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  1. JericoHellsangel

    Announcement: Kubik's departure and progress going forward

    Kubik... i´ve known you for such little time, but i allready enjoyed our friendly banter :´(. Whatever you decide to do next, i wish you all the best and hopefully it will be alright for everyone ^.^
  2. JericoHellsangel

    A Suggestion on how to deal with card surplus

    I did not forget about having more charges when you use duplicates. The thing is also that before Skylords reborn you could just buy packs for money, which all whales did therefore there were alot of cards in the eco system going around. Right now, there are only a limited amout if ways to get BFP. Either Quests (of which there are 2 as far as i have noticed) which give you around 100-150 BFP and 1 booster per day. Also the "achivement" that keeps getting higher and higher but gives the same reward. Which means BFP is way more valuable then before. I want to save as much money as possible to get as many booster packs to have as high of a chance to get the cards that i want. Or even being redicilously lucky and getting a card i can sell for alot of BFP in the market. Every BFP is worth alot and therefore is not an incentive for me to buy them. When i played back when EA still were running the servers, yes, i did buy copies, i did make decks and traded because i knew they were cheap, alot of whales had massive amounts of them and would sell them on a regular basis for basicly 2 bfp instand buy. If i recall correctly there were also more then 1 type of booster packs, i might be 100% wrong however, as much as i remember 0% of how much they cost and what they actually had in them. Also, the player base was WAY larger so that alot of new players existed, which isn´t the case right now. The smaller the community the more dedicated they are and the more time they have invested into the game compared to a bigger group. More people, bigger market, more stable prices. I also read that the devs are working on a new system to get more BFP which let some stones of my heart since i had this worry that now that you can´t buy booster, will the daily system stay, will a new system come etc. Dailies, weeklies, more achievement, milestones etc etc. When we get the new system and we can get more reliable ways of getting packs and BFP to get more packs, i will hold on to my cards, give them to friends or would still like to sell them for gold. A crafting system would also maybe be a nice idea. It would imo also fit for this game compared to something like hearthstone. Having not only requirements when it comes to the recources but maybe certain conditions like playing a certain amount of Lost Souls cards to then be able to craft the Lost souls card you want. But then again, the more i write the more answers come with "but then the market would be destroyed and it would not be a TCG" Well atleast Eirias would have his Defenders if we had such systems XD Oh btw, i have some questions regarding other topics when it comes to development (the annoying guy being more annoying i know) any specific threads i should go to regarding the game after the 12 man maps are open and the quest/achivement systems are implemented?
  3. JericoHellsangel

    A Suggestion on how to deal with card surplus

    no one buys basic cards, yet we keep getting them though the booster packs, i litterly mentioned them as the prime example for it. well 3000 is obviouly an overexaggeration but hey... Someone who has Thugs like 3 times and the average price to buy them is 5... Frostbite, northguard, to some extend stone shards, bandit sorceress... all these cards i see constanly in my packs and buddies packs, and they get sold on mass in the market for 5-10 BFP, nobody wants them, everyone has them in spades, and if not, only by opening around 10-20 booster in total you will allmost garantueed have half of them. I am not for selling every card for a fixed amount of BFP or for other booster packs, but i specificly mentioned that it would be a good idea to transform them into Gold. A currency which doesn´t buy you packs or cards from the market. Unless you will implement it that you will be able to buy boosters with gold, but so far i am not seeing it, therefore i think it is a good idea. But even IF we say ONLY Starter cards can be sold back for gold, like i specificly stated in my post EVERYONE has them since they are starters. And getting duplicates is somewhat of a punch in the gut since you can´t use them in any way. Letting people Sell Basic Duplicates would litterly hurt no one, it would only improve. I still see no problem how this is a valuable idea to bring to the game.
  4. JericoHellsangel

    A Suggestion on how to deal with card surplus

    I know i am very late to the party but i jzst recently started out and was asking myself how i get rid of the duplicates. After i read everything in here i wonder if some people actually think of the entire game. "this won´t work because we have a trading system" So what you are saying is that duplicates of the basic cards we get in the beginning should be here forever, even though nobody would ever take and trade them, because this would cause problems in the market? i can´t follow the logic here... i want to get rid of my duplicate cards which on the market wouldn´t even get me 5 BFP. If a card is so common to get and everyone has 3000 copies of it, and even after getting rid of it with a "disenchanting" or "selling for a fixed gold price to an npc vendor" people still get those cards on a regular basis and nobody wants those cards... would that still cause problems? I still think that this is an excelent idea, even if BF is a TCG not a CCG. If a card is highly desireable and rare, obviously people will go and try to sell it on the market, makes sense, and if nobody wants certain cards, obviously everyone will have a stock of them, why not give an option to atleast get rid of them for some bonus gold? You can´t buy booster packs with gold, only basic upgrades. So again, what problems would that entire thing cause in the specific situation of BF?

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