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    It would be nice to see if the suggested map is motm. Sometimes you don't wanna play a speedrun, and at the moment the offered map in the lobby is seen as random althought it is the motm. If it is easy to do, it would be nice if the random could be changed to motm.
  2. Neox liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Frost T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX   
    Thanks! Yes, I want to make a guide for every T1 faction. It may take some time though due to current exams.
  3. Neox liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Shadow T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX   
    a PvP Guide by RadicalX
    -General talk-

    Since some people asked me to do this I decided to make a small guide regarding Shadow T1. This guide provides information for every type of player (from new to experienced). I will try to explain every single matchup and I hope this is going to be helpful for some of you, who want to improve their gameplay when we get to play again. 
    Note: Every statement refers to 1v1-PvP since 2v2 doesn't always works in the same way. 
    First of all: What makes Shadow T1 so attractive?
    Shadow T1 & Fire T1 were the most played T1's in the game for a simple reason: Both of them haven't got any major weaknesses. Frost T1 often loses Map control due to the lack of swift units and  Nature struggles seriously against towers or can get entirely ruined by an instant T2. Meanwhile Shadow doesn't have these issues and it doesn't lack in strenghts either. The early T1 is the strongest out of all colours. 
    - the Deck - 

    (This is just a short list without in depth explanation. For some more detailed information take a look at Eirias'  Deck building guide: [http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/917-how-to-build-a-pvp-deck-guide/])
    Group 1 - The "must have" Units (you won't be able to compete on a high level without them):
    Nox Trooper 
    Group 2 - Strong additional cards, which provide safety for some matchups:
    Skeleton Warriors
    Group 3 - Cards, that are only useful for higher Tier combinations:
    Embalmers Shrine
    Life Weaving
    Group 4 - Cards that are only useful in a single certain scenario (usually not viable):
    Witchclaws (both affinities)
    Soulsplicer (green)
    Lifestealer (For specific information ask @Hirooo)
    Group 5 - Trash
    Offering (both affinites)
    Soulsplicer (red)
    You should make sure that your T1 has a good synergy with the rest of your Deck. 
    Some examples:
    - If you play Shadow Nature, Life Weaving would be a trash card, but in a Bandits-T2 Life Weaving is essential to support your skyfire drakes.
    - Phasetower gets even stronger in a shadow/frost deck, because you can support them in T2 with Kobold Trick & Glacier Shell.
    - Shadow Nature has a nice synergy with nightguard because the cheap cc allows you easily to catch the enemies units / you can prevent the nightguard from escaping after she used her ability.
    The average Shadow T1 includes 6-7 cards (I usually played Dreadcharger, Forsaken, Nox-Trooper, Skeleton Warriors, Nasty & Motivate (+ Life Weaving in Bandits & Pure Shadow). In theory Phasetower has to be included since this card is a little bit OP (especially against nature), but Phasetowerspam doesn't require any micro and these dirty wins weren't really satisfying. 
    - Matchups -
    Shadow vs Fire
    Lets start with this matchup since it's the most popular one.
    Most important cards in this matchup:
    1. Dreadcharger -  2. Forsaken - 3. Nasty - 4. Motivate
    1. Scavenger - 2. Sunstriders - 3. Thugs- 4. Sunderer - 5. Eruption
    Core strategy:
    Your first unit is Dreadcharger. Apparently this should be your starting unit in every single matchup, because the Dreadcharger is fast and has the shortest spawn animation out of every T1 swift unit (werebeasts are equal, but they weren't really popular). This means you will always reach important positions like middle orbs on random maps before your opponent.  The first thing you have to notice is your map. As long as you play on a large map you are allowed to take a power well without any concern, but on smaller maps like Elyon for example you shouldn't take anything, otherwise you are going to lose immediately against a Sunderer rush. On smaller maps you have to go for a dazed fight. So lets take a look at "How to play dazed fights": 
    1. Spawn a dreadcharger, walk towards the position you intend to capture.
    2. Spam mass forsaken and split your units (as long as your units are dazed you shouldn't have multiple ones at the same position, otherwise the can get erupted. If your Units reach full hp it's okay to have 2 Forsaken-squads close to each other). If you got multiple units in position you are ready to fight!
    3. Your opponent will use Scavenger, Thugs & Sunstrider. Your first focus should be the scavenger, Sunstriders may have next to no health and are very vulnerable, but the scavy can slow your unit -> your opponent will kite you to death. The Fire player on the other hand has to focus your dreadcharger, because he won't reach your forsaken with his 540hp Scavenger, who has got inferior stats compared to dreadcharger, but a superior ability and aslong as they focus each other they are even in terms of strength.  
    4. If your units are close to death try to get them out of combat and heal them up later. Save as many units as you can and always try to have a good focus to catch out your opponent's Sunstriders as long as the scavy is out of the fight. If one of your Forsaken squads is out of position close to your enemies units just frenzy them to force your opponent back to get a positional advantage or - in the case where your opponent doesn't retreat - deal tons of damage (Frenzy Forsaken are devastating for Fire) and motivate them afterwards to get an even bigger damage boost.
    5. Many people play thugs since their micro isn't good enough to win a dazed fight against frenzy Forsaken. The most important thing to notice is that Thugs are more expensive than Forsaken, which means the focussed forsaken squad can just run away, the thugs have to chase them, but your opponent has 10 additional bound power which creates an advantage for you. But be careful! Don't get lazy with your micro against thugs, because otherwise they can delete your forsaken and their passive will give your opponent even more power. Your micro has to be on point in this situation. EDIT: Since there was some discussion about thugs I want to expand this paragraph. It's very important to note that 2 Forsaken can kill Thugs, that are played in your backline before they get out of daze. So a very important tip against Thugs is to avoid early engagements and get up a decent amount of Forsaken (at least 4-5). This allows you to burst down dazed squads & full hp thugs from the other side will be easier to kite. Thugs are powerful, but onedimensional cards, so this strategy works with a high consistency to prevent them from destroying and zoning your backline and ensures you to win the early dazed fight. 
    6. If you get an advantage take a super aggressive power well to gain map control. If you lose the dazed fight try to take a safe position and buy time to recover your temporary disadvantage (but be careful, if your opponent tries to abuse this and starts spamming power wells. Pure Fire benefits heavily from this.). If you get a good amount of practice with this, you should win at least 90% out of your dazed fights against Fire T1. 
    Important notes: 
    Even if Nasty and Eruption can be game changing in the perfect moment they are usually not efficient in dazed fights! They are only good to punish mistakes, aside from that spawning additional units is the better choice. Sometimes you can spawn a single squad Skeleton Warriors with their tank ability they can easily reach good nasty positions, but you still shouldn't rely on the use of Nasty to win the fight. 
    NEVER use lifeweaving on your Dreadcharger. It's just not good to spend 70 power to support a unit without substantial damage. Your opponent can just run away or change his focus and would always win the trade. If you think you really need a tank in your fight choose skeleton warriors. They do have got even more effective hp (1.5k) with their ability and you have to spend only 50 power which is fine.
    Fake Frenzy is pretty funny ^-^ You have to wait a split second until Frenzy gets activated which means you can easily cancel the animation by walking around -> sometimes your opponent thinks you really activated your Forsaken and retreats immediately.
    Always try to play at your power limit. It's pointless to hold anything back since the only useful spell in your Deck is Motivate which costs next to nothing.
     Here is a replay that shows how a dazed fight between two good players looks like:
    Hirooo made some small mistakes but that was an overall well executed T1. Sadly the commentating isn't always on point since Farrock doesn't have the same game knowledge as the top players (No offense against him, I respect his work & effort alot). 
    The dazed fight is pretty much the most important thing to master in this matchup, because even on alot of the bigger maps you will fight under the same conditions after taking a power well. 
    But lets take a look at another very common scenario: The close well fights
    This fights are way more aggressive, because Forsaken & Thugs are way more efficient in these situations. The reason for that is very simple: As a fire player you can't just run away from Frenzy Forsaken because otherwise they will just focus your well and delete it in no time. Thugs are super strong to support the fire players' defence. But keep in mind you got the early advantage in this matchup, so play as aggressive as you can. The power of fire scales proportionate with gametime as long as no wells go down, because Sundererspam can get really dangerous in the later stages of your T1. If you have to defend a Sunderer just use a Dreadcharger to block its walkpath as fast as you can (this slows the unit down severely) and focus it as much as you can before it's able to reach your power well (Use Nox Trooper + overload if you need a little bit more burst to finish it of when your opponent retreats). You have to keep calm in these situations, because if you panic and go for something like "mass frenzy" your opponent just walks away, waits 20 seconds and returns with a second Sunderer and this is ... lets say it's not good ... 
    I also found a replay that shows how to abuse the early power of Shadow in a close well fight. Very nice decisionmaking by killroy in this game (he didn't waste any units). He does a really good job in terms of snowballing the game by attacking 2 spots at the same time, it's worth it to watch this game:
    This is a pretty rare scenario, but some maps do have big well distances and promote passive play (Simai does this because the Shadow player doesn't take the middle since he's scared of cliffdancer, meanwhile the Fire player prefers high well distances). Nox Trooper gets more valuable on maps like this. Usually they are inferior compared to forsaken in this matchup but they can create a high amount of burst and on this maps you don't have to deal with such a high amount of Sunstriders. The Overload-ability does 487,5 damage -> 1 hit + overload kills a scavenger in 6 seconds for sure and creates a little temporary power advantage for you. Just abuse this and take another power well, your opponents' attacks will be predictable since the map is big which allows you to defend well against sunderer. You can create a small, but reliable lead like this and this allows you a safe transition into your T2.
    [I didn't find a good replay for this, but I'm going to add one as soon as I got one]

