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Mountain Rowdy


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Does anyone actually use this card for anything? Frost has so many good t2 medium units it seems hard to find any use for this derpy ugly art self freezing oddball. I'm curious if anyone has found a use for him as anything but a budget stone of torment for The Soultree. If anyones ever gotten good use out of him in either pve or pvp I'd love to know.

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he might be very cool to defend orbs at low tier if enemies reach them. (thinking about the purple one) Will soak dmg and harm all enemies. The blue one might even be good in a combination with sqishies like these awesome but rarely used 2frost-orb-archers(forgot the name, but really digg their looong range ability lol)

could imagine him being handy in places like PTD expert when teammates let units through to your orb and you need a quick low cost defense.


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He is pretty strong Statwise and has quite a decent effect (purple one) but has the same problem twillight brute has. The have quite insane stats and even are a M-Counter but get outclassed by either more utility or range. 

Why would you play twillight brute over ghostspears if they cover low cost M and S Counter.

For Frost it is even worse since Stormsinger just outclasses almost every M-Counter in the game. Ranged Swift M-Counter with a nice ability that covers Pure Frosts biggest concern, the Air Control. Stormsinger is quite Overpowered and if she wasn't a staple in every frostsplash, Mountain Rowdy would be a solid tech option but in this case he is just a wasted slot. Not because he is bad, just because he is unneccessary.

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He actually is quite good in Soultree lol, its a capable card there but not worth using in PVE in general.

I've been trying Rowdy in my PVP deck and the way it fits in is as a "small counter" where units like stormsinger tend to struggle. Its also particularly good against shadow cards like nightcrawler, darkelf, and shadow mages as it can eat up so much damage either from raw stats and its ability(stacks with shield too). Most importantly it avoids mind control and offers an alternative to war eagle that is much more suitable for rushing since it has a relevant counter unlike lyrish knight, can attack air, is tougher, and can fight amii phantoms (which stormsinger struggles against on her own)  as it can fight and win against any medium unit if properly managed and it even does OK vs. ghostspears but won't solo them.

If you read what I said above, a card that does a similar job will come to mind; War Eagle. Eagle can do many of these things but better so why use rowdy?
For the price of one eagle you can get two rowdies which are particularly useful against matchups like pure nature since eagles get stolen, and stormsingers get rooted. Rowdies do too but its so much harder to kill them and if they get focus fired just use the ability. It is not eagle replacement, but it adds flexibility to fight very annoying tech combos and is generally strong vs. shadow & non-nature splashes but pales against other factions unlike eagle which should be your main unit once power levels allow.


Rowdy is not universal but a nice to have card that plays better than lyrish for northstar decks because of its remarkable durability and synergy with area ice shield. Try rushing with him against pure nature but don't forget to build stormsingers and eagles; he is no replacement.

Side note: my frost deck has a "open" slot in which I try random things, 3 unit frost T2 is generally pretty good but is very weak to oink + parasite swarms.

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28 minutes ago, ellusion said:

Tested the blue aff, and it survives a whole blood healing with little hp left. Considering its price it's a good alternative to skeleton warriors for that purpose in decks with frost starting orb. 

I love that idea. I always used Nightclawlers for that, but from now I'll add mountaineer to my Lost Souls deck ^^ Thank you.

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he is somewhat better version of Imperials.

He is not bad, but Imperials make his usage  become niche.

Why do i bring Rowdy when I have imperials at t1, with 2 frost orb constraint? -> only in map saturated with S attacker.


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