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I propose a section of this forum dedicated to sharing and commenting on replays. (Obviously this shouldn't be a priority because the open stress test comes first.) This would be something like the devplatform or cardbase, but would be a site for uploading and finding specific replays.


Someone recently asked me for some replays. I was going to refer him to bfcards.info, but it looks like that site has been taken down. Hence the need for a new site. (btw, if anyone knows who ran bfcards.info, please refer him to this thread)


bfcards.info was a place where people uploaded replays, and others commented on the replays and voted (1-5 stars) to help people sift through and find relevant replays to learn from.

If anyone has a backup of those replays (or has other replays saved that they want to contribute), then let's use this thread to coordinate the sharing of replays. I know several players such as @RadicalX and @Anonymos have shared some replays from their personal repository with me, but I want a more centralized location.


One way or another a replay-sharing page needs to be built. I can't think of any reasons that the devs wouldn't set it up on this forum (eventually), but if they don't there's nothing stopping us from independently setting up such a site.

So let's discuss some useful features! I think each replay uploaded should include

1. Map

2. Time of match

3. orbs played

4. player names and ranks (at least approximation of ranks)

5. date played/uploaded

6. If it's ranked/unranked or part of a tournament

7. comment section and 1-5 star rating from viewers

8. Tags

And we should probably create a list of pre-made tags that can be easily searched, like "long t1" or "t1 rush" or "no t3" or "big t3,"  etc. I hesitate to suggest tags like "no lamer" because that might cause some flame wars. . . .


So what do you guys think are any other features that should be in the Replay Repository?


And until a repository is set up, if anyone has replayed uploaded to google drive or dropbox or anything, feel free to share them here!


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Great idea! Would be nice to have that again since battleforge.gr & bfcards.info aren't working anymore. What's missing in your description would be a PvE section I guess. Some speedruns and creative decks are very interesting to watch in that section.


I could try to make a replay compilation out of the matches I've played. But I think I saved up to 3000 replay files so that will take a while



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On 1/10/2019 at 11:34 AM, fiki574 said:

Hey. I like this idea generally, however somehow dislike the manual upload process. In the recent months, Kubik and Blank finished our own server-sided replay generator that behaves exactly the same as the client one does. I'll see what can be done with this, maybe we can create an API that will allow you to query the generated replays and upload them automatically to the website. However, don't take this as a promise, just as a possibility in the future, if (of course) we agree upon this internally. If not, you'll have to resort to manual uploads and player submission, just like you originally thought of.


This still looks to be the perfect idea however it will probably not happen anytime soon so iw as courious if maybe someone in the comunity came up with a temporarily  solution.

thats why i necroposted here...


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1 hour ago, Anonymos said:

This still looks to be the perfect idea however it will probably not happen anytime soon so iw as courious if maybe someone in the comunity came up with a temporarily  solution.

thats why i necroposted here...


It is still planned and being worked on, however yes it wont be anytime soon as im really tight with time. What i can say, tho, it will most definetly come eventually. 

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