    - Map Advantages -
    This matchup is the least map dependend one (Shadow mirror doesn't count ^^), but there are still some maps that give you advantages or disadvantges.
    Elyon: Small map, fast and early T1 fight -> it's easy to secure map control and sometimes you will be able to prevent your opponent from his T3.
    Yrmia: This is a very small map aswell with close wells next to each other, but the map isn't as fancy for you as it looks. The passages on this map are really really small, you won't be able to split your units unless you attack from multiple areas! Keep that in mind, otherwise Eruptions can be a threat at this map.
    Haladur: This matchup is pretty balanced on this map and very entertaining aswell. Pretty much one of the main reasons why Haladur was such a popular map in the community. 
    Simai: As explained this map promotes a slow & passive T1. It's usually a solid map for you, but be careful against these nasty pure fire player, who abuses this to get into a high powerlevel T2.
    Lajesh: Weird map for casual ranked games, since you always have to pay attentions at your walls + it gets really easy to turtle with wallspamming. In tournament maps this can be one of the greatest maps in the game as long as both players agree to play without walls.
    Whazai: This map is fine for T1 action, but has some risks for you. It has a very small passage before you reach the middle which is a dangerous eruption spot and the small area gives you a hard time microing against thugs at the same time. But if both players take a well in the middle you are at a clear advantage. It's very easy to let your Forsaken attack the well & the main base at the same time and since there is a cliff next to the main base thugs & scavenger can't reach the Forsaken in time. But careful! This map gets really nasty against pure fire, especially if you decide to take that well in the middle.
    Uro: The most dangerous map for you. Wells are so far away from each other, it's even hard to move your units between your own wells to defend properly against Sunderer without a disadvantage. Sometimes you get forced to trade wells - you can't just sit back and play passive. Calm decisionmaking is even more important on this map.
    Generated maps: Small maps usually favour you a little bit since they are mid centered and you will most likely win the dazed fight, big maps are really shitty to be honest. T1 doesn't really matter, the better T3 usually wins.
    Shadow vs Frost

    The second matchup will be against Frost. I think a very important thing to notice is that this matchup is very map dependend.
    Most important cards in this matchup:  
    1. Dreadcharger 2. Nox Trooper 3. Motivate
    1.Master Archers 2. Ice Guardian 3. Ice Barrier 4. Home Soil

    Core strategy:
    Playing against Frost is always a little bit tricky. You will start with your Dreadcharger as fast as you can! Don't waste time, you have to reach your opponent as fast as possible to force a dazed fight, because Shadow will win that dazed fight against Frost every single time. Dreadchargerspam will always beat Masterarcherspam, just be careful with wintertide. If your opponent plays it just stop any move command and micro your units very carefully. Aslong as you don't suicide your Dreadcharger, Wintertide won't have any impact on the game. If you catch your opponent before he takes a power well, you can deny him access to the entire map, which is litereally game over. But lets get over to the interesting part where you can't deny the power well:

