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PvE League - Season 2 Sign Ups Open!


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Hello Skyladies and Skylords,

PvE League is starting soon!



Start: February 6, 2023

End: April 3, 2023

Duration: 8 weeks


What if I start when the season has already started?

Please feel free to join us at any time during the season, you will still be eligible for end of season, achievement and bonus challenge prizes. Late participants will not be able to make up for missed challenges.


What is it?

Compete against other players of similar abilities and ranks in a series of challenges consisting of campaign and rPvE maps. All info about the challenges and rules can be found on our website HERE!


Who can participate?

We have 4 league divisions, to determine which one suits you best each division is summarized here:

Rookie League - Restricted to newer players with PVE ranks 10 (gold 2) or below*

Pro League - Open to everyone PVE rank 11 (gold 3) or above, challenges will be at an expert level.

Elite League - Open to everyone, PVE rank 13 (platinum 1) or above is recommended, challenges will be at an expert level. Elite league challenges are designed to be difficult; our objectives are designed to block most traditional speed running strategies, players will be required to think outside the box.

Master League - Open to all, however we highly recommend a minimum PVE rank of 15 (platinum 3) because it requires an in-depth knowledge of all cards & maps. Masters league challenges are the same as Elite League but with an added twist.

League admins reserve the right to reallocate you to a different division if we feel your capabilities and skills does not fit the division you registered for.

*deadline is on league start, you're allowed to progress your rank afterwards


What are the prizes?

Lots of in game prizes will be awarded to each League, including some promos! The exact prize pools can be viewed on our web page in the info tab under the information and rules.

Rookie League info/prizes - HERE!

Pro League info/prizes - HERE!

Elite League info/prizes - HERE!

Master League info/prizes - HERE!


How do I register?

Visit our website (HERE!), click on "Register for PvE League Here" and follow the instructions. 


Can I participate if I don't have Discord?

Yes, you are able to participate without a Discord account. All information & challenges will be on our website and replay submissions will be done via the website too.


Join our PvE League Discord Server

Join us for all the fun and frivolity whilst getting to know other participants in your division.  





If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact @Little_Ducky (DaDuck#5103) or @nukie (nukie#9354). We look forward to meeting you all for Season 2 of PvE League.

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21 hours ago, Lacedaimon said:

I signed up maybe last week or the week before for the Rookies League, but I'm not sure if it worked. Do I get any confirmation that I signed up?

Can confirm we have your registration. Due to you not being in the discord (unsure if you just do not have discord) it can be a little harder to communicate. If you have any questions feel free to directly message me anytime on the forum 🙂 

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