the usual XL t4 units so it is easier to spam them and build numbers.

Comparison: Regarding cost, damage, lifepoints and special attack, it is pretty much the same as tempest. While Intrusive Link is more similar to the Sun Reaver's Infused/Gifterd Root. 


  • Long range
  • Cheap 
  • Fast direct attacks


  • Needs numbers to make up for the low stats
  • Very specific bonus
  • Requires a root network to show its full potential


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Name: Floating Spore
Tier: 1
Orbs: 1 Nature
Power Cost: 60
Amount: 5
Type: Forestkin Supporter
Rarity: Common

Attack: -
Life: 200

Blessed Pollen (Passive)
Explodes when being killed releasing curative pollen. Allied units in a 15m radius are healed 10 lifepoints per second for 10 seconds. Up to 3 buff instances may be applied on any unit at any time.

Tainted Pollen (Passive)
Explodes when being killed releasing deadly pollen. Enemies in a 15m radius take 10 damage per second for 10 seconds. Up to 3 buff instances may be applied on any unit at any time.

Self-Destruct (Active)
Activate to trigger Pollen by killing the unit.

Level 1: +3 damage/lifepoints per second.
Level 2: +3 damage/lifepoints per second.
Level 3: +4 damage/lifepoints per second.

Appearance: Resize and recolor of Crystal Fiend. Slightly smaller model; yellow spikes and center; light brown plates; bright green glow; scaled down regrowth particles flowing down on death during the effect of the buff.

Concept: A floating grenade/potion. A very cheap, consumable kind of unit that you either save in the back as spare heal to detonate when needed or send to the enemies as a gas grenade. Makes for a good unit for void efficiency tactics, like every other suicidal unit in the game, just that this time it goes with nature instead of shadow, rising the potential use of (future) amii cards (shadow/nature) and other void-related shadow cards. It is intended to be played with and against tier 1 units to make the healing or damage over time meaningful, it can be spammed however to apply several instances of the healing/damage over time which, if properly done, may escalate into greater amounts that may affect tier 2 units. Synergizes very well with Fountain of Rebirth.

Comparison: Role-wise it can be compared to Crystal Fiend, having no attack and only applying buffs. The buff is very similar to that of fountain of rebirth and envenom, triggered by the active found in bomb cards like morklay trap. 


  • Cheap consumable
  • Good for void management tactics
  • Spare Heal/Grenade


  • It is not that useful after reaching tier 2
  • Buff has a small area
  • Doesn't contribute while its alive
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