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  1. What purpose do they serve you ask? None in a long run, since they are literally reskins, but they are still there ingame, waiting to be put in someone's collection, and for collectors that's reason enough for them to gun for every single promo in the game, even the ones with overly bloated prices. But you make a good point, by opening boosters you can easily sustain the market by people selling extra cards they don't need. If anything, it would be great to at least up the drop chance of promos by a smidge or two, so it would be a total casino dice roll. Glad that we at least both agree o
  2. No shit lol. My point of this entire topic is to implement a more fun way to get promos, rather than grind your soul out until you finally get that one promo, let alone ten other promos you need to grind out and get. I understand and respect your point, but the reason why the survey showed such results (in my opinion and from personal experience ingame anyway) is that they are waaay too hard to come by. As i've pointed out, you need to either have a Gladstone Gander level of luck to get them from opening boosters, or you need to grind an gratuitous amount of BFP to get that one expensi
  3. Since promos are almost impossible to get without feeling extremely lucky with opening boosters or grinding BFP until your eyes pop out, i was thinking if it would be possible to add meta achievements for getting promos as a reward. Those achievements would be basically like Among the Old Gods achievement, where you do the full campaign on expert difficulty, but this time it would be with one specification or more. Like for example if you and other players were to do a full campaign on Expert difficulty maps with nothing but Pure Shadow deck (that means no legendary cards either), then you'd g
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