    1. Your opponent has to take a well: You get a 100 power advantage and now it's your turn to use that to attack (unless you play on a super big random map). Your core units in this situation are Dreadcharger & Nox Trooper. That's everything you need since Forsaken are very weak against Master Archer (sometimes you can play a single squad, but be careful with the use of Forsaken against Frost).
    2. It is very important to notice which starting unit your opponent got. If it's a Lightblade just go for 2 Dreadcharger + Nox Trooper spam. If he got only Master Archers you should think about more Dreadcharger.
    3. After that you have to react to your opponents' unit composition. If he chooses to play ice Guardians, play more Nox Trooper - against Master Archers you have to get more Dreadcharger. In the perfect scenario the Dreadcharger take out the Master-Archers without beeing hit by the Ice Guardians, who get smashed by your Nox Trooper in the meantime. But this doesn't always work out perfectly.
    https://youtu.be/F-uawwk6hRg?t=23m5s At this game it worked out pretty well, even if it's a 2v2 match. That would've worked on a small 1v1 map aswell.     
    4. If one of your units starts to get very low just pull it out of the fight. It's easy to micro the fast Shadow units. Sometimes you won't be able to kick the power well, but you can take out so many units without losing a single one. 
    5. If you get around 4-5 low hp units just take your own power well, heal your units and continue to pressure. Your temporary advantage is still massive and even if your opponent got a good amount of power thorugh his extra well he doesn't have that much extra power, because he lost many units already and only 90% of the power returns back into the void. 5 power lost per unit and this adds up pretty fast in this matchup. Especially if you continue your attacked with your healed units. Now it's your time to get a massive advantage.
    6. If you think you can take your opponents' power well you can use motivate to give your units some extra punch, but be careful. Frost has already access to Glacier Shell, you have to deal around 3,8k damage in a very short time. It's usually wise to go for the units first & take the well down later when you got an overwhelming amount of units.
    Important notes:
    Nasty is usually not very useful against Frost units, because they have just too many hp. In addition to that Ice barrier can be used to block alot of the damage in dangerous Situations. You need at least T2 units like Lyrish Knight for example to make some effective nasties.
    If you have to wait for some units to heal up or something like that, try to tease a little bit with your Dreadcharger to force a early home soil or maybe even a frost glyph.
    You need godly reaction to entirely dodge a well placed Frost Glyph, but keep in mind that it's not that bad when you get hit unless your opponent has already 5+ units, which shouldn't be the case as long as you are aggressive. Otherwise just use the focussed unit as motivate-food ^-^ 
    Many people don't consider attacking as the best choice, but that's just a huge mistake. If you just take your own well against frost, the power level will rise and your opponent benefits from that since Frost T1 Units are very cheap and have very good stats. Back in 2011 I lost so many games, because I wasn't aggressive enough in this matchup. Double Ice Guardian + MA spam + homesoil will be way to efficient at some point, there is not alot you can do against then after you played a passive early T1.

    -Again I would love to add a replay at that point, but I didn't find a decent one. If anyone knows some good Shadow vs X replays on youtube send me a pm please.-
    Ok lets get through the Map part. Frost is super map dependend due to the lack of a swift unit, so it's really important to abuse your map-advantages.
    Haladur: The more common "Scavy-spam" works on Haladur aswell with Dreadchargers. Your opponent takes a well in the middle, but the distance between the well & main base are incredible high. So you just have to spam Dreadcharger and run down to the main base, attack there and if your opponent spawns alot of units just walk back to the well in the middle. The Frost units will be to slow to follow and you can overwhelm your opponent. Motivate is essential to this strategy! Aside from that Frost even has an advantage on Haladur if your opponent gets his position in the middle since the power wells are very close to each other and Frost T1 excels at that scenario. So try to zone him from the main entrance to the center of the map.
    Elyon: One of the easier maps for you. You can get control over the middle wells & orbs, which denies your opponent a T3 spot. You don't even have to take anything there. Just use your units to prevent the Frost player from reaching the area. Later on you just need to stall for T3 and win basically without taking any risks. 
    Yrmia: Very difficult map. Power wells are really close to each other, there is no way to get superior map control or something like that. At least it is a really small map which allows you to attack very early with a strong rush. But if you fail to control the early game you may end up beeing at a bad spot because Frost T1 results nearly every time in a Timeless One based T3 which is very powerful. 
    Simai: Slow Map, you can make an aggressive push to deny your opponent control over the wells at the top of the map. Aside from that the well distances are very high unless you take any stupid power wells which makes it a low pressure map. But if your opponent takes a well at the start you actually get to zone him from his T2, which gives you control over the early game though. 
    Whazai: Great Map for you, you can get immediate control over the mid spot and in addition to that nox trooper can attack 2 of the power wells in the base over cliffs, which makes it sooo difficult to defend against this with Ice Guardians. Keep in mind that Frost can spawn dazed Iceguardian with an active (!) Shield behind the cliff at their main base, so don't rely on a simple Dreadchargerspam.
    Uro: The best map for you. It's important to do a quick start, because you have to walk very far. This map is litereally an autoloose for Frost because you can deny your opponent every position on the entire map. You will be able to force a dazed fight, that shadow is going to win without any Problems. 
    Lajesh: With walls again very weird to play. Very slow and passive gameplay. If both players agree to play without walls the game gets really great. Small map with alot of potential for aggression, but potential close wells on the other hand.   
    Generated Maps: small maps are nearly a freewin since they are usually mid-centered (as I said before) and you will be able to control the mid-wells. Large maps will be boring & usually end up in a T3 fight, which is not so good against Timeless One decks. 
    Shadow vs Nature

    The matchup with the potential to be the greatest out of all, but 2 cards influence the balancing in a negative way (Phasetower & Treespirit).

    Most important cards in this matchup:

    Shadow without Phasetower:
    1. Dreadcharger 2. Nox Trooper 3. Nasty Surprise 4. Motivate 5.Forsaken (!)

