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  1. What if the survey is linked to Gmail, and the game is linked to another mail? Where to specify an account so that boosters go where they need to go?
  2. Только в эту тему писать по ошибкам перевода?
  3. I explained that initially it didn’t allow me to create an account on the site, I did it under a different name, I registered for the tournament as Dikleyz, the name is KeyNeR in the game, and on the site I made KeyNeR_Battleforge, is that enough? It won't let me just put KeyNeR
  4. What should I do? the login from the game was unavailable, registered under a different name, then registered at the tournament, and changed through the profile to another one, but the one that was registered remained in the standings, is the name important in the tournament?
  5. Что мне делать? логин из игры был недоступен, зарегистрировался под другим именем, потом зарегистрировался на турнир, и поменял через профиль на другой, но в турнирной таблице остался тот, который был зарегистрирован изначально, имя важно в турнире?
  6. Where can I download the replay? I uploaded it to http://www.t1421.tk/, is that enough or is it needed somewhere else?
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