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  1. ellusion

    Mountain Rowdy

    Tested the blue aff, and it survives a whole blood healing with little hp left. Considering its price it's a good alternative to skeleton warriors for that purpose in decks with frost starting orb.
  2. Thanks Metagross31, seems like I didn't dig deep enough before I created the topic. From now on, it's up to moderators what will happen whit it.
  3. Hi Skylords! As a relatively new player (played with the original long ago) with a slowly growing collection, I like to open the discounted boosters, and the excess copies of the same cards (mostly common cards, but whatever) just started to get annoying. The AH is saturated with those cards, competing at the lowest price limit, and while I try to get rid of them, it mostly concludes with an "unsold" mail after 48h, throwing another 4 gold into the void. My suggestion is that one could disenchant those cards - or any card they want - for a small ammount of bfp and/or gold, based on
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