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[Strategy Game] Conquer Lyr (Recruiting)

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Welcome to Conquer Lyr!

The successor of Conquer Nyn  :kappa:


We are currently recruiting players to start the first war. It will require 12 players to play and it will start once 12 players join. Here is the current list of participants:

  • SilenceKiller99 - Grimvine (Dark Green)
  • DyonisX - Lost Grigori (Purple)
  • Dallarian - Battleship (Light Blue)


How to play:

The strategy game will be played here on this thread. The game is turn-based, with the length of 1 turn being 1 day. Therefore, every day all the players will message me their plans. The reason for messaging plans is so that players will not know the plans of other players for that turn. Then, once a day, I will execute all the plans and update the map. I will then post the updated map for the players to use for the next turn. The next turn starts every day between 04h00 and 06h00 CET. Not being able to submit your plan every day isn't necessarily a disadvantage, it simply means your units will not move. If for some reason I cannot update the map on a given day the turn simply updates the day after.



This game uses a unique game mechanic with standard 1-6 dice. Different situation, such as attacking or defending, give you different amount of dice. Attacking a nearby territory when the territory doesn't attack back results in an attack. If two territories attack each other, this results in a battle. The winner of a battle takes the enemy's territory. The dice are rolled and totaled to give you a multiplier. The strength of your army is multiplied by the multiplier to give you your total strength. For example I am attacking a fortified territory with my XL unit and 50 normal units. The fortified territory is defending with 130 normal units. Using the dice rules below, we see that I will get 4 die and the defender will get 5. My dice are rolled and I get a total 10, thus my multiplier will be 1.10. The defender's dice are rolled and he gets a total of 21, thus his multiplier will be 1.21. My army has a strength of 150, multiplied by the multiplier gives me an attacking strength of 165. His army has a strength of 130, with the multiplier gives him a defending strength of 157 (numbers are rounded to the nearest whole). The largest number is the winner, and the difference between the numbers is how many units survive. I win by 8 and take the territory. When fighting with an XL unit, if the attack/battle is lost, the XL unit dies. If it is won, like in my case, the XL unit will always survive. However, none of the normal units survive unless the difference between multiplied numbers is above 100. I won by 8, thus only my XL unit will survive, the territory is taken.. Here is another example. I attack a nearby territory with my XL unit and 50 normal units. However, he also attacks my territory with 50 normal units. Using the dice rules below, I will get 4 die and he will get 2. My dice are rolled and the total is 18, my multiplier is 1.18, so my battling strength is 177. His dice are rolled and the total is 10, his multiplier is 1.10, so his battling strength is 55. I win with a difference of 122, thus I take his territory and I have my XL unit and 22 normal units left over. It is not possible to increase your army with the multiplier. If I attack a nearby territory that has 10 units with 200 units and the difference is 205, I take the territory with 200 units.


Dice rules:


  • with XL - 1 die
  • without fort - 0 die
  • with fort - 5 die


  • with normal units only - 2 die
  • with XL only or XL and normal units - 4 die


  • with normal units only - 2 die
  • with XL only or XL and normal units - 4 die


Game parts:

Neutral territory: A white territory is neutral. They have 30 normal units on them. If an attack on a neutral territory fails, it will still have 30 units for the next turn.

Capital: A territory marked with an X is a capital. If a capital is captured, the player and his XL unit are eliminated from the game. At the end of a turn, for every territory you own, your capital will generate 1 normal unit on it for the next turn. For example: I own 20 territories at the end of a turn so my capital will have 20 additional normal units on it at the beginning of the next turn. If an enemy capital is captured, the capital becomes yours and you will now have 2 capitals for the capital bonus. So if I own 20 territories at the end of a turn, 20 units will be generated on BOTH capitals at the begging of the next turn. However, when an enemy capital is captured, all of their territories return to neutral. The neutral capital in the center of the map has 30 units on it similar to a regular neutral territory.

Fort: A territory marked with a square is a fortified territory. An XL unit cannot be an a fortified territory, therefore if a fortified territory is captured with an XL unit, the fort is destroyed. Neutral territories that are fortified have 50 units on them. If an attack on a neutral fortified territory fails, it still has 50 units for the next turn.

+ Territory: A territory marked with a + is a territory that generates normal units on that territory every turn. If a + territory is owned at the end of a turn and was owned at the end of the last turn, it will generate an additional 20 normal units for the next turn.

XL: A triangle is an XL unit. The XL unit has the strength of 100 normal units. 2 XLs cannot be on the same territory. XL units can move 2 spaces per turn if both territories are yours at the beginning of the turn. An XL cannot, however, move one space and then attack a territory in the same turn. Your XL can only be on your territories.

Normal Units: The number on each territory is the number of normal units on that territory.


Game rules:

Truces: You are allowed to make truces in this game. Allies give several advantages:

  • Donating troops. If you move normal units to an allies territory, they are then his to control.
  • Donating territories. You can also give territories to an ally as long as they own a territory next to the one you are donating. However, if there are normal units on the territory when it is converted, they die when the territory changes owner.

The game can only have one winner. Enough said :kappa:

The order in which things occur: If a territory is attacked and the enemy player decided to retreat units from that territory for the same turn, the retreating units will move before the attack.

If a territory is attacked and reinforcements arrive for the defending territory, the reinforcements will arrive before the attack.

If a battle occurs where the losing territory had friendly units moving there, the friendly units will be moved before the territory is captured and will result in an attack. For example: I attack a nearby territory using 100 normal units, it has 50 units there and 60 that will be moved there. The 50 that are currently on the territory also attack my territory, so there is a battle. I win the battle and have 55 units left over, there will then be an attack of my 55 units on his 60 units that just arrived.

In other words, the order in which moves are executed is: units moving from friendly to friendly territory are moved first. Battles occur second. Attacks occur lastly.

Overlapping: If two un-allied players attack an enemy territory (a three way fight) or two players attack the same neutral territory, the army with the highest multiplied strength will win the territory, the other armies are destroyed.

If you and an ally attack the same territory at once, the armies are combined and then multiplied. The territory goes to the one who attacked with the largest army.


The map

This is what the starter map will look like, with the red hexagons being the player capitals. Everybody will start with 500 units and their XL on their capital. This image will be updated here as well as posted on the thread below daily once the game starts.



How to submit your plan:

Be sure to message me so that the other teams don't know your plan. Simply write what you would like to do. The map is written in chess notation with the letter written first and number written after. For example: the center piece is K11, the bottom left capital is C19. Here is an example of what a plan could look like:

  • move 30 units from (a territory) to (a territory)
  • move XL from (a territory) to (a territory)
  • attack (a territory) from (a territory) with 50 units
  • etc.

You can move as many units/attack as many territories as you want in a turn.


Want to play??

Simply reply below stating which XL you'd like to play as and what color territories you want. Make sure your color isn't similar to any other participants. The XLs will all be equal in strength, so the one you select is unimportant. For example:

I'd like to play as Abyssal Warder with the color light green.


Have questions?

Please message me with the question so that the thread doesn't become too cluttered. I will answer and update the rules above.


Conquer Nyn players: @Eirias @Grapejuice @Dallarian @Eddio @Tofu @SilenceKiller99 @Lazy @DanielLS @Lukaznid @Ultrakool @DyonisX @Beast 

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Just now, Phoenix1664 said:

Count me in if the game starts on Tuesday I am on my holidays until then but if I do play I will be Ironclad in RED

@Clusterwink the host of this game hasn't been online since September 14, 2016 I kinda doubt that this game will start.

The only way I see this starting would be in case @DyonisX (since he already wanted to host this one originaly but Cluster took over with his ideas instead)or someone else would take over.

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1 hour ago, Quatschelgonge said:

Is there a game like this in digital online version? it seems to be reeaaalllyy cool! but so long  timed.. :/ i would like to strategyplay it today with a today´s end :D

Try gather 12 people for probably longer than 5 hours, without any solo small pauses, then we can play it in one day. gl hf in finding ppl with time

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