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    Mountain Rowdy

    he is somewhat better version of Imperials. He is not bad, but Imperials make his usage become niche. Why do i bring Rowdy when I have imperials at t1, with 2 frost orb constraint? -> only in map saturated with S attacker.
  2. Homerun


    I aggree that the Eating animation is so clunky. Should remove it for good. If someone afraid that remove eating animation make it too OP-> adjusting the amount of energy consumption
  3. what if your ally does not want to be in Unity with you??? this is potential for trolling
  4. I am aware of those spells,and did not mention them because the interaction is quite bad. As some one already mentioned, the trait only make sense on melee unit, where they are usually expected to die first. revenants blessing ,most fight end under 30-40 seconds. This spell would be much better only if it increase the revenant life even by a tiny bit, 3-5s so you can move them around. ethereal storm : it's hard to keep revenant alive, so this spell is useless in regard of the cost. The only revenant you usually have is the T4 lost evocation.
  5. I do strongly agree that this faction trait need rework somehow... It only make sense if some of the lost souls has "on death" effect... , or some synergy with the revenant. Possibily the original dev has further edition to complement it but, well this trait just suck as it is.
  6. As title says, some map like : THe soul tree Treesurefleet (there are more) Why should we do this? For ex: In the treasure fleet, when I clear all the map and camp both spawning cave in north and south, there is nothing else to do except waiting for the ship go to their destination. It just waste of time to intervene.... In soultree. There is race against Moon health.
  7. NAME: Plague deal less damage than potential, does not deal damage when target is moving on initial cast. DESCRIPTION: In forge, summon 5 Twilight Devastator Cast "Plague" so that it affect all. at U3 it suppose to jump 7 times. potential Damage per cycle (of jump) 100/s (per host) x 5target x 4 seconds = 2000 7 jumps = 2000 x 7 = 14000 REPRODUCIBILITY: Highly, out of 5 times, 4 tries does not even kill 1 Twilight Devastator out of 5. Tried out on a group of 10, the damage is still far less than the damage cap. Damage ranged widely, so not sure what happen. sometimes it deal no damage after jump to new host.
  8. Question: Build at least one tower that can attack in every refugee camp. (The building has to be completely constructed) For the above the requirement, does it has to be alive at the end of game, or can be destroy after being built?
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