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  1. MephistoRoss

    PVP Quest bugged

    What was the length of the pvp matches? Did one of the players afk for a long time during the match? Did you win them all normally or did the other player get disconnected by freezes or something? You say it is 100% reproducable, so how do you reproduce it to not get a pvp match counted for the quest? How is this severity 1 btw?
  2. MephistoRoss

    3 - lobby not always visible

    Kind of hard to test this specifically atm since lobby's are really buggy. Once the other lobby bugs are fixed I will look into this again.
  3. MephistoRoss

    PC crash after login

    Did you try changing the graphics options? Like SSAO, texture quality, v-sync, etc. /Moved to tech support because this has nothing to do with our server.
  4. MephistoRoss

    help failed to download.

    You only took one file from the updater.zip, you need the other ones too.
  5. MephistoRoss

    Is there only one server?

    Yes there is only one server in Europe at the moment. Maybe we will add servers on more continents after full release, no official decision has been made at this point though.
  6. MephistoRoss

    Can't play cause of graphic settings|| üös help

    You are able to change your resolution by editing the config.xml file in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\. Removing the file will also work.
  7. NAME: Cant join any multiplayer match through world mapSEVERITY: 1LOCATION: LobbyREPRODUCIBILITY: 9/11 (the 2 other times, I got the leader change bug when trying to join a pvp match) DESCRIPTION: When going through the world map lobby's, I can't join any multi player match. Nothing happens when I press the 'join' button. Restarting the game doesn't help. When a leader invites you to his group, it does work though. Additional info: Judging from the amount of people asking for invite to a group, this bug happens to a lot of people. I think this bug is related to the following other bugs: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4928- join-match-creates-ghost-match/ https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4684-party-lead-changes-to-a-random-person-that-is-not-online/ https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4382-2-create-custom-match-errorcode-1/
  8. NAME: Not joining group properly after inviteSEVERITY: 2LOCATION: Lobby REPRODUCIBILITY: 1/1DESCRIPTION: lordzbik invited me to his group while he had opened a match. I accepted the invite, but I didnt join his group properly. I saw him as leader, but I didnt see myself in the group. When I tryed to pick a spot in the match, I got a 'Unknown error' message. Edit: Additional info: I was able to reproduce this a second time, it happened because the leader crashed when I was joining his group (he crashed with the Couldnt create custom match! Errorcode "1"! message). Screenshot:
  9. MephistoRoss

    3 - RPvE building outside map

    NAME: RPvE building outside mapSEVERITY: 3LOCATION: InGameREPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: I was unable to finish a 1-player RPvE map (level 9) because one building was outside the map and invisble to me while playing.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: When watching the replay, I was able to see the building. Also note that one of my power wells seems to be almost outside the map as well. Replay: 20181007_134408_GeneratedMap.pmv Screenshot (of replay):
  10. MephistoRoss

    PvE Titles

    Do you mean PvE ranks?
  11. MephistoRoss

    Viridya Treespirit Summons capped at 1

    Hmm, I guess the last bit of that text is wrong for upgrade 1+2.
  12. MephistoRoss

    Play button not working

    Do you have any antivirus that might be blocking any of the .exe or putting them in quarantaine?
  13. MephistoRoss

    Game wont start

    Do you have 32bit or 64bit windows? Could you post your log.txt file please? You can find it here: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge\Diag\
  14. MephistoRoss

    help failed to download.

    Could you post a screenshot of your Battleforge folder please?
  15. MephistoRoss

    problem kernel32

    Could you post a screenshot of that message please? Do you have 32bit or 64bit Windows btw?

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