    Nature without Treespirit:
    1.Spearman 2. Windweavers 3. Ensnaring Roots 4. Surge of Light

    Core strategy:
    There are 2 ways of playing the matchup Shadow vs Nature and I'll start with the easy one. It includes the use of Phasetower, a card that is ridicilously broken in this matchup for multiple reasons:

    1. Phasetower has insane stats (900/1200) and is even with his teleport debuff stronger than any unit nature can offer (Primal defender can match him in terms of strength, but Phasetower has his insane teleport ability which makes him way more versitile). His strength is so overwhelming that his transition into T2 is still amazing (especially for shadow frost that can protect the turrets with kobold trick and glacier shell).
    2. Phasetower has splash damage which allows him to finish off windweavers squads very quickly (The Nox Trooper for example has to shot at every single unit at the end to kill the entire squad)
    3. Buildings are uneffected by crowd control which is a huge advantage against nature, that usually relies on Ensnaring roots in this matchup. 
    4. Nature doesn't have a counter unit against phasetower (apparently Sunderer is the only unit with Siege damage in the entire T1 -> no nature Unit, that can threaten buildings.). 
    5. I do consider Treespirit as a ridicilous card, that needs a rework and destroys the beauty of nature T1. But Phasetower is the perfect counter against them, because of superior stats  and the fact, that they are unaffected by the poison. 
    6. Since nature is forced to play slow units against shadow it is possible to take a well on mid centered maps and defend it successfully with a Phasetower to gain map control for free, which is devestating on maps like Elyon. 

    Just overall: Phasetower is op and I will just show a short replay that demonstrates the power of Phasetower without any micro-effort.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1x8GEMpyAI (Game 3 of a showmatch series between Elendil & Sarlesch - german cast by JMCW)
    Sarlesch wanted to go instant T2, that's why he started with amazon. He changed his mind after 30 seconds and played 2 Windweaver squads (I guess the reasoning behind this was the fact, that elendil was able to rush his instant T2 in the previous game). And after that his chance of winning went down to litereally 0%. Elendil realized immediatly Sarlesch couldn't go T2 anymore, built up some phasetowers and won the game with no effort. 
    The matchup gets way more interesting without Phasetower or Treespirits (btw. I recommend instant T2 against Treespirit as long as you play without Phasetower) included. 
    The start is pretty interesting against nature because nature has different starting units against different colours. Swiftclaw, which is usually the best choice, is just awful against Nox Trooper and against shadow in general. So as long as your opponent doesn't know you play Shadow T1, you can try to play some mindgames. Just don't play a single unit in the first 10 seconds and see how your opponent reacts. Some people will get impatient and start with the swiftclaw  which gives you a massive advantage. Nature needs 4+ units (Spearmen + Windweaver spam) and around 100 extra power to be able to use crowd control and surge of light. If he plays an aditional useless 80 power unit it takes such a long time for him to reach a state where he is able to fight you. A time window that can get abused heavily. At that point you can just go ahead and beat your opponent with a nox trooper spam. If he retreats you can use your temporary advantage to secure map control with an aggressive T2, which is litereally "gg" beacuse nature struggles really hard against T2 since its units are super expensive with low dps.
    If your opponent doesn't fall for the bait just go ahead with your Dreadcharger and look for an immediate fight because at late T1 stages Ensnaring roots & Surge of light provide way to much power. On the other hand Shadow has the early fight advantage beacuse you've got cheap high dps units, that can overwhelm the nature player easily. Dreadcharger and Nox Trooper are your core units at this stage. 

    How to play a dazed fight against nature:

    If you get to fight your opponent before he gets a critical amount of units you have to play around 2 things:

    1. Ensnaring roots
    This is why you need at least 2 dreadcharger to run around your opponents' slow units and attack from multiple positions with them and multiple nox trooper. Otherwise your entire army gets rooted and 3+ windweaver squads can easiliy take out 2-3 units in those 15 seconds with a 45 power spell. If your opponent tries to kill the rooted units the other army can attack without interference (maybe even with a motivate boost).

    2. Surge of light
    It is very important to notice, that nox troopers don't finish 6 unit squads immediatly. They have to shoot at every single unit once to kill it. It is really important to finish off the windweaver/spearmen squads immediatly to prevent efficient heals. There are many ways to do this:
    - Dreadcharger can use his "stomp" to finish them off since it does a small amount of damage when you knock back units
    - If your opponent plays with Spearmen it's fine to have a single forsaken squad added to your unit composition. They can finish off squads very fast, but be careful with your positioning, Forsaken are really squishy in this matchup - Windweavers can take them out really fast. And don't play 2 squads at the same position otherwise hurricane is going to hurt you 
    - Nasty surprise can outclass heal in this matchup. If your Dreadcharger is in a good position and you can finish a single unit + damage other ones, just go for it. Your opponent can't make an efficient heal against that (150 vs 110 power). In addition to that the power of nature decreases tremendously with every unit loss since this just lowers the efficency of crowd control. 
    How to play if your opponent takes a power well:
    Just attack at 2 positions at once with the compositions of 1 dreadcharger, 1 nox trooper & 1 forsaken squad. There is no way nature can match this even if you built up your own power well. Just spawn additional Dreadcharger/Nox Trooper over time and apply as much pressure as possible. If one of your attacks seems to go down, just use motivate to start the big push on the other side. You can kick a power well for sure. After that just go immediatly T2 to negate your opponents temporary advantage due to a superior amount of left units. Nature can't use cc at multiple positions, playing around this is your main win condition. 

    Important notes: 
    - This doesn't work against Treespirit! So be careful if you don't know your opponents' playstyle.
    - You can force your opponent to take a well as long as you play with phasetower, because shadow can just take a power well and defend it without any problems due to phasetower. If your opponent then decides to take his own well you have 2 places to attack, even if he is a smart player who tries to avoid unfavourable early fights.

