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Hey everyone,

I just created a template for rPvE deck tierlists. You can access it here:
Feel free to create your own tierlists and post them in this thread :)

Note however that this is more meant as a place to share your toughts and let it be. It is not supposed to start discussions about the lists of others. So if you have a different opinion (such as "why did you place deck X in tier Y? I think it is better than deck Z and should be placed higher"), feel free to discuss it with the people directly via dm.
Also, the deck themes are on purpose chosen to be kind of vague, so some of them are up for interpretation and thus might vary hugely in were people place them depending on how they interpret the image.

To start things of, here is what I came up with:





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This is really hard for me. Even though, for example, Banzai and BH perform a notch better than Emberstrikes and Abo (Spelldeck, of course), I grouped them together as S to have more room for gradation in the lower tiers. Frost is certainly among the slowest A-tiers, but based on the incredible strength and decent clearspeed in T4, I wanted to see this one here. For fire, I would actually like to show A Tier as well, but due to the vulnerability on heavier maps, the light gradation. That other top players see Comet Catcher before Worldbreaker makes me think, but in my personal experience Worldbreaker should be a bit more stable.
As Radical already said on Discord. The performance clearly depends on a lot of factors which can make up one or two different tiers easily depending on the situation.


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6 hours ago, Fairas said:

Can someone pls show all this Decks? 

The thing is that I wanted to leave it up for interpretation a little bit. There is no one single Batariel Deck/ Bloodhorn Deck/ Pure Frost Deck etc. There are many different playstyles for them and the decks can very much depend on the situation. It is more about how you rate a general Batariel Deck vs Bloodhorn Deck vs Pure Frost Deck and so on.

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For Volin's stream sake:

S+ Batariel, who would've expected that. There are pretty much two valid reasons to play this deck. 1. motm competition, 2. a daily timer of 35/45mins.

S-tier contains the top deck options to play when you either want to go fast but not 2fast or you're playing motms and don't have the power for a batarie ldeck because you had to place the shrines (cries in void power).  

Brannoc mainly reaches the A-tier for being the single best option for several t3 speedrun scenarios. All other decks - besides :fireorb::fireorb::natureorb::natureorb: and :frostorb::frostorb::frostorb::frostorb: - reach this tier only due to their splashability with :neutralorb::shadoworb::shadoworb: spells (driveby superiority).

Decks below that tier do not really require much of an explanation.


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