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  1. Well daily card discussion, it has been a while, have a look at this card and tell me if you maybe know this guy And if you know him, what do you think about Mo.
  2. Well i also played nightmares end these days solo and ended with the same screen, also no upgrade rewards.
  3. Hello guys whats wrong, the forum got really quiet in the past huh. I know i know, weve already waited for so long to be back in the forge but dont let the :hype: fall down now :D  We are still addicted to that drug called Skylords and we freakin need that stuff. So let me ask you something boys and girls.


    There can only be one answer and i hope you guys gonna hype for it... :) 

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    2. Riviute


      Maybe i have written that a bit unlucky, just wanted you to hype a little bit, my bad sorry

    3. BionicReaper


      There is always hype for :watermelon: !!!

    4. Kiwi


      The activity declined because of our URL change as @SunWu II. already said. Hopefully it will pick back up again and you guys keep up the :hype: !

  4. Hey skylords, is there maybe someone who knows how to photoshop and could do me a little favor?

    Please cut out the lizard with the axe standing on the rock and delete the rest of the picture? So just the lizard+axe+rock on a white background or smthg. Would be cool :D


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    2. JangoXIII


      Like this?


      Wait... this is better.


    3. Riviute


      Wow nice as well :) 

    4. JangoXIII


      All done in powerpoint :D

  5. Happy easter to all of you, and now that we are already at this topic... Which easter egg was your most favorite in video games or maybe even movies? My personal favorite is the cow level from diablo still got that mooooh sound in my ears.
  6. Next card. I rarely found use for this one.
  7. Just what you guys think about him
  8. Additional info: When youre doing, for example, Encounters with Twilight and i just leave or loose the mission, relog and then i still unlock the following mission even if i dont won there. Sry saw it afterwards, you already posted that.
  9. Time for another card, we got so many free to play cards now, time for something else. The Magma Fiend has one of my favorites gamemodels in the game. Also has a pretty high damage output, but this guy is slow, still i used him a lot
  10. Just finished the varnishing, have to wait until its dry and then complete my work. So today or tomorrow i'm gonna reveal it.

    I'm giving you some words as hints so you maybe can find out what its gonna be ;)

    First word: Rage

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    2. sylvix95


      the Sun reaver maybe

    3. Shotty


      Gonna call it Wrathblades 100% :kappa:

    4. sylvix95


      Oh, i just saw the thread

  11. Often seen in FTP speedruns, kinda useful but there are better options.
  12. My project is nearly finished, just have to wait until my ordered varnishes arrive then i can complete my work. :)

    Soon.... ;)

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    2. Akaranda


      What are you making? I'm getting into making right now as a hobby

    3. Riviute


      Its still a secret but i'm goin to give some hints now and then, you could find out what its gonna be ;)

    4. EonBen
  13. Next card. Nearly never used this one. What you can tell me about this one.
  14. Next card: Next free to play Guess there is no one who dont know this card, the only XL creature you got when you started as free to player. What do you think guys.
  15. Another day, another card. Today its the mutating frenzy, another free to play card, but this time he is really useful even when you already got better cards than the free to play cards. This monster with the ability deathwish combined with several healing spells and buildings can be one hell of a bosskiller. Btw, his design is just awesome.
  16. Another bad thing is the fact that this guy counters M-units. I mean when youre going t4 you dont really care about medium units.
  17. Well before this thread dies, here another card The emberstrike was one of my favorites as i started with the game. So nice that this guy was a freetoplay card.
  18. I'm in :o  After the fail at the contest last year, and i really dont thought that i could win in the "tell us your story" contest. So many big thanks, you made a small metal worker really lucky today :D  Congrats to all the other winners, see you soon :) 

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    2. Dzodin


      FINALLY :) Im looking forward to playing with you :)

    3. EonBen


      some day I'll also be able to play with you guys..... I'll make it there someday, I'll just have to try harder in the next contest! (or get lucky lol) Anyways, grats man, you definitely deserve it :]

    4. Riviute


      thanks^^ hope to see you soon there :)

  19. I'm stuck with atlantica online, a tactical mmo. Already playing that over 6 years
  20. I already said it in the stream, but this cant be telled enough. One of the best messages in my whole gaming life
  21. Heres your tease about my project... its again craftet with my own hands ;) nothing virtual :)

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    2. Riviute


      well its still work in progress... hard to tell when it will be ready :)

    3. EonBen


      good thing we're pretty used to waiting on this forum at this point :kappa: 

    4. Riviute


      so it sounds familiar huh? ;)

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