    Map specific information:

    Haladur: Great Map for you! You can split your army really well and threaten the main base & the middle position at the same time. Haladur is really troublesome for nature, your opponnent may think about an instant T2.
    Elyon: With phasetower an absolute freewin. Without Phasetower it can get a little troublesome because the main base it protected through the wall. Your main approach is winning an early fight in the middle since there is alot of space to play around ensnaring roots. Afterwards you can secure map control with an early T2
    Yrmia: Great map to attack from multiple positions, but can get sometimes a little bit tricky because there isn't that much room to split your units that well. But since the map is really small you can apply an insane amount of early pressure. With phasetower it's nearly a freewin.  
    Simai: Very slow map that doesn't really promote early fights unless both players try to go for the middle immediatly. At that point you have a good shot at beating the nature player with a good nasty if you play well around ensnaring roots. 
    Whazai: Ridiculous phasetower map. You need 2 ports from your base to be able to attack your opponents power wells. Without Phasetower it's important to use the side ways to surround your opponent. If you are only focussed on the middle you will get serious trouble against roots.
    Uro: You can run around your opponent due to the fast Dreadcharger. But keep in mind, Uro is a really big map and it takes time to reach the enemies base which favours the nature player. Your advantage: An early T2 at a good position can be devastating for your opponent.
    Lajesh: Favours Nature heavily. The Walls just block every kind of early aggression. On lajesh without walls you have a better shot since the map is really small and you can play more aggressive. But there is a wellcluster pretty close to the main base which is easy to defend for the nature player. Pretty balanced map aslong as both players agree to play without walls.
    Generated Maps: Small maps favour Shadow with Phasetower heavily, because you can just take the middle, build a turret and ... it's gg (okay to be honest Phasetower-Shadow T1 has an advantage on every map). Without Phasetower you can get problems on mid centered maps, but atleast there is alot of space to play around Ensnaring Roots. Large generated maps favour you a little bit, because you can just play super aggressive without anything to worry about. Even if you mess up, your opponent won't be able to reach you in time, because it sometimes takes around 50-60 seconds for remaining windweavers & spearmen to reach their destination. Enough time for your void to come back to you.                                     
    Shadow vs Shadow
    The mirror matchup is pretty interesting since small mistakes can get punished super hard (especially with high dps units like Forsaken). 

