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Official PvE Contest#5: They See Me Walkin', They Hatin - Until 14.04.2022

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Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings.

Welcome to the fifth official PvE event!
We hope you will have a lot of fun with this event!

logo_for_events (1).png

What kind of event will it be?

PvE - Advanced - Convoy using pure decks

For this challenge, we want to see you succeed in playing the map Convoy on Advanced difficulty while using pure coloured decks.
Depending on what colour deck you use, you will be able to get different rewards. If you want to increase the challenge, you can also try to tackle the map on your own or on expert difficulty for some bonus rewards.
Additionally, there will be prizes for the teams with the
fastest combined time across all colours.

Since the map Convoy can be quite challenging to beat with some colours, we have provided some tips on how you might want to tackle this challenge and where to get help later in this post.

So gather a team, polish your strategy and guard the walkers to victory!

When will it start?

We will be accepting entries starting today.

The event will run for a little less than 2 weeks, to be specific: 14.04.2022 23:59 CEST.
You can send your replays through DM to me on Discord (Metagross31#1103) or through a PM to me on the forum.

The winners will be announced after the event concludes, the format is still to be determined.

How can I participate?

Everyone with an ingame account can participate in the event - there is no need to sign up separately.
You just have to send in your replay. Ideally you can provide me with additional information such as the
player names, the time of the replay and what colour you used. [Note: Your entry has to be a victory]

You can send in your replays until the 14.04.2022.
You can find your replays here: Documents=>Battleforge=>replays

What are the objectives?

The goal is to beat the map Convoy on advanced difficulty with both players using a mono colour deck. Both players have to use the same colour, so if one player uses for example pure nature, the other player has to use pure nature as well.
You are
allowed to use all cards, that can be found in the respective pure faction booster, so for example no Amii Monument, but Brannoc in pure fire is okay.
You may also beat the map solo, i.e. with just one player, which will grand you an extra reward.
Furthermore, you are allowed to send in multiple replays, but you may only get one reward for each colour.


Sounds fun! What's the prize pool?

Every team, that submits a run, has a chance to win something, depending on the colour they used.
The more
different coloured runs you submit, the more you can win. Playing on expert improves this even further.
If you did a solo run, your reward will be doubled.

In general, you can win faction boosters according to the colour you played, i.e.
Pure Fire Run - Fire Booster
Pure Shadow Run - Shadow Boosters
Pure Frost Run - Frost Boosters
Pure Nature Run - Nature Boosters



If you submit one run on advanced difficulty, you will start off with a 25% chance to be rewarded with the corresponding faction booster. For every further colour you submit a run, the chance increases by 25%, up to 100%. The probabilities always count for each of the boosters. This means, that you will have a 100% chance for a fire, shadow, frost AND nature booster, if you submit runs for each of these colours.
If you submit a run on expert difficulty, you will have a 100% chance on receiving a booster for that specific colour. It will also still improve the probability for the other colours by 25%.
The doubling of the rewards is done at the very end.
Here are some examples to make it more clear:
- Players Alice and Bob submit a frost and a nature run, both on advanced difficulty. They will have a 50% chance for a nature booster and a 50% chance for a frost booster.
- Player Charlie submits a Fire and Frost run on advanced, and a shadow run on expert difficulty. They will have a 100% chance to get 2 shadow boosters, a 75% chance to get 2 Fire boosters and a 75% chance to get 2 Frost boosters.

Additionally, the five teams with the fastest combined time with every colour beating the map on expert will receive the following prizes:

1st place:  8 General Boosters
2nd place: 5 General Boosters
3rd place:  3 General Boosters
4th-7th place: 1 General Booster

Helpful Tips

Beating Convoy on advanced - or especially on expert - can be quite challenging, if you have never done it before and don't know, how to approach the map.
Thus, we have compiled a list of tips in the spoiler below, that might help you to tackle this challenge. If you still struggle with the map, feel free to ask for help - there are a lot of veteran players in the community, which will gladly help you out with any questions you might have. A good place to ask them would be the
Skylords Mentoring Discord server.


1. On expert difficulty, you only have three walkers available, before the map will be lost. On their own, they are not strong enough to defeat the power shrine, so you need to use the spell devices, that are distributed around the map, to aid the walkers.

2. There are three different spell devices - a frost, nature and fire device. The frost device can be used to freeze enemies inside the canyon, the nature device can be used to heal the walkers and the fire device can be used to damage enemies inside the canyon. The device locations are marked in this map:

3. The fire device can be used to damage the power shrine directly.

4. The heal from the nature device is a heal over time effect, so make sure to cast it in a way, that the walkers are inside its area of effect for as long as possible.

5. The charges for the spell devices are obtained from killing the Stonekin warriors. They always need some time to respawn, so you have to use your charges wisely. A well timed spell can help the walkers a lot, so do not waste them!

