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  1. Those altars could be the ones to pacify the Lost and either make them ally for this mission or make them spawn units for you against the Nox. The ultimate goal is to drive away the Nox and the enraged Lost is a "side" mission that gets easier the less Nox bases on the map but then the Nox mission is easier the more Lost are pacified. It would be a pick your Poison type of deal. And when it comes to expert difficulty... Well we haven´t seen overlord npcs as far as i know so they could be commanders of the bases while the lost could attack with warlords after a while. I mean in Skylords th
  2. We currently have a couple campains, one that is about the Ice and Twilight, rogan becoming a king. One with Bandits and Fire with Mo becomming a king. One with... something something kings and oh the lost are there somewhere. So right now we only have 1 mission where the shadow faction is involved and they are the dark monsters and since the Nox heavily remind me of the Nod in C&C i kinda want to have them as the enemy faction in another campain. I really would find it halarious when the mission starts and your / or your allies walls would get completly wiped out by Nox carriers and
  3. Can we get a more clear UI? For example: 1. How much maximum unit capacity we can have. 2. How much a unit takes up capacity. 3. The actual damage numbers on the units themselfs (i know if you hover over them you can see the damage and how often they shoot but the "attack value" left of the "health value" is kinda missleading when you see something has 500 AV but then in the unit it says "every 2 seconds it deals 50 damage". Why not put this information as the attack itself? Alot of Melee units don´t even have that information. It just says 880 AV and thats it. Why is it writte
  4. While i was playing with a friend i could dicide to scrap the upgrades for gold or take/assign them. Could we get the same for Singleplayer? I would love to scrap alot of the upgrades for some easy early gold since i want to focus on 1 decktype and i want to rush the upgrades asap and buying the upgrades with gold helps obviously. Being able to get the option to scrap/sell the upgrades in singleplayer campain would be amazing.
  5. Kubik... i´ve known you for such little time, but i allready enjoyed our friendly banter :´(. Whatever you decide to do next, i wish you all the best and hopefully it will be alright for everyone ^.^
  6. I did not forget about having more charges when you use duplicates. The thing is also that before Skylords reborn you could just buy packs for money, which all whales did therefore there were alot of cards in the eco system going around. Right now, there are only a limited amout if ways to get BFP. Either Quests (of which there are 2 as far as i have noticed) which give you around 100-150 BFP and 1 booster per day. Also the "achivement" that keeps getting higher and higher but gives the same reward. Which means BFP is way more valuable then before. I want to save as much money as possible
  7. no one buys basic cards, yet we keep getting them though the booster packs, i litterly mentioned them as the prime example for it. well 3000 is obviouly an overexaggeration but hey... Someone who has Thugs like 3 times and the average price to buy them is 5... Frostbite, northguard, to some extend stone shards, bandit sorceress... all these cards i see constanly in my packs and buddies packs, and they get sold on mass in the market for 5-10 BFP, nobody wants them, everyone has them in spades, and if not, only by opening around 10-20 booster in total you will allmost garantueed
  8. I know i am very late to the party but i jzst recently started out and was asking myself how i get rid of the duplicates. After i read everything in here i wonder if some people actually think of the entire game. "this won´t work because we have a trading system" So what you are saying is that duplicates of the basic cards we get in the beginning should be here forever, even though nobody would ever take and trade them, because this would cause problems in the market? i can´t follow the logic here... i want to get rid of my duplicate cards which on the market wouldn´t even get me 5 BFP. I
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