    The Most important cards for the mirror matchup:
    1.Dreadcharger 2.Forsaken 3.Skeleton Warriors 4.Motivate 5.Nasty Surprise
    Core strategy: 
    In theory this matchup consists mainly of Dreadcharger + Forsaken spam vs Dreadcharger + Forsaken spam and the guy with better micro (or the one who hits the clutch-nasty) wins the game since both players use the same cards. If you want to reach the highest ranks you should practise the mirror match opening, because the first skirmish is super important since you can't avoid it unless you go instant T2. You can't just take an additional power well unless the distance between you and your enemy is incredible big. If your opponent gets greedy and takes a well you can just attack, destroy it and the game is pretty much over.
    And this is how the rush works:
    Spawn 2 Dreadchargers to prepare an attack from 2 spots. Your opponent loses his opportunity to defend with a huge nasty. Spawn additional units and focus the power well. There is nothing your opponent can do against this since he just spent 100 power more which is massive in the early game (you can play 2 additional Forsaken squads, which adds more than 2.000 dp20s). 
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u965vcN2cug  Here is an example of a T1 rush against the strongest defence shadow can offer (Phasetower + wrathblades). I made some horrible mistakes in the early T2 stage, but if you can destroy a power well that early in the game you get such a massive advantage. The game was just over. My opponent was more than prepared for an attack (I used the same strategy to beat him in the first game in this bo5 series) but there is nothing you can do to stop the rush.
    If your opponent doesn't go for a power well things will get a little bit harder. Micro management gets super important, but also the decisionmaking. The way you use the Frenzy ability of your Forsaken often decides who wins the fight. You can increase your dps in the skirmish, but if you activate to many Forsaken your opponent can just retreat and wait for them to die for nothing. 
    More important notes:
    - Always be aware of nasties. Dreadcharger is very fast and if you leave it at full hp you can get in trouble if your units aren't well positioned
    - Motivate can be massive. The amount of additional damage you can deal for literally no power is very good for any kind of skirmishes. Use it on the first Forsaken squad that is close to die.
    - Phasetower can be super useful on maps like Whazai, but usually isn't the best choice, because Shadow has got high dps Units to deal with it. 
    But lets go ahead and talk about one of the most important cards in this matchup. Skeleton Warriors are monsters against Shadow. 50 power and 1,65k effective hp with their ability is huge. Shadow just hasn't got anything to deal with them. They can tank against Forsaken forever, they beat Dreadcharger with their ability and the most dangerous thing: You can't just ignore them and kite because they are a massive nasty threat aswell.
    Many players would just think of Wrathblades as a solution. But here is the problem: Wrathblades have got only 600hp and can get killed super fast by Forsaken and even if you don't focus them Wrathblades get a dp20s of 1512 against S units with their ability. If you compare the stats (1512dmg/600health vs 600dmg/1650health) you will realise, that Skeleton Warriors win the 1v1 against the Wrathblades. This is why Wrathblades are pretty useless, at least for dazed fights.
    If you managed to win the first skirmish you can use your temporary advantage to take a power well at a position that gives you map control. Try to make a gameplan from that point, maybe you can use your position to deny a T3 spot, or maybe try to get close to your opponent to push your advantage. 
    If you are even after the first small fights you can also try to take a power well, but maybe at a safe spot. If the power level gets higher it is unlikely to get rushed that easily, because you can spam more units to intercept your opponent. In addition to that nasty gets way more effective at that point since it's harder to split the high amount of units well enough to prevent nasties from beeing power efficient. 
    How to play when both players aquired a power well:
    Try to play as aggressive as possible. Never be passive, that will lose you the game for a simple reason. If the enemies Forsaken manage to reach your base you'll get a problem. At that point your opponent can just activate frenzy and you can't get rid of them, because it's super bad to frenzy your Forsaken in a defensive position. Even if you kill the enemies units, your own Forsaken will die aswell and you will just sit there with a low power well. You can play more units, but the next attack will finish the well most likely and if you decide to repair your well you won't have enough power to play any units. This is why you have to force skirmishes on an open ground and if you get an advantage due to superior micro just play as aggressive as you can. If you get pressured at some point just don't lose your nerves and activate your Forsaken. You will lose your chance to use a temporary advantage for a counterattack. Attacking at multiple positions is always a good choice. It is just way more difficult to react properly if you apply pressure everywhere even if your opponent has got enough power in theory. If you manage to control and micro your units well you can gain massive advantages because so many players struggle with multitasking especially when they have to react fast and have to prevent you from reaching their power wells.
    A common strategy: If you get an overwhelming amount of units just go ahead, and frenzy all of them. Just go for the wellfocus, but go T2 at the same time. This will allow you to deal with the counterattack (Darkelf Assassins, Shadow Phoenix, CC vs Frenzy, AoE damage spells like lavafield or lyrish nasty).
    There aren't many map specific advantages because both players have got access to the same cards so i won't make a map list for this matchup. Just keep this in mind:
    - Phasetower is super effective on Whazai (I mentioned this earlier aswell)
    - Big generated maps are just awful, you can't be aggressive on these maps, because if your opponent takes a well you just have to take one aswell.  You need atleast an entire minute to reach him, which means your opponent can build up a good defense and even gets around 30-40 power back even before you applied any sort of pressure. 
    But this is just an exception. So keep in mind: Good micro and the ability to be proactive are the most important things you need to master the shadow mirror.
    Okay, this is the end of my Shadow T1 guide. I hope this will help some of you in the upcoming future. Since I've got some requests I will write something about different colors at some point too, you can find my Frost T1 guide in the new player section and I almost finished Nature T1 too which will be released soon. So thank you for reading this, enjoy your day and stay hyped.
    Best regards,
  4. Neox liked a post in a topic by MephistoRoss in Fan made content and promotionals   
    A new article about Battleforge has been placed on gamer.nl: https://gamer.nl/artikelen/achtergrond/reload-battleforge/. It is in Dutch, but it basically says Battleforge was ahead of it's time and if it would have been released now it might have been very successful. They also mention our project as a fan revival project and they link to our forum.
  5. Neox liked a post in a topic by Izlarik in Increase Maximum Zoom?   
    Is there any way to be able to increase the maximum zoom height?
  6. Neox liked a post in a topic by Irysunna in Power BI for PvP & PvE Speedrun, Loot list...   
    Hi, i'm starting a Dashboard for BattleForge. Tell me what do you think so far, i'll improve it over time.
    Link there -> Irysunna's Dashboard
    Big up to @Hirooo & @RadicalX who post those PvP decks in the first place.
     Thanks @MephistoRoss for all those data on PvE maps, time, replays...
    18/02/2019 : Updated time and Ranking - I've finished and updated every PvE deck (Except Blight)
    13/03/2019 : Added Replays of my runs (.pmv files)
    31/03/2019 : Replays updated from my run of March
    Convoy        06:59.1   ->   06:52.0
    Empire        27:49.7   ->   19:04.6
    Sunbridge    13:11.5   ->   12:33.1
    Crusade        09:45.3   ->   09:43.6
    The Gun of Lyr    08:47.2   ->   08:43.6
    Defending Hope    20:37.6   ->   20:36.7
    Blight        22:57.7   ->   18:24.1
    The Insane God    10:55.1   ->   06:07.3
  7. Neox liked a post in a topic by Matryxx in Random Helpful Tidbits   
    Hello everyone!  I just wanted to post some random things that I discovered and thought would be helpful to share.  I hope something in here helps you!
    If you are getting an error when launching the game that you are missing libssl-1_1-x64.dll, follow this link to get both the libssl and libcrypto files:Then follow this link to get Updater v0.4 if you have an older version: Screenshots can be taken with Ctrl-O, and they are saved in "C:\Users\...\Documents\BattleForge\screenshots".  Also in the same BattleForge folder, you can find your config and keybinding files.  The config file has extra settings that are not available in game.  I wouldn't suggest changing these unless you know what you are doing! If you are getting black horizontal lines or black flickering when you move the screen (different from screen tearing), try turning off SSAO. If you are on a 4k or high resolution display, and notice that your mouse location and mouse input are offset (ex. your mouse is registering as being more toward the bottom right of the screen), it may be a high DPI scaling problem.  To fix it, right click on the BattleForge.exe and select Properties, then select Compatibility, and then check the box next to "Override high DPI scaling behavior."  And have the scaling be performed by "Application".  This fix also works with other .exe's, such as other games or programs. Here are a few hidden controls I found:  Shift+Right Click - Multi move.  Ctrl+Right Click - Multi move / attack.  Alt+Right Click - Patrol. (troops will move back and forth between points, but will walk slowly)  There are probably a bunch of other hidden commands in the game, but I have not been able to find any information about them.  If you have found any sites, you can link them in the comments. Here is a fix I found for having an extremely small mouse pointer on a 4k screen.  Sadly it requires changing your resolution to 1080p.  First, change your ingame resolution to 1920x1080, and then go to Windows Settings > System > Display and change your resolution to 1920x1080.  Your mouse should now be normal sized in the game!  Just don't forget to change back to 4k after you quit the game so you can enjoy your high res display. Alt-tabbing from full screen mode sometimes perma-freezes the game -> play in windowed mode with as high resolution as you want. Force DirectX version 9 if you have trouble with textures, units, etc. If you have frequent random crashes and popups during regular actions in forge or game, you might want to re-download the game and extract it with exactly WinRAR. (7Zip, Daemon Tools, etc. are known to corrupt the game archive files)      #7, 8, and 9 are from fiki574, thank you!
    I hope something here helped you!    Let me know in the comments!  And feel free to add more helpful information in the comments!  Thanks.
  8. Neox liked a post in a topic by Urmeli in Build in Expert Strategy Replays   
    Hello together,
    as the cretor of this thread I have acutally realized that I totally underrated the efford some players put into the game to achieve these speed run results and the competition some of you have within the speed run "functionality". Therefor I totally agree now, that my proposed idea will destroy the game experience of speedruns.
    Therefore I will try to turn the discussion back in the direction my idea was based on.
    I, as a player without a "group", am dependent on other players who are willing to play 2 or 4 Player maps. And if I open the game and look for expert game lobbies to play in, I only find RPVE, Guns of Lyr and Dwarven Riddle.
    In my opinion the reason for this is that RPVE can be won without any knowledge and for Dwarven Riddle and Guns of Lyr some 100% working strategies are existing, so that the winrate of these expert maps are nearly 100% if you have at least 1 Player in the team who knows what to do.
    Even if it was formulated differently my main purpose of this proposal was to make working strategies (not best speedrun strategies) for expert maps easier accessable so that more players dare to play these maps. Especially if they are not premade and rely on communicting by chat. For my feeling, Kubiks view on this is "look at youtube, you find all necessary information there" but I think the number of open expert lobbies show, that this is not enough to resolve the problem I described. (Side comment: Another disadvantage of youtube is, that you only see the view of the video recorder. But sometimes you are intersted in whats happening on other positions of the map, for example another players position.)
    Therefore I like to propose a slightly adjusted request:
    Is it possible to show a working expert replay (maybe replays which have been voluntarily shared by players or maybe random replays  which are significantly slower than the speedrun results) in the lobby creating screen? (see Screenshot)
    The only requirement these replays should fulfill is, that they have been recorded with the proposed numer of players for the map and all players have survived until the end.
    With this kind of feature I think that even players who dont have an own group to develop strategies can organize each other. "Hey lets play it the way as it is shown in the actual replay" and they have a chance to do so and they dont need to worry that they ruin the experience of others due to their lack of strategy knowledge.
    I surely would favor that these "examplary replays" change once a month or a week, so that players can follow different strategies.
    I am highly interested about your opinions on this Idea
    Best Regards

