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  1. mastermedo

    Skylords Reborn Trivia!

    Well, the last trivia was pretty fun ^^ Here are some suggestions for ones to come. 1) I implore you to enforce the first rule and repeat it before each trivia in game. (Everyone has only one chance and therefore one answer each: Think carefully!) 2) If there are people who repeatedly submit multiple answers or spam just ignore (disqualify) them for the given trivia. 3) Award winners after the trivia not during one, that way you won't have to remember winners, you'll have them written on the paper and won't mistakenly award the same person multiple times. 4) Write the answer to the question before moving on to the next one, especially for lore questions; which could be a great learning experience and not just one word. 5) Don't rush it! Most fun comes from pressure and anticipation, a little stalling could make it much more fun. 6) Don't just pass the question if no one knows it yet. Since we all have just one chance give us some time... A minute or two at least. 7) I think we should be allowed to use all means available to us in game to get the answer, be it trying cards out in the forge, searching for a card in the market, scrolling through our own cards or taking a peek in the lore book, it just makes it that more fun and since we have a restraint on time this won't be a problem. 8) Announce when you're raising the prize for the given question and give us a second chance! ("No correct answers yet, the prize doubles, everyone has a second chance!") Oh yeah btw, forgot to tell you, Brannoc was not just a blacksmith, he was indeed a smith!

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