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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/Ultralord_T1421
  2. Hey all, we finally have a stream date! The stream will happen on Mondat, 27th May 2024 at 19:00 CEST on Ultralord's Twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/Ultralord_T1421).
  3. Hey all, sorry for the long silence, I had a lot going on IRL in the past week. Since you all have been waiting so patiently, and the winner reveal stream is still in preparation, here is already a teaser for the rankings: Note, that the top 5 of each category will not yet be revealed, to keep a bit of tension 🙂 So if you did not find your time/score yet in this list, there is a high chance you made it at least to the top 5! Stay tuned for more info on the stream and your rewards!
  4. For official maps this button should not be clickable and greyed out as in Ult's screenshot.
  5. Just a quick update on the mini-tournament we had so far: In March, Ultralord's "FireBot" reached the top of the rankings, but at that point he was still the only contestant. In April, we saw more bots enter with a preliminary version. This time it was a tie for the first place between Ultralord's "FireBot" and Bergerb's "CsRushB". Stay tuned for the results of May's mini-tournament!
  6. Would have to check on my PC, but over 20 for sure. I also always love hosting those! The Community maps in BF are really underrated imo. The rework of the UI in the community map section was one of the best changes in the past few years imo 🙂
  7. From the replays I got thus far, it seems to be a pretty even split between offense and defense.
  8. Transcendence combos quite well with decks, which use a lot of units in T4, such that you want an aoe damage buff rather than a single target buff like Unholy Hero. Examples for this would be Deathray, Rifle Cultist spam or even Emberstrike decks. Especially for Deathrays this works well, since they require lots of healing when using their ability and Transcendence buffs that too. Deathray+Overlord+Transcendence+Regrowth could form the core of such a strategy. Tranquility is a more PvP oriented spell. Without it, Amii decks have a hard time fighting large melee units in T2 like Vileblood or Lost Reaver. Tranquility allows you to chain-CC them while also increasing the damage they take. It can also work as a cheap buff+heal to support tactics like burrower split attacks.
  9. The map is only a community map and not supposed to be part of the upcoming new campaign maps. Also, it is currently not possible to add custom voicelines to community maps as far as I know. But I am glad to hear that you like it 🙂
  10. Which steps are you doing to get it to run again? Maybe some settings can be changed or it can be automated so you don't have to do it every time.
  11. Maybe see if the game/launcher automatically changed the maxshader option again.
  12. I forgot to mention in the original post: If two defensive replays have the exact same score, the replay with the faster final time will be ranked higher. You can achieve a faster time by activating the screaming stone to attract the Twilight attack earlier.
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