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  1. There would be no extra gamemode. What there would be however is upgrade three fully charged cards considered as tome cards which can only be used in PvP (ranked and unranked). I don't see this necessarily splitting the community, as PvP players don't seem to play PvE regardless. What this would do is make PvP players not quit the game.
  2. Hi @Klaidonis and welcome ! We have two servers currently: production and test. Production is where almost all players normally play and the test server is where players can test the latest updates/features/bug fixes before they are added to production. We have a discord server where details on how to join the test server are mentioned. Anyways, 1) and 2) should be fixed for the test server. As for 3), that is a long term goal of us to add 4k support. The UI of BattleForge is not necessarily very flexible and we realize that there are people in the community that play with 4k screens.
  3. The game often uses the term "card upgrades" for upgrades. And it says "Cards Upgrade Level 1" and not "Cards Upgraded Level 1". Although I do agree it should perhaps be changed to "Upgrades Level 1".
  4. They are just like they were before.
  5. We are planning to add faction based boosters:
  6. Thanks for the report. I have moved it into the client-side subsection.
  7. Thanks for the report, these are indeed very likely artifacts from an older version of the mailing system. You can still collect the items by simply deleting the mail (they will be added automatically to your account). This is an issue that will automatically fix itself once we release, so I will move this to resolved. Feel free to report this issue again if it happens after release.
  8. That is literally what Zyna said here. Anyways, I am glad this is solved and will close the thread now.
  9. Thanks for the report @Cornee0. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future update. You need to play 150 minutes to receive the 3 boosters, as mentioned by ultrakool.
  10. @Flrbb Either I am missing something or I believe you do not understand what those settings mean. The first option determines whether or not you see promo announcements and how you see them (only chat or also with pop-up text in the middle of your screen). The second option determines whether or not the server announces you received a promo (whenever you receive a promo). here you can either not announce, announce with your name or announce anonymously. So the difference from the two people in your screenshot is that the first has "announce without name" and the second one has "announce with n
  11. This is a setting that can be changed in the settings menu and is not a bug. This has always been like this since the introduction of this feature.
  12. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. @macabi Unranked PVP matches that are shorter than 2 minutes do not give gold. On ranked PVP matches time does not matter.
  14. How often does this occur? Has anyone else experienced this?
  15. Thanks for the report Dallarian, but as mentioned by Halis, this is not a bug. If you still think there is something wrong (which I missed), feel free to make another report.
  16. Ladadoos

    3-Deck loss

    Has anyone still been experiencing this bug after April 22, 2019?
  17. Thanks for the report. Moved to resolved, see Chibiterasu's post.
  18. @BlueMoses Are you still able to reproduce this bug? I tried three times just now and was not able to reproduce it. Like Kubik said, make sure you press "Enter" after entering your BFP amount or else it won't work.
  19. Doing any changes to how the inventory is displayed (aka with certain filters) requires more work than usual. Anyways, I think the right dropdown could be made less wide and the left dropdown could be removed I believe, so then there's quite a bit more space.
  20. The new limit will be 256 characters for both email and password. I'll write here again once the update goes live.
  21. Hmmm... it does this already? @Flrbb
  22. This should be fixed with latest client update. Can you confirm @T1421 ?
  23. We have updated the game with player count filter options as suggested by @Loriens
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