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  1. I can change one Quest per day and it lower the Reward from 75 to 70 BFP. I cant never change this new Quest again. I think it would nice, if we can change Quests more than once. The Reward can also be lowerd every time. Maybe: 75-70-60-40... They Reason is, i dont want to play the Style the Quests offers me (for example 4 Player Campaigns, or Frost Cards when my prefered Deck dont have Frost Cards)
  2. After last game i got -546 (maybe not exact, it was 5xx for sure) BFP. What Bug is this? A bit earlier i got many BFP from AH-Messages, maybe something there was incorect (opend 100 messages at the same time). sry, if my english is bullshit, i hope you can understand me
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