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What is your favourite campaign map and why?

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After the topic of your favorite card, I (as a player, not community manager) am interested in your favorite map.

For me, Treasure Fleet will always have a special place in my heart. I remember playing it at the place of my ex, while she was at work on Saturdays. I wanted to beat it with a mono shadow deck (I think this was before Renegade Edition came out) and without any kind of map abuse. Took me soooo long, but really was worth it. I also have.. mixed.. memories of trying to beat Slave Master during the summer with her, with the added difficulty that after a while her laptop would overheat so we had to hurry or get disconnected. 

Present day, Im just a big fan of playing maps the way they were intended. I think Bad Harvest is quite fun. The only map I really dont like is Oracle, since the ending can be really punishing. 

Share your cool stories or memories below!

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Well this is gonna sound weird, but... one of my 2 most favorite maps is actually the introduction (wait what?!). Its the tutorial of the game, and i really enjoy a good tutorial in an rts game. Some games are just throwing you into the game without any directions for you. But this tutorial tells you everything, it even has a great ending since you also have to defeat a smol boss at the end. The whole layout of the tutorial map looks great, and i even sometimes wondered what it would be like if there was also 3 difficulties for that mission. It was a fun start to this game since you could already use one of the (at least back then when it was released) signature monsters, cause in every single wallpaper or background you could see the tremor, and here he was. I thought that was nice and also when you spot the boss for the first time i was like, damn that thing looks badass, wish there was a card from it, figured out weeks later there was a slight variation of it in the form of harvester. Maybe that also helped the fact that harvey was for a long time one of my most favorite cards.

When it comes to regular maps, i actually like nightmare shard a lot (another questionable pick). Its a map that already has some difficulty even on standard, a mission where you dont have as much power as in the other maps. It limited your ways of playing, cause you couldnt just spam units and overrun the enemy. Its difficult but in a good way.

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1 hour ago, Majora said:

For me, Treasure Fleet will always have a special place in my heart.

I totally agree with treasure fleet (not because of my ranking 😛)

To play the map the normal way, I really enjoy Nightmares end, Mo, and Blight.

For speedrunning, my favorite is Convoy. And my newly discovered love for Nightmare Shard ❤️ 

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1-player: Encounters with Twilight. The map has such a nice pacing, tells a story, and has 2 options to defeat it before the boss.

2-player: Slave Master - so many paths to go, again multiple options to solve it.

4-player: None. Most of them are okay, but nothing stands out.

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Guns of Lyr. Devloping new 4p as well as 1p speedrun strat was lots of fun. The map is cursed by design, which makes its heavily abuseable - and I like abuse.

However, I'm looking forward to the planed changes to the map and how the strats will adapt to the changes. 

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1p: Defending Hope - when i want to relax, and behind enemy lines when i want a challange 😉
2p: i think none... Crusade is ok, and Slave Master have great features but not exacly works as intended 😉
4p: Bad Harvest and Guns - they are really fun, not exacly linear and exciting when something goes wrong 😉 

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