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[Forum Game] Rate the song!

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So this one is as easy as you think. You just rate the post of your foreposter, scale from 1 to 10 with 1 = super awful and 10 = amazing After you rated you gonna post a new song:) Have fun and explor

Pretty good 7/10     

7/10 I've heard better electro swing Lets shake things up once again, btw you need to listen this with good speakers + a sub  

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17 hours ago, Valaraukar said:

2/10 boring af, sounds like a million other songs, and it sounds like a live recording. @DyonisX That yoiyoi kokon was actually the first really good reol song you posted here




Finally someone appreciates Reol <3<3 

I've never heard this knife party song before, I like the bird, but it's lacking that impact that something like Give It Up has 6.5/10



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forgot to rank it lel
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On 2016. 09. 24. at 1:14 PM, shadowxxs77 said:

Non that much of a house/dubstep fan, I can see how would like this tho 6,5/10


Eyy bozz :D

Papa Franku really good, was listening to his songs just recently :)



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