  9. Neox liked a post in a topic by Urmeli in Build in Expert Strategy Replays   
    Hi Kubik,
    the appearence is not important, the functionality is the key.
    I think, we will find voluntaries who will share some replays and I will try to set a good example.
    Here is my "King of Giants Expert replay" i just played 5 min ago.
    The other Players, Zelman21, YczachaY and IronManOne agreed to share it.

  10. Neox liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Tournament rewards   
    I really like the idea. Pretty much rewarding every player, who participated successfully (by that I mean playing all games without leaving the tournament before getting eliminated), would make this more appealing for people who are a little bit unsure about playing PvP in a tournament environment. 
    In case I do get to win some bfp again in the upcoming tournament, I would be up to donate my price to make this possible. 
  11. Neox liked a post in a topic by fiki574 in game is unfair to working class people   
    That's what I do.
  12. Neox liked a post in a topic by Hirooo in The ELO system   
    Its matching you by your base elo. Thats starting off at 100k. You are just inactive when you begin playing so you are shown a lower score.
  13. Neox liked a post in a topic by Kaliber84 in The Fire Worm Dilemma   
    The Fire Worm is the ranged T4 unit with the best attack / power ratio in the game. Some cards might be arguably better but Primeval Watcher fulfils a different role, Fire Dragon needs to build up rage first and Magma Fiend suffers from low range, low hp and mediocre mobility.
    Up until now I never played the Fire Worm so I can't evaluate how it plays ingame. But compared to other T4 cards it doesn't lack stats.
    The main problem is IMO that it gets 2 abilities that require it to go right into the midst of battle. Percussive Birth is even worse on this card as it is dazed when summoned and does not have the hp pool to make up for that when it is being spawned close to enemies.
    Still I don't think the rage ability is the way to fix this. It would make the card incredibly strong and put it into a role that is already filled by the Fire Dragon. Instead I propose to simply take away Percussive Birth and increase the range by 5m. Or give it an ability that lets it spawn undazed. That would be interesting too.
  14. Neox liked a post in a topic by Kaldra in Kaldra's Funmaps   
    A few of my funmaps in the needed .pak format.
    Put those into the ../Documents/BattleForge/Map folder to be able to select them in game. If you don't have a folder called 'Map' in your BattleForge directory simply create it.
    Maps included:
    Spellfight Random Unit 3vs3 Survive Singleplayer Survive PvP Racetrack Twilight Isle Master Labyrinth Download:
  15. Neox liked a post in a topic by Tiberium in What are you collecting ?   
    I wanna know the weird stuff you guys collect ^^
    Im like a mini horder, i collected a lot of stuff and kept it till today just like:
    - Yu-gi-oh cards (the very first serious collection of mine even though i never played it xD)
    - Magic the gathering cards (just like above i dont know why i never played these card games)
    - Pretty Rocks and Minerals
    - All kind of electronic stuff (old mainboards and grphics cards everywhere)
    - I cant play The Witcher or Skyrim because im constantly picking up every single thing i can find (sometimes i think i might have an OCD xD)
    And now im starting to collect the UCS series of Lego display pieces (they are super expensive... why didnt i chose a dieffrent thing QQ)
    The only thing i cant seem to collect is money
  16. Neox liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Church of negation   
    Here is just a short overview of counter methods against CoN
    1) Curse Well
    As Church of Negation takes out 150 power out of the void flow, this means hitting power wells with Curse Well makes it even more effective. The bound power makes counter attacks less frightening
    2) Earthshaker
    This is more of a 2v2 thing and got mentioned here already, but Earthshaker is a very good counter for Churches for a similar reasoning. The Church Player is slowed down due to his defence so he can't punish T4 properly
    3) Supression/Sunstriders
    Guess that got discussed already, so I won't comment on that any further. 
    4) Abuse the slot instensity
    Church of Negations requires alot of slots to work (2Nether Warps + Kobold Trick + Church + 3 T3 cards minimum). This means regardless of a Shadow Frost or Pure Shadow T2, the decks well lack some important early cards (Just to name some potential ones: Nightguard, Phasetower, Stormsinger, Knight of Chaos, Frostbite). I've seen Abaaama with a 12 card T3 while trying to get through T2 with Shadowmage and Netherwarp + Aura of Corruption.  
    5) Win by Score
    If everything fails, you still can try to setup a solid defense, especially when playing a frost splash, to stall up until 30 minutes. You will most likeley posses a higher score as the churches imply alot of bound power, that can't go through the void circle, which affects the score in a negative way on the long run.  
  17. Neox liked a post in a topic by Ultrakool in Changing forum Display name   
    You have to contact MrXLink directly.
  18. Neox liked a post in a topic by Navarr in Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP   
    This is pretty much the only good idea I've read in this thread. Instead of making mortar or phase 75+ power we could just remove them from the game. Mine is crap in 1v1 and will always be. And concerning Frost, I don't see the only real problem discussed, which is fmage spam vs nature which makes the latter unplayable. All in all, it's really hard to talk about balance when there is no ranked system where we could see which tactics REALLY lack counterplay, because when i for example see a phase tower spammer in ranked, I will take the free win with fire (or at least make him waste 1 deckslot). Predicting enemy tactics and countering them in advance is a thing I dont see taken into consideration at all in all these balance discussions which kinda make me lose hope on getting to a good result.
    It's very obvious that Phase Tower needs a nerf, but rather than removing it from the game I'd rather see some minor buffs for some counterplay possibilites, TOO.
    Also one point I want to bring up that isn't taken into consideration a lot is that 2v2 and 1v1 differ quite a lot. For example nature + shadow t1 is absolutely broken, still nobody demands a nerf for SoL or Dryad, because nature t1 is so underwhelming in 1v1 due to shadow and frost matchup. So as you can see, this is a rather fragile and really complex system, where it is very much more likely to make it even worse by just nerfing everything we don't like into the ground. Without an efficient mortar and phase there would only be nox/dryad spam in 2v2.
    I think I could go on forever complaining in my mediocre english about the too simplified way of thinking that is propagated by some people here. But let's cut it here and see how the discussion turns out. Sorry if I stepped on too many feet :p
