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  1. Battleforge and Resolution

    I guess it might be possible if you run BF in windowed mode and you spread the window over two screens. Havent tried it myself though. I reckon it will be really annonying to have your game split up right in the middle though.
  2. Battleforge and Resolution

    I have the same monitor and I can tell you that it doesnt only work in that resolution but it is really amazing to play Battleforge on a ultrawide screen! And as a extra present, you will also get a bigger field of view with that resolution.
  3. Future of Skylords Reborn and intro to Ardent Peak

    We are no longer part of Ardent Peak. Due to differences in interest and vision of the direction of the project, we have since parted on good terms from Ardent Peak and gone our own way. /Locked
  4. Skylords Reborn - Actual Progress

    Just a little announcement to avoid confusion: On https://dev.skylords.eu/ the progress page has been updated by @fiki574 with new progression bars so the development progress of the server rewrite in C++ can be followed in detail.
  5. Daily Card Discussion

    It is alsof usefull for (speedrunning) the map Mo to keep Mo alive when he attacks the bandit construct on his own.
  6. Daily Card Discussion

    I think that sums it up pretty well
  7. I was thinking of making a custom map to play with this idea. I think it will be impossible though without changing the actual game, but maybe there is a way around this to work with the currect game mechanics. For example give each player all orbs x 4 at start somewhere outside of the gameplay area (so all cards will be playable and they cant be destroyed). Also add a script that will make you lose the game if you play a card with an orb requirement without having built the extra orb(s) for it (so you cant play t2/t3/t4 at start without having build the orbs for it). If someone has a better idea, please let me know. Any experienced custom map developer interested in making something like this (maybe by modifying an official pvp map)?
  8. Hypothetically, what deck would you make if all cards were neutral? So each card would still require the same amount of orbs, just not bound to any color like the legendary cards (rogan, mo, jorne etc.), but in contrast to the legendary not limited to play only one each game. What deck would be OP, fun or just crazy? Pick your decks for both PvE and PvP. For PvE I would go for: T1: forsaken, frost mage, ice barrier, home soil, surge of light, ensaring roots, mine, life weaving T2: harvester, fire dancer, curse of oink, unholy power, resource booster, matter mastery (g) T3: shrine of war, ashbone pyro, frenetic assault (p) T4: batariel(r) unholy hero, regrowth For PvP I would go for something like this: T1: scavenger, forsaken, master archers, lightblade (p), Dryad (b), eruption, surge of light, ensnaring roots, life weaving T2: shadow mage, darkelf assasins, enforcer, lave field, disenchant(g), harvester, kobold trick, shrine of memory, curse of oink T3: timeless one, juggernaut
  9. C++

    All updates will be given on the Devplatform when there is something worth mentioning (there is a new post from today). There is no point in asking for more updates. https://dev.skylords.eu/ /closed
  10. Happy birthday! 

    1. sylvix95


      who dis ?

    2. Ultrakool


      Ur kidding right? @sylvix95

      Happy birthday meph :) 

  11. Strongest PvP Deck?

    I once made a matrix with all PvP decks in which I rated all enemies from most easy to hardest (1-10) mostly based on the PvP deck overview by @RadicalX and @Hirooo: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2486-battleforge-pvp-deck-overview-by-hirooo-radicalx /. I added up the sum of each deck score from all enemies (in the column Enemy score) to see which deck is the hardest to face for all decks. Of course what is missing in this calculation is the popularity factor, for example Pure shadow has the highest score because it has a good match against many decks, but most of those easy enemies are not widely played. Against popular decks like Lost souls, Pure fire and Fire Nature, Pure shadow has a lot more trouble.
  12. The devs are focussing fully on the game atm, so adding forum features is not on their priority list for now. But it is a nice idea for a later stage. Of course it is already possible to add a picture of a card to your post and place a link to the cardbase manually.
  13. Upgrade Finder

    Nice job. I made something similar but less graphical in Excel once (see post below). I also included an option to give weight (priority) to certain upgrades that you want more badly than others. I used this tool during the beta, but I found it really a pain to maintain it after collecting new upgrades / cards. To overcome this, it would be cool if the devs could make some kind of export feature on the server so that you could export all your cards, decks and upgrades and load it into the tool (or even integrate the tool to the game database).
  14. Moon or Virydia?

    Neither, Virydia is too crazy and Moon is always nagging 'do this', 'dont do that' while I am playing a game. So I would like to throw in some more options: