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  1. But soulshatter is just an AoE, while Voidstorm damage every unit. Also soulshatter just works good, if the enemy stays together, which you general have to avoid in PvP
  2. Very good card for PvE But i think this is a good card for pvp. When you go T3 and then the enemy start making up a huge army, you have dont make any new units, just save 200 energy and then... unleash the void!
  3. Does anybody here play Hearthstone? I want some friends in my list, so if you want to add me, my battletag is: AlphaFlux#2736

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    2. Eirias


      I'm like really, really terrible (and I have no intention to put in any amount of time to get better at it). That said, if you want to beat up on a noob, I'm probably good for 2-3 games before I ragequit :)

    3. alex33399


      My battletag Demolishers#2648


    4. Chimerae


      I tried it out for a few hours, but I found it to be too much luck based.

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