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  1. Where is my "Hail Sykole" title, I see nothing assigned to my account Hawk. Unacceptable. I, Sykole vi Britannia wish you the best regards and congratulations deep from my heart!
  2. This song is beyond amazing IMO, love it. :) 

    1. ThomasMann


      and it isn't a anime song... amazing. But yeah, good song. 

    2. marcel


      Best music :)

    3. Eddio


      I am slightly surpised nobody posted some troll music vids here yet. :kappa: 

  3. Such honesty, much formal
  4. c0d0905f9a944890bf8e6df4a03d1df7.png

    Congratulations dirty one :kappa:


    1. anonyme0273


      Oh hell yea. Now @Kiwi, if you'd hand over the title, that'd be appreciated :kappa: 

    2. sylvix95


      I'm proud to appear on this screenshot !


    3. Kiwi


      @anonyme0273 Get to more profile views than me and we'll see ;)

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  5. Since when Sushi can become best girl
  6. Fits perfectly with the Cards API of Null's, too bad I don't develop for IOS or Andriod.
  7. I played the game, and enjoyed it aswell. I have no memory whatsoever about my progress, or what the content of the game was but I remember it was fun.

    1. ThomasMann
    2. anonyme0273


      That blank status on the main page...


    3. Sykole


      Hahaha, got to attract the customer! :P

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  9. Not sure which one is the newest, but definitely the first one is better in my opinion. You see, the first one is not executed as supposed but has an idea behind it. The color blend of purple and dark-blue fits pretty well, same with the objects placed. It's simple, and sharp too. However, in the second one I don't really see that much potential. Nature units are clearly out of place with no real purpose, not to mention that the objects themselves seem to be badly cropped out. The whole image just seems to be a little bit too dark/dim. For further comparison, taking the s
  10. Were you expecting it to come out bad? My name is there along with my fellow testers, that is enough to bring it up to 5 stars
  11. We are not talking about Fiki.
  12. ~My song of the day, love it.

  13. You can't compare grammar with intelligence.
  14. I've come across this site that offers a relatively quick and simple English test, would be interesting to see different results from the community Website link; https://www.arealme.com/online-english-grammar-test/en/ Take the test and show us your score ( Don't repeat or cheat ) My score:
  15. Sykole

    My Project v2

    Yeah, coding is really fun. Gets your mind to think alot and burns time too
  16. Sykole

    My Project v2

    You may have seen my previous topic on this subject, which can be found here; https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2559-my-project/ I've been working on a project for quite some time now, not full time ofcourse but as a side hobby of mine which is learning more about PE structures. A true motive of mine to keep working on it is so simplify advanced features you might find in others tools, allowing as many as possible to understand the meaning of analysis and how important it is in our current day. Let me start introducing the functionalities now~ Since last time, I'v
  17. I am suspecting it is due to compatibility issues, however my internet is down atm so I can't really get on the game and test. anybody on Windows 7 can you please test and see if the problem is present or not.
  18. Looks pretty nice, with more practice I am sure you will be able to make an even better version!
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