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OFFLINE: BFR Minecraft Pixelmon server


Would you play on a Pixelmon server if we set one up?  

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  1. 1. Would you play on a Pixelmon server?

    • Never played it before, but will give it a shot
    • Played it before and willing to play again

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There is really little people playing. In the past days, I have had problems with running the server and other programs (Skyrim, Inkscape etc.), so I will now be turning it on only if messaged, or when I am not home (which is the upcoming 4 days)

If the activity rose, I will be keeping it on all the time like until now (also awaiting electricity bills soon ^_^ )

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You probably don't care but (thanks to japoo for Bulbasaur and TM 54!) I just now caugh Articuno! He was my main goal to catch in game. Probably you don't care, but I will create now Ice Gym, that should be easier to pass than Water Gym. After, i will try catch Mew and Mewtwo. I :hype: that some people would back to game.

On image below me and my 6 pokemons that i am most proud of them.


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More pokespam is coming!

I just now finished Ice Gym! Tp to it is set, you can come and challange me! I am sure that your fighting, fire, steel and rock pokemons will be super effective. If you even don't want play Pixelmon, i'd hear your opinion about interior of tower, creating it gave me a lot of fun ^^ @Kiwi @japoo @shadowxxs77 @Eddio

Also thanks to @anonyme0273 for a lot of patience while he was setting up tp from spawn.


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