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  1. 16 minutes ago, Rankerz said:

    Alright, whatever floats your boat.

    If you think 99% players are that bad that cannot even execute the strategy, there is really no reason to fear the competition of your time

    I mean most of us happy even to clear an expert map 

    Maybe you should use your 'super knowledge' to help the small community to improve other than showing us cool numbers as ego boost or pee pee measure contest

    But hey, if it makes you happy to keep it as secret of 4 people its on you




    I dont know what is wrong with guys like you - i think guys like you are just pissed of that you dont have good mates to play with and develop own speedrun-tactics. All you can is attack us here and state that we are fearing the competition - these are empty words that just try to force a senceless discussion here. And just for your information - there are not just 4 speedruners - our team is just the most active one and we had nice competition in the last months with other teams.

    I hope there is another pve community challenge - you can take part and show us how good you are ;-). Replays will be also shared after.

    For players that are talk in a normal way with us we also offering support for pve expert maps - for players like you am not even willing to give an answer.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Rankerz said:

    Maybe I miss something, but what is the point of these ranking without replays ?

    I mean its great showing off a time like that ,congratz but the community wont benefit anything from it

    Everything is kept as a secret when asking around, nothing to learn from

    There is no actual reward attached to the ranks like BFP or money, so i ask why ?

    Kind of selfish imo



    I am totally bored to answer this again and again - if you would invest a bit of your time you could have checked the pages here before where this was discussed several times - so kind of selfish from your side to attack us here again without checking evten what was written here before. 

    We have no contract or obligations to show our tactis to the community - there are rankings and we try to run for the best time because this our spirit! There are some teams and also sometimes some new that are willing to develop own and unique tactics. 

    Guys like you come here and want to have everything for free - you come here with even no speedrun experience and try to force us to show our replays/tactics we have developed with much work. 

    The result of sharing our replays and powerful tactics are braindead copy runs that in most cases are wrong played because the players that copy are even dont understand what is going on. I saw so much bad things in streams for skylords reborn the last weeks - in the streams they called it speedrun but it was just cheap, silly and braindead copy play - just used to farm gold and exp but no real speedrun spirit behind it. Beeing Overlord in PVE but playing still like a beginner. I will not support this. 

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  3. 13 hours ago, Mynoduesp said:

    @LEBOVIN When you make videos for the next Community Challenge I recommend to talk to the top guys first and ask them what the difficulties were and how they solved them. On a random map like Twilight Shard there are choices made which are not apparent in a single playthrough. As example there's a random change a Twilight Bug heads to the shard at around 1:50. Ignoring the bug will result in a loss if the walls are not defended, that's why two nomades are taking the top route in my playthrough. I think sidenotes like these would add something extra to the replay commentary which already includes sidenotes for the map in general.

    I like the videos in general though.

    I think Lebo mentioned more than enough details of all the 3 runs that casual players and non-speedruners are able to catch during the video. You can write a seperate guide for your run and upload it here.;) Better be happy that somebody like Lebo invests his time to share and comment replays on a high lvl :hype: No need to recommend him sth. here - the map itself has to much random elements. Thx to Lebo! 

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  4. PVE-Challenges are always nice :-).


    I think advanced mode opens the challenge for more players. Compared to expert mode its like playing in heaven^^. So some fun tactics still can be fast and more options are there to finish the map. More pve challenges in future with more specific restrictions can lead to a lot of fun. Especially like orb colour restrictions or more cards that should not be used. Also some challenges on expert mode  still would be nice.

  5. Increasing the charges for Inferno is already in discussion at the discord balance channel as far as i am informed.

    I support the idea to increase the charges for Inferno from 4 to 8.

    Cluster Explosion should not be able to attack air units - would be to strong in combination with Inferno and some other spells.

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