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  1. Hello ladies and gents, following issue with my account: - Starting the game, email & pw prompt work as usual, but then im promted to create a character. - Reproduceable, tried several times, same result every time. - Screenshot not provided, its only the create char screen where you pick avatar and name. Not getting any error message. - Game & Login worked fine yesterday, but I did open around ~50 Bandit boosters, so not sure if the system thought it fishy and flagged my account?! Also, the Launcher update around 13 items when i started up earlier. If you need anything else, let me know. Thnx & happy bughunt _log_proxy_0.log
  2. Don´t think the 30% damage reduction on them will be enough, especially towards the end (navigating among the Birdies will also be very very annoying since you can´t take them out). If someome pulls it off, then hats off.
  3. Finished mine with 3 Points and I can see 2 Points working but being extremly tedious, but 1 Point .....?! Nah, don´t think it will work, since you need the burst or CC at the end, but your Point is spent on the T1 Unit to control mo
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