    Edit: Last point I want to mention is that Frost and Nature are very map depandent whereas Fire and Shadow don't have this disadvantage. This is probably where we should start tackling this issue.
    Edit2 bc I cant help myself: Shadow is also the easiest deck to play which obviously make it seem stronger from noob perspective. Similar thing for fire
  19. Neox liked a post in a topic by Ggoblin in Church of negation   
    Range can be wonky sometimes because of hitboxes and terrain. When testing artillery vs fire stalkers sometimes the tower can shoot the attackers and sometimes not.
  20. Dhrkaas liked a post in a topic by Neox in Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP   
    I agree, phase towers are really hard to deal with and mortar tower is way too cheap, even for example in 2v2 if you use mortar offensively it mostly gets erupted which is still a win of 25 power.
    80 power for mortar would be fair indeed.
  21. Neox liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP   
    There are quite a few cards, that dominate the meta game and completely prevent variety in the PvP environment. Only Fire and Shadow T1 are viable once people reached a decent level and that is quite unpleasant. We are in a turret T1 meta, where Frost and Nature can't compete. Turrets do have insane damage and tankiness, higher range and don't reward micro management at all. 
    -> 900 damage for 60 power is way more than any T1 unit could offer. Due to the splash you can take center wells vs Frost and Nature without any advantage. 
    -> Even after the teleport 900/600 stats remain insane especially since there are no Siege units in T1.
    -> 40m range can force you to engage into the turrets as they can be placed at the edge to attack your power wells while your units can't reach them. 
    -> Even Fire T1 can't beat Phasetower without stationary turrets itself, which is a disaster as Fire should be the faction, that can deal with turrets. The most reliable counter to Phasetower ... is Phasetower. 
    -> 50m teleport range every 30s is faster than some Frost units (you can kite activated Imperials with Phasetower ...)
    -> Archers are sometimes bugged against Phasetowers. Their damage rotations apply about 2 seconds later (probably as the projectiles travel to the initial position of the tower). This makes it much harder to burst down aggressively placed turrets with your ranged units. 
    -> While other turrets are risky and require initial map control and safetly to be built, Phasetower can be constructed at a much more safe spot and Teleport into the important areas or just jump over cliffs to remove some natural safety provided by the map. 
    -> 1575/700 stats for 50 power is still viable in some T3 scenarios (this may be slightly exaggerated as it requires all shots to hit) 
    -> if splash is included, the tower has a 55m range, which gives huge zoning potential, strong siege potential for close well situations and can be abused over cliffs.
    -> Center Well + Mortar is gg against Frost on map control based maps and forces nature to play more aggressive unit compositions, that are weaker in combat
    The Frost nerfs
    -> After Ice Guardin and Homesoil got nerfed Frost requires at least 8 T1 slots in order to stay relevant. 
    -> Map Control issues still may kill the faction as you can't rush against Mortar
    -> Frostmagespam outperforms IGs on big maps in mirror matches and against nature. That results in stationary gameplay that is quite boring to play
    I personally would like to see harsh nerfs to Phasetower & Mortar in the future & maybe a revert of the IG nerf as it is more micro rewarding than a homesoil revert. Feel free to discuss! 
  22. Neox liked a post in a topic by MaranV in Netherwarp Green bug abuse   
    I'm not sure whether this belongs in the technical issue category or just card discussion, cards probably is the best place to discuss this old bug. Come to think of it I have no idea why this was never fixed seeing that it is an obvious bug. 
    According to the Nether warp (green affinity) card description every unit that gets teleported (warped) receives a 40hp heal every 2 seconds. The problems begin when the starting point and the end point of the warp are placed close to each other, effectively 'teleporting' to the exact same place, which results in the heal being applied twice. This effectively means an 80 hp heal per 2 seconds (actually 40 hp every 1 second). Combine that with an army of shadow mages and you get a broken blob of damage dealing & self healing that carries the shadow player against just about every deck that doesn't have lavafield or wildfire. This is nothing new, but now that we have an active dev team this might actually get fixed, especially since I've already seen several players abusing this bug by camping & building a mage spam. This will hurt the PvP community as frustrated players leave the game eventually. 
    In my opinion this is a glaring bug considering the card is a teleport (warp) and you achieve this unintended effect by starting & ending the teleport in the exact same position, effectively nullifying the entire design of the card. 
    The technical solution I would like to propose is to ensure that nether warp's starting and end point must at least be 20 meters apart, ensuring that the warp actually teleports you instead of giving you a heal on steroids. If anyone else has ideas I'd like to hear them. Thanks for reading!
    PS: Found an old replay on YT to illustrate the issue:
  23. Neox liked a post in a topic by yoda8789 in More boosters   
    Different kind of booster with different costs and types
  24. Jaedlyn liked a post in a topic by Neox in 2-player with extra mobs   
    2 player RPVE is the hardest mode and also the most fun, me and my friend have completed rpve9 multple times, just work together its fairly easy once you get the hang of it.
  25. Neox liked a post in a topic by MaranV in MA Spam or not   
    Lol, you`ll be fine doing it too, when the missing packets issue gets resolved.
    Yea his first question was about the MA match up. The latter was about rushing fire when they over well. I`ll take some time later to write something proper about how to play frost t1 in the current meta (or rather how I played it, obviously everyone is free to play it in whatever way they want). But in a nut shell rushing with frost is a no go simply because you are nowhere without Ice Guardians (IGs) and in the current meta they can only be spawned at friendly wells/orbs, subsequently meaning you`ll be spending anywhere between 60 to 100 power on ice barriers to even be able to move in. At least in a manner that won`t be giving away guaranteed efficient eruptions. Of course this is assuming the fire (or shadow for that matter) player actually used his speed and subsequent  map control to not choose a well that is within 100m range of a frost well. 

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