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  1. Another Update: I decided that I will stream the winning replays on Friday, June 4th on my twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/metagross31 I will announce the time of the stream soon. I just need to test my stream setup beforehand and make a plan.
  2. Just a minor thing: The price for Promo Snapjaws is not yet tracked
  3. I have added a first list of times submitted so far. As you can see, these are not that many yet! So if you are planning on participating, please send me your preliminary times (you do not need to send the replay yet!), so I can add them to the list. Also, this could mean, that some of the prizes are low hanging fruit ready for you to grap! So feel encouraged to get some runs in, even if they do not appear to be fast.
  4. There have already been several discussion about this and, as far as I know, the devs are already aware of this concern.
  5. Sorry for the delay. I will write them into the main post within the next couple of hours, so look forward to that.
  6. 1. Charge: The number of charges a card has is the number of times you can play that card in a single game, before it has to recharge. Recharging takes 0.5 seconds per 1 power cost of the card. For example a Giant Wyrm would need to recharge for 150 seconds (2.5 Minutes). You can see the number of charges at the card itself and you can upgrade the charges in the upgrade window when you have multiple copies of the same card. 2. Spells in rPvE: There were probably Twilight Negators around. They look like twilight versions of swiftclaws and you can't use any spells next to them. 3. BfP: You get a daily amount of 350 (correct me if I'm wrong) BfP after playing for 45 minutes. If you play less, you still get a fraction of the BfP. Afterwards, you can slowly drain your BfP reserve (max. 250 BfP), which slowly refills over time. Additionally, you have 2 daily quests, which give 75 BfP each. 4. Patch Notes https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/forum/33-updates/ 5. Story maps: Did you also play all the 2 and 4 player maps?
  7. Short update: I increased the total prize fund for the silver challenge by a bit, especially boosting the prizes for ranks 3-10. I also plan to increase the prize pool for the gold challenge, once I grinded some more money Edit: Also increased the Gold challenge prizes a little.
  8. Whoops, I thought we were talking about the gold chests you find ingame >.<
  9. tbh, why not take out the "says"? [15:25] Metagross31 to strategy: Or use shorthands for channels (strategy - str, trade - trd, beginner - beg, lfg - lfg) and then make something like: [15:26] Metagross31 to str: (that last one might be overkill though)
  10. Just to clarify something from my post earlier: I did not suggest, that those potential shards can ONLY be purchased with gold, but ALSO. So it would be possible to have a system, where shards can be gained from playing matches/opening chests, but also bought from existing currencies to give players the possibility to sink them in order to gain shards more quickly. Maybe my idea of having dynamic price ranges for shards bought by other currencies was dumb though. However, it brought me to another idea. This idea does not fit this thread, so I will instead post it in the currency sink brainstorm thread. (nvm, a lottery was already suggested :D)
  11. Just a quick question in between: An option to toggle the timestamp only for group/whisper messages independently of channel messages would be cool! So you could for example have timestamps on whispers and group chat, but not in trade.
  12. Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but here is how I understand this idea: You basically want to improve another type of "currency" called shards, which can be obtained in some ways, the details of which are still up to debate, and use these shatds as ingredient to forge several things, ranging from already existing features, such as boosters, to new features, which are yet to come (xp boost, cosmetics etc.). My first thought while writing this was "do we really need another currency, while the existing ones arguably already have an inglation problem?", but after a second thought, I started to like it. In fact, this might be an elegant way to solve inflation problems of other currencies. My thought behind that is, that you could use shards and the forging system as the main way to get to some future features (xp boost, cosmetics...) and have a way to turn other currencies into shards for a dynamical price while leaving the cost of forging constant. For example, you could buy shards for gold, where the shards get more and more expensive the more gold the player and the whole playerbase have (maybe something like 1k gold per shard for a new player and 10k for someone with loads of gold), while an 2h xp boost always costs 5 shards (these numbers are just made up and I do not claim that they would be a great example for the pricing). This could help dynamically deflate gold/bfp/unused cards. Tl;dr, I kind of like the idea. Maybe you can share your thoughts on what I wrote after it as well. It might also be, that my idea is just bad, given I just worked it out in a few minutes while sitting on the toilet. Before I cast my final vote on the poll however, I would still like to hear more opinions/ideas by other people as well, maybe I'm overlooking something obviously bad/good.
  13. I like the general idea, but in order to give a yes/no vote I would like to have some more info, like if you can also make shards out of unused cards etc.
  14. Thanks for everything you have done and sacrificed for this amazing project! Let's keep the hypetrain going!
  15. Yes, I like that idea. I will make it however, that I publish the times without the names. This way you can still see, how good your times are compared to others, but it is still a secret, who is in the lead at that point. I will write some announcements for people to submit preliminary times to me about 1-2 weeks before the due date.
  16. There is already a discussion going on about this topic: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/7432-trashcan-for-useless-cards/
  17. There is an extensive guide to the Skylords economy somewhere here in the forum. Please read it thoroughly, understand it, rethink tour question, and if it is still your opinion, post it again.
  18. Metagross31

    AH Health

    I get your point, but that is not a fullt thought out idea imo. This woukd e.g. make it unnecessarily unconveniant to donate a friend, who just starts playing, some beginner cards. Maybe rather something like preventing to buy more than 4 copies within a certain time frame (1h?), so that you could still help a friend but not just buy the entire AH.
  19. I actually thought about stacking up the rewards a little out of my own pocket, but I will only gibe an explicit update on that, once I farmed enough money for that. But keep an eye out for that! Regarding the difference between the factions, I wanted to follow the theme of first price get's a strong pure card, second a different (almost) pure T4 card, which is worth a little less, top3 get faction boosters. The boosters alone make this a bit uneven between the factions, additionally the cards are not worth the same amount of BfP, for example F-Elder vs Batariel.
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