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  1. Ultrawide aspect ration support?

    Yes, the game supports ultra wilde aspect ratio's, I've tested it myself and it works great. You will need to change the resolution in the config.xml manually though.
  2. [Official] My Improved CardBase

    You are right. /moved+pinned+featured
  3. PC or also for IOS?

    Yep, I meant natively, at least that is how I interpreted the question.
  4. PC or also for IOS?

    No, Battleforge wont be available for Mac. You will need to boot into Windows to play it.
  5. I agree. /Closed
  6. Minigames

    I think you meant Spellfight (by @Kaldra), I still have it @Roguzf:
  7. Skylords Reborn Booster Ratios

    With daily quests, for more info take a look here:
  8. Changes in the game?

    Here is some (old) info on things that will change.
  9. Yea i will say it: what about blockchain?

    This is getting nowhere. /Locked
  10. i need help with this error

    I suggest you take a look here:
  11. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    No, please read the FAQ for more info.
  12. Name and Account in BattleForge

    You will use your forum account to login, however you may choose the name of your ingame character yourself (if it is not taken).
  13. Lost Grigori

    Very Nice! Of course we would like to see more. Maybe Dreadcharger?
  14. multiple servers isnt good

    There will be only one server where everyone will connect to. However some processess might be handled by other servers at the background to balance the load. But as a player you should not notice any of this and you should experience it as just one server. So you will be able to play or trade with everyone. The community wont be split by different servers.
  15. The New Cardbase and More

    The cardbase is replaced with a new frontend using the same database through the api: https://allcards.skylords.eu/