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Proposed Unity Change - Poll


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  1. 1. Should Unity affect only your own-units or both your own and allied units?

    • Own units only
    • Allied and own units

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  • Poll closed on 07/01/21 at 03:59 AM

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Unity is a T3 :fireorb::fireorb::neutralorb: support spell. The spell has been discussed at length in our balancing discord: Beginning of Unity Discussion. The spell description is included below:

"Installs a magical bond between up to 8 friendly units within a 25m radius. The affected units will then mutually share their life points with each other as long as they are positioned within a 25m radius towards one another. All incoming damage will be equally spread among all members relative to each units current life points. None of the members can die as long as the group still has more than one life point left."


On the live server Unity is currently usable on both own and allied units. Recently, after several requests, it was changed on our test server to affect only own units. This proposed change has led to a lot of discussion on the subject. We as a Faction Design team have decided that, given both sides have good arguments for why it should affect only own units or both allied and own units, we will decide the issue via a public poll asking the community's opinion on the subject. Any change would affect both affinities.

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I am a bit surprised that making one affinity affect only own units and the other affect allies and own units isn't an option. Any particular reason why that didn't make the cut? Seems like a "best of both worlds" solution to me. The downside being that you'd probably have to scrap one of the current affinity effects. In which case I would lean more towards ditching the heal and making both affinities grant damage reduction.

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10 hours ago, Homerun said:

what if your ally does  not want to be in Unity with you???

this is potential for trolling

Up until now Unity was always for you and your allies, and I never heard of an instance that this has been used for trolling...

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Although I understand the trolling possibilities Unity offers, I don't think we should focus on what a super small part of the community might be doing. 


Unity affecting allies has useful effects on some maps where you can use it on overpowered units (I'm looking at you Soultree). It could be considered game-breaking, but I think it's more about rewarding the use of the correct spells at the right time.


It also expands the cooperation, as you can use it with other players that have less/more hp to move forward in some complex situations.


Overall, I think it's great as it is today. If the campaign "abuse" is too much, I would suggest modifying the units (e.g.: Soultree Viridya) to not be affected by the spell rather than changing the spell itself.

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