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Test server Ultra Major Update

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Hello Skylords,
Hope everyone is doing well. As promised, here is the test-server update planned for this week. We are really excited for this update as it contains many bug fixes, big features like 2vs2 and 12 player maps, and quality of life improvements. We would really appreciate it if you guys could test this update, because a lot changed and it would be very good to be reassured our changes are working as intended. The .zip in #dev-updates-test-server contains the files for this update as well as the new launcher. Just move all of the contents of this .zip file to your game directory (where you also have BattleForge.exe) and overwrite any files if it asks. The new launcher automatically loads the correct game files, so you can seemingly switch between test server and production server without having to move the files yourself. Hopefully this improvement makes it less cumbersome to play on both servers. The changelog can be seen below. We will be looking forward to hearing what you guys think of this update!

Download Here:Click

- You can now play 2vs2 ranked matches. Also added leaderboard for 2vs2 matches. 
- You can now play 12 player matches. Also added leaderboard for 12 player matches. Keep in mind 12 player matches only reward gold.
- Adjusted required ranks for purchasing upgrades. The required ranks are 1, 4 and 5 for upgrade 1, 2 and 3, and is the same for all rarities.
The required rank can either be your PvE rank, or your highest PvP rank.
- You can now view and select the decks you most recently used for a map in the lobby via the 'Suggested Decks' button.
- You are now able to navigate in the map selection screen (PvP and Community PvE) with your arrow keys.
- You can now watch replays at x16 and x32 speed.
- You can now click on cards (the images) in the marketplace in order to play them in the forge.
- Replaced the "Manual" button with a "Wiki" button in the news section.
- Improved UI and feedback when trying to upload community maps. More improvements to this will be added at a later stage.
- Added /match chat.

General fixes
- Minor fixes for the new BFP system.
- Fixed many group and match bugs. 
- Resolved some causes of getting stuck in the loading screen.
- Fixed trade button tooltip saying the player accepted the trade while he did not.
- Fixed german version of the promo from booster notification message.
- Fixed ranged attack symbols not displayed for fire cards at higher resolutions.
- Fixed replays of community maps not showing in the replays menu in certain cases.
- Drastically improved performance of the upgrade tab.
- Minor general improvements to the story book.
- Fixed a minor issue with trying to upload PVP community maps.
- Fixed players in the ignore list not properly showing their location and status.(edited)
- Fixed BFP desync when bidding more than the buyout on a card in the auction house.
- Fixed incorrect error feedback when setting the bid amount to less than 2 on a card for the auction house.
- Removed login button from the escape menu.
- Fixed selected map in the create a game window not always being remembered properly between opening and closing the window for PvP and Community maps.

Card Changes
- Balance changes: https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Balancing
- Added missing ability "Siege" to Skycatcher card description.
- Improved card description of Juice Tank.
- Added range to Area Ice Shield card description.
- Fixed wrong damage on card description of Northern Keep (Blue).
- Various other minor additions, updates and fixes (like typo's).

Known issues
- Although 2vs2 works, there are some issues with properly updating the players within the group (Team1, Team2, Unteamed). Sometimes the players will have a "?" as their avatar too. This should work fine for all other modes.
- 2vs2 currently provides wrong amount of ELO for a match.
- Sometimes you may hear a (windows) error sound. We have yet to find the cause for this, but we did notice it seems to happen more frequently when opening the news section.
The game seems to work fine, but please let us know if you think you found a way to reproduce this.
- Rerolling quests might sometimes not work.

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