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  1. Sykole

    My Project

    I will re-code the program entirely, if you have any suggestions, or additions you would like to see, just let me know on this thread please, would mean the world to me! Edit; With what I have in mind, the update should reduce the code size by around 1000 lines, and would improve the performance by at least 60%, also a few edits for the GUI which should help minimize the overall consumed space and allow regular users to "explore" and understand the features provided better.
  2. I know this might be off-topic; but is the game good? I never found it interesting. The usage of graphics, physics.. all of that looked really weird to me.
  3. You are bomb sexy no matter what color your name has
  4. Sykole

    My Project

    Basically, this is a quick guide for normal users (Which I focused on more while creating the tool) and for advanced ones too. Each file we have on our computers uses "Libraries"; Those libraries indicate in a some way what does the file do. For example, we get hmm.. Chrome.exe which is a browser and connects to the internet; When they have made Chrome they added a known library which in general allows any file to connect to the internet. This allows my program to tell you that the file can access the internet. You wouldn't want to download an alarm which connects to the internet, so
  5. Sykole

    My Project

    The description of this forum is; "Where all the unrelated watermelons and other nonsense go" and I guess this is my watermelon So the past year, I have been working on a project, which was to me more than anything a personal assistance. As I have dealt with files ranging from 5 to 10 each day, It was common to find one or two being malicious but it required a few tools to get the job done (And yes, I used to work as a file analyzer). Anyways, I decided to create a tool which I can depend on and has all those features combined into one, and that is it. I have somewhat successfully got eve
  6. The thumbnail alone have given me enough nightmares for a week when I was a kid, let alone him singing
  7. Seems it was that. Sorry, didn't know the client was updated. Issue solved upon updating to the new and latest client, thanks.
  8. Yeah, I thought that would happen too but whenever I log in, which I am sure there are not many people creating a character, I keep disconnecting. I just keep getting the "Create Character" screen.
  9. NAME: Inability to create a character without disconnecting from the server. SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Login/Character Creation Screen REPRODUCIBILITY: 5/5 DESCRIPTION: After my character was reset (I assume you have cleared the database for beta testers), I am no longer able to get in without creating a new one, and when I do; I disconnect from the server. Sorry if it has already been reported.
  10. Best world is the one you make; not held by the hands of fate 

    1. chargeR


      Best world is where u can play battleforge :kappaross:

    2. Chimerae


      Best world is shadow. It will crush puny frost, fire and nature.

  11. Down to create a simple .NET multiplayer card game with the cards? I already have the base code for abilities, tricks etc. Code will need some tweaking since I was lazy to finish the server connections
  12. y u view my profile

    I am watching you 

    1. anonyme0273


      Umm... I think that HE is watching you @Sykole if he stalked your profile

      You should be careful, his victims are never to be seen again, rumors say he drowns them in pudding 

    2. Kaliber84


      Promo Spitfire skin that spits :ladadoos: confirmed? :kappa:

    3. Ladadoos


      I think you guys are the ones stalking me, filling my status update :P 

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  13. Such a broken record

  14. The server could use a bit of work. I will gladly help you with new plugins and whatnot. I am an owner of one of the top roleplayer survival servers, so I have a pretty decent knowledge. PS - Use Viaversion or ProtocolHack to allow clients starting from 1.7 up to 1.10 to connect, both plugins are configurable
  15. Rest in peace; Muhammad Ali.

  16. Just realize how gorgeous you are. Look in the mirror, and you will find a bright star.


    1. Sykole


      Broccoli's are great too, aren't they? xP

      PS -  Treckster that really hurt my feelings, I am crying =[

    2. YaBro0


      Don't cry little guy,

      Come in my arms don't be shy <3

      (That's sounded like a rapist...)

    3. Sykole


      A tiny little bit. lol

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  17. I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. -Albert Einstein

    1. Valaraukar


      Technology can never surpass it's creator. At least not in terms of intelligence.

    2. anonyme0273


      But in processing speed and fixed decision making, unfortunately yes...

    3. Sykole


      When we get more and more ignorant, pretty sure it will.

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  18. You shoot me down, but I won't fall; I'm titanium.

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