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  1. nofearek9 liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Selling boosters in AH - Suggestion   
    It's already possible to sell boosters (direct trade). So far it didn't destroy the market, almost no one sells a booster more than 10% cheaper than the AH. If there will be inflation (too much maxed out collections, too much circulating BFP, not enough demand after cards) then the reason will probably be a decline of new players. Though the slowed down progression after the reset will decrease the chance of that happening.
  2. SunWu liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Pls make pvp reward higher   
    This is the one point I don't understand. In which world does PvP have higher rewards than PvE on paper? While the PvP high ranked community seems to be always begging for gold people from the PvE faction are laughing about me with millions of gold. 
    A high elo speedrun PvE team could farm about 100.000 gold in an hour. 
    A high elo PvP player can get up to 6000 gold.
    An average PvP player will sit on about 3000-4000 in an hour (searching times not even included into the calculation). Might be even less since the skill level isn't normally distributed due to the high activity of the top10/20.
    I somewhat got in touch with a big amount of former/new PvP players and discussed their problems with the gamemode and alot of them are simply not playing because they hope to see an improved PvP reward system. I will make a video quite soon to break down the problem a little more specifically with a possible solution about the current problem of PvP for new players and former veterans without an upgraded deck. 
  3. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Treim in Rate and suggestions for deck   
    for lvl 9 forsaken are better becaus you mainly encounter small troops which take Nox-Trooper forever to kill ( they have to shoot every member of the squad once, even when the squad has 6HP total)
    I recommend using shadow mage at t2 instead of harvester. Harvester mightve more style but you are severely limitied with just 1 unit. Those always feel very clunky to me. I value flexibility of focussing different targets at the same time muh higher. Depends on your level of play though (which i can not judge).
    I would recommend to either play deat ray or grim bahir but not both.
     Death Ray you would run with ray of light and healing gardens for insane heals for permanent leach weapons in combination with regrowth and other spell support. Consider adding rifle cultists and offering (nature) for more death rays as thats your main attack unit while depending on game stage 1-2 overlords function as your ground presence for the spell support. Offering also helps to get a 2nd rotation of t3 spells(infect soulshatter frenetic assault and maybe thunderstorm)
    For grim bahir you the same holds true with the exception of healing gardens and ray of light which are unneccassary in that deck. I would consider adding equilibrium though. Consider adding Incredible Mo for lost souls and twilight maps. The benevolent Mo helps you massively there as your main force in both t4‘s are ranged air units (against lost souls to counter the dragons and against twilight to counter the blind of twilight whisperers)
    Frenetic assault nature affinity is better than shadow affinity as nature affinity can target buildings. Units generally clump around buildings, especially artillery buildings in the center of the camp so with nature you can hit much more units with cc. It is well worth the minor decrease in damage.
    Decomposer i generally find very lacklustre for rPvE especially. Ashbone Pyros are unneccassar but nice to have. With all the spells you wont have any issues with just cultist masters tbh. 
    Would add maybe thinderstorm as mentioned above and probably unholy hero.
    I didnt keep track of exactly how many slots you have left but you should end up at around 20 again. When i am home i will maybe create 2 deck lists for what i would use. I hope this gave some insight of possible options already though
  4. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) in BF Memeville   
    When someone ask a way too high price for a cheap card in trade.

    Then proceeds to ask high

  5. Volin liked a post in a topic by SunWu in BF Memeville   
    When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE

  6. Loriens liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Range cliffing - standpoint   
    Normally i'm not a fan of ,,it's not imbalanced, just play better.'' But here i'm surprised that nobody, not even a player like Hirooo, mentioned the possibility of avoiding getting cliffed. Again, i'm not saying cliffdancing is fair or balanced, but i got cliffed with firedancers in one match out of hundred, if not less. Of course it's not as easy to avoid in 2vs2, but 2vs2 is another dimension anyway.
    Dont take well near cliffs
    I wrote this a while back and it always helped me not getting cliffed:

    by VendettaT | on 30.08.2013
    how not to get cliffed:
    if you win the midfight take a well in the middle and dont let him take a well where he can wall-dance you, push him to the outside. If he overwells you by a wall-dance-well, he can't attack efficently, he will be in a 175 power disadvantage.
    Take the first well in the corner and watch out for enforcers walking to a cliff position, you have to react fast enough, for example if you are F/N send ghostspears asap, dont wait for the cliffing to begin.
    dont take the middle, its absolutely unnecessary to have a 4 well cluster that can get cliffed or destroyed by phoenixes if there are enough other spots.
    Getting both corners normally means the win against any colour, be careful with the walls, if you are insecure pull them up yourself, after 5 -10 minutes in the game 25 or 50 power spent in walls dont make that much of a difference (regarding power levels)
    the only deck having problems not getting cliffed here is Frost/Nature. Because Frost/Fire and pure frost can easily defend cliffdancers and every other deck has the chance to move a swift to the trhee well cluster in the beginning. After you took control over this cluster on your side you control 4 spots that cant get cliffed now. So if some non-frost player tells me cliffs on Uro are OP i wonder wtf he is doing.
    random maps:
    there are always enough spots that can't get cliffed
    And dont forget: have fun not getting cliffed !

    I was never pro so i might have forgotten situations back then but i'm the living proof that it's possible to not get cliffed if you just keep thinking: he starts with a scavenger ! I should consider him being pure fire !
    I wouldn't cry a tear if walldancing/cliffdancing gets a treating, but i somehow always saw it as a strategical aspect in terms of mapcontrol wich you can deal with and not as something randomly OP depending on the map.
  7. Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) liked a post in a topic by SunWu in BF Memeville   
    When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE

  8. Eirias liked a post in a topic by SunWu in BF Memeville   
  9. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by SunWu in BF Memeville   
    When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE

  10. Loriens liked a post in a topic by SunWu in BF Memeville   
    When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE

  11. Ultrakool liked a post in a topic by SunWu in BF Memeville   
    When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE

  12. Navarr liked a post in a topic by SunWu in *Fixed* 3 - "Mine" spell card used without fire orb   
    Maybe a teammate supporting him? You can't see who lays the mine, it would only be suspiscious if there was nobody with a fire orb.
  13. Jubby liked a post in a topic by SunWu in *Fixed* 3 - "Mine" spell card used without fire orb   
    Maybe a teammate supporting him? You can't see who lays the mine, it would only be suspiscious if there was nobody with a fire orb.
  14. Dhrkaas liked a post in a topic by SunWu in nerf amii monument   
    I didn't see any new points or arguments from your side we didn't already hear in this thread but i don't like to be called selfish, so tell me how ,,incredibly small'' the number of players actually is. Did you make a poll, did you ask hundreds of players ingame? Most players i used to pve with saw it as the stupid, unnecessary, broken, cashgrab card it is. I could accuse you of being selfish because you want to safe your one click wonder from balancing, but what's the point, really? When it comes to enjoyment of the game everything is rather subjective, when it comes to balance, not so much...
  15. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Matryxx in Random Helpful Tidbits   
    Hello everyone!  I just wanted to post some random things that I discovered and thought would be helpful to share.  I hope something in here helps you!
    If you are getting an error when launching the game that you are missing libssl-1_1-x64.dll, follow this link to get both the libssl and libcrypto files:Then follow this link to get Updater v0.4 if you have an older version: Screenshots can be taken with Ctrl-O, and they are saved in "C:\Users\...\Documents\BattleForge\screenshots".  Also in the same BattleForge folder, you can find your config and keybinding files.  The config file has extra settings that are not available in game.  I wouldn't suggest changing these unless you know what you are doing! If you are getting black horizontal lines or black flickering when you move the screen (different from screen tearing), try turning off SSAO. If you are on a 4k or high resolution display, and notice that your mouse location and mouse input are offset (ex. your mouse is registering as being more toward the bottom right of the screen), it may be a high DPI scaling problem.  To fix it, right click on the BattleForge.exe and select Properties, then select Compatibility, and then check the box next to "Override high DPI scaling behavior."  And have the scaling be performed by "Application".  This fix also works with other .exe's, such as other games or programs. Here are a few hidden controls I found:  Shift+Right Click - Multi move.  Ctrl+Right Click - Multi move / attack.  Alt+Right Click - Patrol. (troops will move back and forth between points, but will walk slowly)  There are probably a bunch of other hidden commands in the game, but I have not been able to find any information about them.  If you have found any sites, you can link them in the comments. Here is a fix I found for having an extremely small mouse pointer on a 4k screen.  Sadly it requires changing your resolution to 1080p.  First, change your ingame resolution to 1920x1080, and then go to Windows Settings > System > Display and change your resolution to 1920x1080.  Your mouse should now be normal sized in the game!  Just don't forget to change back to 4k after you quit the game so you can enjoy your high res display. Alt-tabbing from full screen mode sometimes perma-freezes the game -> play in windowed mode with as high resolution as you want. Force DirectX version 9 if you have trouble with textures, units, etc. If you have frequent random crashes and popups during regular actions in forge or game, you might want to re-download the game and extract it with exactly WinRAR. (7Zip, Daemon Tools, etc. are known to corrupt the game archive files)      #7, 8, and 9 are from fiki574, thank you!
    I hope something here helped you!    Let me know in the comments!  And feel free to add more helpful information in the comments!  Thanks.
  16. BurningWorld liked a post in a topic by SunWu in BF Memeville   
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  19. MajorTom liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Lost Spirit Ship Hype   
    LSS also fires 8 projectiles at the same time once there are four or more enemy entities in range. This increases the damage output enormously and makes it a stronger XL than Giant wyrm wich also costs 60 more power.
  20. firedancer10399 liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Frost/nature pvp deck help   
  21. Dhrkaas liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Undead Army   
    Hurricane, oink, coldsnap, knight of chaos...it's only annoying for pure fire, maybe bandits - but not really because nobody above midranks really plays it, definetly a wasted deckslot unless you know you encounter a deck without crowd control.
  22. SunWu liked a post in a topic by RadicalX in Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP   
    There are quite a few cards, that dominate the meta game and completely prevent variety in the PvP environment. Only Fire and Shadow T1 are viable once people reached a decent level and that is quite unpleasant. We are in a turret T1 meta, where Frost and Nature can't compete. Turrets do have insane damage and tankiness, higher range and don't reward micro management at all. 
    -> 900 damage for 60 power is way more than any T1 unit could offer. Due to the splash you can take center wells vs Frost and Nature without any advantage. 
    -> Even after the teleport 900/600 stats remain insane especially since there are no Siege units in T1.
    -> 40m range can force you to engage into the turrets as they can be placed at the edge to attack your power wells while your units can't reach them. 
    -> Even Fire T1 can't beat Phasetower without stationary turrets itself, which is a disaster as Fire should be the faction, that can deal with turrets. The most reliable counter to Phasetower ... is Phasetower. 
    -> 50m teleport range every 30s is faster than some Frost units (you can kite activated Imperials with Phasetower ...)
    -> Archers are sometimes bugged against Phasetowers. Their damage rotations apply about 2 seconds later (probably as the projectiles travel to the initial position of the tower). This makes it much harder to burst down aggressively placed turrets with your ranged units. 
    -> While other turrets are risky and require initial map control and safetly to be built, Phasetower can be constructed at a much more safe spot and Teleport into the important areas or just jump over cliffs to remove some natural safety provided by the map. 
    -> 1575/700 stats for 50 power is still viable in some T3 scenarios (this may be slightly exaggerated as it requires all shots to hit) 
    -> if splash is included, the tower has a 55m range, which gives huge zoning potential, strong siege potential for close well situations and can be abused over cliffs.
    -> Center Well + Mortar is gg against Frost on map control based maps and forces nature to play more aggressive unit compositions, that are weaker in combat
    The Frost nerfs
    -> After Ice Guardin and Homesoil got nerfed Frost requires at least 8 T1 slots in order to stay relevant. 
    -> Map Control issues still may kill the faction as you can't rush against Mortar
    -> Frostmagespam outperforms IGs on big maps in mirror matches and against nature. That results in stationary gameplay that is quite boring to play
    I personally would like to see harsh nerfs to Phasetower & Mortar in the future & maybe a revert of the IG nerf as it is more micro rewarding than a homesoil revert. Feel free to discuss! 
  23. SunWu liked a post in a topic by anonyme0273 in My little brother's birthday gift   
    Happy birthday to your brother.
    You could try asking people directly in the Discord chat, I doubt this thread will do you any good. First of all Promo cards are 1/200 decks, so kinda rare to expect someone to give it away (and no, the staff definitely ain't going to give you free shit lol). Second of all - this card can be bought in the Auction House, and as with most birthday gifts, you gotta buy them to give them to someone else. You could've traded in advance to save up for this and give it to him, that would show how much you care. Gl
  24. Dhrkaas liked a post in a topic by SunWu in Netherwarp Green bug abuse   
    +1, but i dont really like the suggested solution simply because it would make some wallhops impossible. It would nerf the blue netherwarp, wich i prefer to use, too.
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