6. If you leave the spell devices unprotected, the patrouling stonekin units can reclaim them. You can prevent that by leaving a defense at the devices, which is strong enough to deal with them.

7. Some spells and abilities can be used inside the canyon. However, not all of them are useful. For example, most heals do not effect the walkers.

8. You can support Mo during the final phase of the boss fight with the spell devices as well. Don't forget however, that freezing an enemy makes it take 50% less damage.

9. If you still struggle with the map on expert difficulty, you can start by practicing on advanced difficulty and try to lose as little walkers as possible until you can beat the map while loosing less than 3 walkers. Keep in mind though, that the enemies on expert are stronger than on advanced.

In conclusion

To summarize the event in simple steps:

  1. Look for a team. You can either do this below this topic, on Discord or Ingame.
  2. Choose a colour to play.
  3. Come up with a strategy for your run.
  4. Try to complete the challenge.
  5. If you feel comfortable, why not try to beat it with other colours as well.
    Satisfied? Send the replay to me! (Metagross31#1103 on Discord) or PM your best replay to me (in the forum).


Future events

If you are interested in helping with these kind of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out!
Send me or @Minashigo Hiko a
PM on the forum, or direct message via Discord (Metagross31#1103, Minashigo Hiko#1126).
We are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!

We hope you have a lot of fun with this event. We are looking forward to seeing all your replays!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Skylords Reborn Team

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  • Metagross31 changed the title to Official PvE Contest#5: They See Me Walkin', They Hatin - Until 14.04.2022

Really like this one 🙂

Have already completed it with Pure Shadow on expert which was quite fun,

Kinda lacking the card pool for the other colors...

Do you think for Pure Nature on expert a few straglers + living towers are enough to defend against the stonekin warriors?

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Actually I don't have much full mono color faction cards but I think :shadoworb: and :natureorb: is probably the easier ones to complete... At least I started with :frostorb: and am struggling to take down the shrine on advanced. Maybe :fireorb: share some of the problem of :frostorb: but feels likes a little more doable with T1 swift units.


I haven't tried expert Convoy but at least for Behind Enemy Lines Stanglehold works great over the cliff.


PS For :frostorb:, I am just probably missing some cards. 🙂

Edited by Lans
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9 hours ago, Lans said:

Actually I don't have much full mono color faction cards but I think :shadoworb: and :natureorb: is probably the easier ones to complete... At least I started with :frostorb: and am struggling to take down the shrine on advanced. Maybe :fireorb: share some of the problem of :frostorb: but feels likes a little more doable with T1 swift units.


I haven't tried expert Convoy but at least for Behind Enemy Lines Stanglehold works great over the cliff.


PS For :frostorb:, I am just probably missing some cards. 🙂

I am working on my :frostorb: run and I think they are even or at least very close to :shadoworb:

:frostorb: just got so many good cards for that map - Cannon Tower, War Eagle, Construct ... I even found the Northland drakes kinda useful here ^^

Just running out of :bf: and :money:to build the deck in a way that I am satisfied xD

Lans likes this
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Thought I had a little more time to try to team up with someone but at least I managed to do all 4 colors on advanced. Looking forward to how others did it!


I assume this event might be shorter than usual due to Easter and I hope we'll see some Easter Eggs in game! Happy Easter to everyone!

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7 minutes ago, Metagross31 said:

Всем привет,
спасибо за ваши материалы.
Мероприятие уже завершилось. Однако потребуется некоторое время, чтобы пройти все повторы. Поэтому, пожалуйста, наберитесь терпения еще немного, вы можете ожидать увидеть результаты во второй половине следующей недели.

До тех пор,


Edited by EcHo24
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey everyone,

sorry again for the long delay and thank you all for your patience.
I have finished analyzing the replays. So you can expect your rewards to arrive in your mailbox very soon!

I will also try to find an opportunity to properly show off the fastest expert replays during this week.
Regarding fastest expert replays, I will for now only send out your participation rewards, not yet the rewards for rank 1-5, in order not to spoil the rankings. If you are part of one of the teams, that submitted four expert runs and do not want to wait until the reveal, please reach out to me, so I will already give you your rewards.

I hope to see you soon in a replay reveal!

wanky, EcHo24, Reverend830 and 1 other like this
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Hey everyone,
thank you again for participating in this contest and thank you again for your patience.
Attached to this post, you find a .zip archive containing all the replay submissions.
Here are the final rankings for the expert difficulty all colors category:

1. LEBOVIN, Wanky: 48m 0.4s
2. Donaar, arabika: 60m 56.5s
3. EcHo24, alexx-serg: 74m 36.7s
4. Eirias: 85m 21.4s
5. Donaar, Gam3over: 87m 19.0
6. AntoXaa, WBRus: 142m 59.5s
7. Dorukking: 148m 0.17s

The boosters for the winners will be sent out within the next days.
See you all in the next event!



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