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  1. Had to pop back in for this. We (hopefully) all appreciate the work that you have done for the community and wish you the best in whatever lies ahead for you! Good luck!
  2. Contradictory to what his profile says he's not actually a hero
  3. I fear of the ocean, but I'm fine as long as I can see the bottom and there's no (or very little) vegetation.
  4. Was already logged in, but tried to do it once again and got logician.
  5. Haha, yeah Correct, they are currently 2:nd( https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinionsmätningar_inför_riksdagsvalet_i_Sverige_2018 ). I hope they can come to some kind of agreement with another party. I do believe that they will increase further later this year and hopefully even more until 2018.
  6. Yeah, shit has really been going south the last years, however I think that things will turn in the upcoming years (Been noticing that the flow has started to change a little bit). The government have been doing immigration completely wrong, hell even I would do it atleast x100 times better. I have high hopes for SD (Sverige demokraterna, whom are the opposition party) in the election 2018, the change is needed. I love Angry Foreigner's videos.
  7. I'm kind of right-wing, agree with the points anonyme has said. However, I do live in Sweden so being right-wing here is left-wing in the US.. ^^
  8. Today I feel like doing a status update. How's everyone doing?





    Shameful marketing below


    Facebook page for a school project! Gib lajks plz :)

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    2. Deadman


      Doing Good :)

    3. Shotty


      This is basicly a status update, asking for a status report from other ppl.

    4. anonyme0273


      Ultimately, yes

  9. Please roast my friend haha :)



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    2. Lukaznid


      Wow you're friends with Tintin?

    3. AlphaFlux


      This is what kids do nowadays? You're all a disgrace to your ancestors

    4. Eddio


      He is not even worth it to roast :kappa: 

  10. I'd say that went pretty well
  11. Oh, yeah. They might want to update that as a lot of people see that page first. @InsaneHawk
  12. What does this mean? What's defined as a complete edition?
  13. But if you put a Viking against a Samurai, no weapons allowed. A Viking would win every time ^^
  14. As a native Swede I have to say Viking, Samurais are just not as cool.
  15. Made an account today again, got banned after 5 minutes.. feels good to be back.
  16. Haha, says 2016 on the countdown ye. Hawk stuck in 2016 confirmed?
  17. You're welcome! Is that really Lingonberry jam though or did you go with something else? (If not, I really recommend it. It's really good!)
  18. 1.79, mainly blonde (almost ginger:ish @ winter??), handsome ofc ^^, ~65kg. I don't know more than that, there are pictures of me that one can easily find with the forums. EDIT : Okey, now I'm seriously starting to contemplate about my hair colour...
  19. Oh, gimme a few minutes and I'll change it Damn, 800g is like 1.76 lbs (Will be some exact measuring ^^)
  20. Swedish Local recipes, I suppose "Raggmunk med fläsk och lingonsylt" is a good one (Potato pancake with pork and lingonberry jam) * 800g of potato (1.76 lb) * 1 egg * 1,5dl flour (0,33 lb) * 3 dl milk (0,66 lb) * 2 teaspoons salt * 50g butter (0,11 lb) For serving * 500g bacon (1.1 lb) * lingonberry jam (it should look something like this when done) Instructions: 1. Make a batter of eggs, flour and milk. Peel the potatoes and grate it on a grater directly into the batter so that the batter does not darken. Then salt. 2. Fry small platelets of the mixture into the butter on medium heat so that the potatoes have time to be done. 3. Slice the salted pork and fry in hot pan. Serve with potato pancakes and lingonberry jam. I don't know how easy it is to get a hold on lingonberry jam. Never met anyone from outside the scandinavian countries that knows what it is. (I couldn't find a recipe that wasn't in swedish with the correct ingredients so I translated)
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