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  1. Man i loved these guys, they were the core of everysingle of my pve shadow decks. Even for beginners a good card and accessable cause its uncommon. Great card
  2. Working on another little project, but i cant make any progress the following week, maybe i can finish it in 2 weeks :) 

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    2. Ladadoos


      I wonder what it is Riviute :kappa: 

    3. EonBen


      can you give us a little tease? :]

    4. Riviute


      I could tease a bit yes but hmmm, how should i do it ;)

  3. I can watch the stream live this time cant wait
  4. Emberstrike, cool design, strong vs m-units, only 1 fire orb and 3 neutral and free to play, i used that card a lot
  5. For all those wrestling fans out here, that was one of the most disappointing royal rumbles i have ever seen >:(

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    2. Kiwi


      @Ultrakool The fighting is real, sometimes they do actually get hurt, the matches have always been rigged yes.

    3. Riviute


      Watch out! Uncovering some secrets now. Well the fighting is not that real ;)  if you look closely you can see it, when they punch their opponent they use an open fist to not hurt the other athlete. The blood is real, they are using razorblades to make a small cut so they bleed. If someone gets hurt, then one of the performer made a misstake and accidently injured his opponent. They have to work together while they are fighting, sounds weird i know :)

    4. Kiwi


      Well I watched an interview from a wrestler I adored as a kid years ago and still look up to even now anyway she said her training (she did go to Mexico so maybe its different there) but all they did was hit her hard made fall to get used to the pain etc she stated she got covered in burises everyday  and was in a lot of pain then when she got into WWE she pretty much felt nothing. I have seen it myself at least now compared to the 90's that they actually miss the opponent but the opponent reacts as though they got hit never saw this years ago however. You can also hear some wrestlers actually ask "are you ready?" Or "I'm going to do this now Okay?" If you listen closely you'll notice I'm sure, again never noticed this years ago. Oh and don't forget but people do actually get lifted and dropped onto the ring floor ;) 

  6. big thanks to you @Rakkhot 500€ my gosh
  7. Coffee, Cakes and cookies :cookie: for everyone :)

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    2. Riviute


      You can take how much you want :)  i got enough for everyone. Just saw that i have birthday on the same day like Stone Cold Steve Austin :D

    3. Eddio


      Where are my cookes? I want my cookies right NOW !!!!!! :P 

    4. Riviute
  8. Riviute


    im not good in stuff like that, but at least i would try it but things like "get the highest score in home run contest" not sure how i should upload that
  9. I was remembering again the good old times of playing battleforge. But this time not only battleforge, also RaiderZ, a game that also has been shut down. But there is a private server someone in the forum told me about, guess ill kill some time there :D  Are there any other people on this forum who also play WildRaiderZ? Maybe we can kill the time cooperative ;) 

    1. Riviute
    2. anonyme0273


      Never played, might give it a shot if I find the time :) 

  10. All of those freetoplay card, like mutating frenzy, emberstrike, giant wyrm or tremor. I played complete freetoplay so i spend a lot of time with these guys
  11. No lost warlord without sword...
  12. Damn, so many nice entries, how to decide which is the best one?!?!?
  13. Oh look, its Mora the infected God... I rarely played twilight, so i im not sure about this card. I just can say that (in my opinion) there are better options to pick. Btw my mom used to call me a Nightshade Plant, cause was mostly gaming all night long and that i have no idea what that so called "sunlight" is.
  14. Just another card, youve met in pve and wanted it as a card. Why it just dont got the autoshield like the pve earthkeeper...
  15. @Nick Love the design but the writing is pretty unsharp in my opinion. But there is still a lot time until the contest ending
  16. Have fun in the forge contest winners :)

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    2. Ultrakool


      He didn't win :/

      Im still salty about that

    3. Riviute


      @Ultrakool I first thought the same, but i think he was just telling this to the real contest winners

    4. anonyme0273


      No, I am awaiting and looking forward to everyone joining. Sorry for any misunderstanding

  17. It takes a bit time yea, but if you compare it to oink, they wont turn back if you attack them. And if you compare it with coldsnap, coldsnap is faster yea but you deal reduced damage against them (is that right?! dont remember correctly, but i remember that frozen units are taking 50% less damage). I think its still a good choice, but dont mind me, im a pvp noob
  18. When is the next contest, my sword is waiting. Just kidding, for you guys joinin the beta soon, have fun and rock the forge.
  19. Another card i have to use when im back in the forge. I have to spent more love to those unimposing cards...
  20. Lukaznid's home was set on fire cause of his drawing skills. My word: Diamond
  21. Stronghold Crusader, still one of my most favorite games of all time. Stronghold Crusader 2 was also nice, but the classic is still the better one in my opinion. Loved the skirmish trail, was really challenging and fun
  22. Oooooooooh my sweet little friends, the fiery red scythe fiends. One of the strongest and coolest S-Counter, with swift they were the perfect haunter. Found in the booster they were mine, 100power costs is totally fine. I really liked them in play, no more things to say.
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