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  1. AlphaFlux

    What was your Picture in BattleForge?

    Ah, sorry. Yes, i thought gold = bfp. ok for gold its not the big deal.
  2. AlphaFlux

    Frost/Nature Beginer's deck

    If you just want to use common cards, this is my opinion: T1 (frost): Master Archers, Imperials (or Northguards), Lightblade (i prefer shadow), Defense Tower, Glacier shell, Frost bite (shadow) Ice barrier doesnt make sense, if you don't have home soil T2 (nature): Defenders, Phalanx, Stone shards (fire, pretty good against medium beasts), spirit hunters, Cannon Tower, Curse of Oink, kobold trick T3 (frost or nature) Silverwind lancers, tremor, Stone shell, swamp drake, equilibrium, hammerfall There is no need for drones, if you already have silverwind lancers (both L Counter, both swift, so choose one of them)
  3. AlphaFlux

    Daily Card Discussion

    But soulshatter is just an AoE, while Voidstorm damage every unit. Also soulshatter just works good, if the enemy stays together, which you general have to avoid in PvP
  4. AlphaFlux

    Daily Card Discussion

    Very good card for PvE But i think this is a good card for pvp. When you go T3 and then the enemy start making up a huge army, you have dont make any new units, just save 200 energy and then... unleash the void!
  5. AlphaFlux

    What was your Picture in BattleForge?

    So, there is no reason for making a price in bfr for changing your picture.
  6. AlphaFlux

    What was your Picture in BattleForge?

    Why such a high price just for changing the picture? Why not for free?
  7. AlphaFlux

    What was your Picture in BattleForge?

    Ok, thank you
  8. AlphaFlux

    What was your Picture in BattleForge?

    Will there be the option to change your picture in bfr?
  9. AlphaFlux

    What was your Picture in BattleForge?

    Mine was the brave defenders of the north. Northguards 4 life
  10. AlphaFlux

    Your New/Future IGN in BFR

    I don't know my old battleforge IGN. I have many different nicknames at this time. But my new nick will be AlphaFlux. I use it now for every game i play. If you want something new, why not try BetaFlux
  11. AlphaFlux

    Frost/Stonekin PvP Deck-How to build?

    I would like to see a pvp Stonekin deck with explanation for each tier. Is there something already here in forum or is someone doing a guide for this now?
  12. AlphaFlux

    Your favourite card?

    Coldsnap, because it's my favorite CC card. I like to freeze my enemies ( I hate oink or paralyze) Stone Hurler, because it's my favorite tower. red affinity knocks back small and medium units, can attack ground and air units, can shot over other building, so you can build other buildings in front of it and it still can attack, and it has a really good sustainability. Gemeye, because... no reason. Just like.
  13. AlphaFlux

    Your favourite card?

    Unit: Gemeye Spell: Coldsnap Building: Stone Hurler
  14. AlphaFlux

    Favourite Books

    - Orks from Micheal Peinkofer - Fantasy series from Joe Abercrombie - Historical novels from Rebecca Gable
  15. AlphaFlux

    New theme/intro song for Battleforge

    The original soundtrack is perfect. There is no need to replace it.

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