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OFFLINE: BFR Minecraft Pixelmon server

Would you play on a Pixelmon server if we set one up?  

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  1. 1. Would you play on a Pixelmon server?

    • Never played it before, but will give it a shot
    • Played it before and willing to play again

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1 minute ago, japoo said:

@Kiwi I've written everything you need to install in the post (forge and pixelmon both for 1.8.9). What do you mean with "i just need to get the updates version"?

I just need to check I have the right forge and the 1.8.9 version I can't remember which one I have, it was a while ago so. :P

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Due to an issue, the server isn't running on @anonyme0273 his pc yet. We made it work on my pc trough hamachi. I can't port forward since i've got an ipv6 address which cant be used with mincraft server yet. That is why it would be nice if we can make it work on Anonyme's pc. Please hang on as we are fixing the issue :)

Edited by japoo
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1 minute ago, BionicReaper said:

I like how you are basically forcing everyone to vote I will play :kappa: 

Sh*t, you found out! 

Anyway, there are some issues with me hosting the server and we are working on it. Sorry for the delay, but don't worry, the longer you wait, the better it will be ;) 

Edited by anonyme0273
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Hello everyone!

Yesterday I and @anonyme0273 have worked really hard to solve the problem. Around 3:30 am we finally got everything working!
Because the server will run on anonyme's pc, it won't be up 24/7. Only at the times anonyme is online. I hope you all understand this.

I will update the main post with the IP, and some basic rules of the server! :D


The server will be online for the first time this afternoon!

See you then skylords!

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Good day!

As @japoo said, we really did put a lot of time into this ^^ however, I can keep the server running even when I am not home and remote control it from my notebook, if it somehow crashed or if anything else happened. However, if I loose internet connection or shutdown my computer, the server will be off until turned on again. I hope you understand that :) We are going through last tests and arrangements, await further info soon.

See ya there peoples ^_^

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After hours of searching deep ocean and 3-4 spawns, I finally got Kyogre! It took 3 my battles, and 3 @shadowxxs77 's battles, but finally (in last Shadow's pokeball) shadow got it! (Battle took whole night, day and next night, and probably next day)
 Then he gave me Kyogre and we did family Water screen! On photo: Left side Suicune (Breeze), on mid Kyogre and me, on right side shadow and Suicune (Bryza), behind Wairlord and moon.


What are your plans for legendary pokemons? @Aazrl @japoo @anonyme0273 @Eddio @Kiwi. I actually got 3, and searching for Lugia/preparing to capture Arcticuno and maybe Regice.

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1 minute ago, japoo said:

@Menchrese It doesn't really matter. Hamachi has less functions than tunngle and is easy to understand because of it. The server doesnt require hamachi though :D

oh but does it work well like in terms of connection lag and all that? i just have a bad history with hamachi so i always went with tunngle for my gaming needs

Edited by Menchrese
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