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  1. Amazed the community is still growing, I'd thought people would either find this forum earlier or just abandon it.
    Welcome all new forum members! 

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    2. Ladadoos


      @anonyme0273 You sure have low hopes, don't you :kappa: 

    3. anonyme0273


      I am a realist and a troll. Deadly combination for anyone who wants serious stuff... like a relationship. 


    4. Ladadoos


      *avoids eye contact with anonyme*

  2. 1. Hunter x Hunter 2. Mob psycho 3. One punch man Madhouse all the way! You just triggered me, you got a new nemesis!
  3. Damm there is a lot of sadness on this forum
  4. Since everyone was being depressed yesterday and were talking about their empty lives I decided why not make a topic where everyone posts one of their shitty moments Let me start of with mine: When you put your cereal in a bowl and discover you don't have milk
  5. 7/10 The music was nice, felt like something was missing
  6. Looking for fellow forum members to play with on the Bfreborn pixelmon server! :D

    1. kislida123
    2. Kiwi


      @kislida123 The old launcher doesn't work you will need a new launcher in order to play. But the game is currently in closed beta so you can't play yet. I suggest if you haven't already that you read the FAQ here for more information.


    3. anonyme0273


      @kislida123 play Minecraft in the meantime ;) 

  7. Can't really tell you how it looks, old name made me blind
  8. I've litteraly tried the same thing in From the Depths but then with the shadow ship (Forgot its name sorry Chimerea don't hurt me), wanted to enter contest but it turned out as garbage so I scrapped it. Really cool to see someone actually was able to do this!
  9. Its okay for me atm I think, may change tho if so will alert you guys asap
  10. If you like RNG, are creative and like experimenting, but also enjoy grinding (Playing for testing diffrent things etc instead of grapahics (Which are not to bad) and story line etc...)
  11. Non that much of a house/dubstep fan, I can see how would like this tho 6,5/10
  12. Looks like the status updates have finally calmed down a bit :P

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    2. shadowxxs77


      All part of the plan! :kappa:

    3. Shotty


      That reminds me of the Stream yesterday. "Let it blow" :kappa:

    4. anonyme0273


      oh boi there has been an awakening in the Force

  13. :salt: :mo::salt:

    1. Shotty


      Funfact: on the Main Forum page it looks like you posted an empty message, makeing it seem like your mind is empty.

    2. shadowxxs77


      Yeah I know, the unseen salt is the best salt :kappa:

    3. chargeR



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