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  1. 21 hours ago, Xamos said:

    Thinking about this, I´d actually prefer the suggested "Pause"-Option more


    You would "pause" in terms of rewards/achievements, but still have the game running with well powers and everything, that's what you are referring to? 

  2. Brilliant idea. To make it easier to understand, those dots could also be next to the difficulty levels, so for instance the Expert button would have three dots next to it.

    Or instead of having one to three dots, it could be one colored dot. Green for completing on Easy, Orange and Red, to signify difficulty. Doesn't take much to notice the pattern after finishing two or three maps.

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Ca7 said:

    Maybe the system in game should have an hourly reminder for using the forums, currently it seems pretty desolate here.

    Was gonna say, maybe the home page should be improved and link directly to popular forums with big buttons, but apparently I can't even reach it currently, IDK.

    Yeah same actually. I also think that the forum could use a makeover to make it look more Battlefield like with an improved layout. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Ca7 said:

    Ah yes, the issues we have, the development time that doesn't exist ^_^ You see, we have inflation, so instead of doing anything about that, we're gonna introduce another currency, just like in communism/failing states :O (le funny, when I was defending non free market lol)  (do we really have inflation?)

    The least we need is a simple trade bot account who you send cards to, and he sends you BFP back, so you can open another booster and pray to gods... (RNG gods) It's a community project, not everything has to look like it has big budget behind it, it just has to function.

    I do like the idea of colours, like the GM's have and while XP boost is really useless, you should just be able to buy a custom title for like 1m gold, or something, these cosmetic things could also be temporary, shades similar to ones used by staff could be made unavailable. Also, a bit off topic, but IDK who thought that making gold account bound was a good idea, TBH,  quite a commie concept.

    I have to be honest, all your posts bemuse me haha.

    17 hours ago, Kapo said:

    Thats a neat idea, I would just have a little different approach.

    What I am thinking, if you really add a new currency, I think a shard should be something rare. We already have Thousands of BFP and hundrets of thousands of gold. So a shard should be something precious, so: Per month (or season), for each completed expert map you get one extra shard. The rest you would have to buy through gold and/or bfp and/or disenchant cards. That would be enough to lure people into doing different expert maps and not just farm one. At the beginning of the month, "lets go shard farming" by taking a tour through all maps could be a thing. Single Player maps that people have long forgotten about cause they already finished them could see some play. New Players would have a easier time finding veterans helping with maps. So basically if you are shard-hungry you have a limited number per month/season you can work towards, the rest will cost you.

    About that RNG thing again: in Youtube/GMTK they speak about different game mechanics, and there is a great one about RNG. What I learned is that depending on RNG to progress makes players really unhappy. But RNG can make players rejoice when it is applied as very rare, positive effect. To apply this to this concept, if the gold chests on maps have a very low chance dropping a shard will make farming them useless, but every once in a while when you open one you get some nice animation, a special sound and a shard, people would love that.

    The way I saw it is that every season, you would get like 6 shards maximum, so that's like 2 rewards every season. 

    And regarding the nice animation and such, yeah I really wanted things like that but I believe it's hard to compose high quality music and integrate animations due to the project's limitations. There is always the possibility of having the "Shard Forging" on a website with special effects, cool animations and all that, even better is to have that webpage integrated into the client itself through a webbrowser element in one of the tabs, but I doubt it can be done.

  5. 25 minutes ago, DrunkenGummyBear said:

    It's a nice idea although speedruns should be taken into account to farm shards. A bh speedrun takes 3-5 min so players now could farm shards gold and xp all in one run. There could be a "hidden" limitation saying complete a map in over x amount of minutes to prevent this.

    Or simply a limited number of shards every seasonal cycle, which is not yet implemented. 

    For instance, completing a campaign map for the first time gets you a shard. Also, it could be like: Defeat it on Expert to get 2 shards, this way players will have to think twice before winning a campaign map.

    Do they play it on easy and get 1 shard and that's it, or wait until they have a stronger deck to win it and get 2 shards? Could be something along those lines.

  6. @Kapo @Ladadoos Hi. About the assumption of the devs thing, I am not trying to fight or blame here. I only mentioned it that way because my suggestions seem to have a history of being complicated for implementation, so I took the recent update as an example as to how it is similar on the backend. And even if I was being a jerk, criticism should always be accepted in all its form, instead of getting all defensive. Regarding your suggestions, I replied below.

    @Metagross31 @LittleLegend Yeah true. The main focus is to reduce the importance of BFP and start venturing into different directions, so as you said, buying it with gold can be problematic, so in general we can have Shards be tied to the seasons update, if it comes out; where each season you have a certain amount of Shards that you can earn. It can also be integrated with quests and achievements. There is even the possibility of introducing a system where the more different cards/decks you use in-game, the more Shards you gain. This way players will try out new gamestyles, as well as increase demand on cards, while also balancing out that demand through the Shards they will earn. Forging the Shards themselves can cost Gold as well.

    We can even expand more onto it. The beauty of a crafting system is that it accepts different mechanisms, so something along the lines of:

    - Combine three common cards and you get one random common card.

    - Combine three uncommon cards and you get one random common or uncommon card.

    - Combine three rare cards and you get one random common, uncommon or rare card.

    And so forth. The scaling can be different, like being harder in the sense that if you combine three rare cards, you can only get as high as uncommon.

    @Kapo I just read the second paragraph of your suggestion right now and it's similar to what I just wrote above haha, I didn't mean to steal your idea I swear! :D But yeah, sounds great as well.

    @Ladadoos I made this post at 8am because I was coding for 15 hours straight, so perhaps I have some knowledge? Who knows though. Either way, great, so multipliers are possible, hence my suggestion. I was not blaming you, was merely suggesting to bump it up on the priority list. Suggestions are give and take. Maybe I said something new that can be beneficial to the project? All you and I should care about is improvements, and that is achieved through suggestions, their implementations and criticism of their functionality. 

    @anonyme0273 I love chests, not only are you forced to collect them, but you also have to collect keys, which adds another layer of gameplay. In League of Legends for instance, you get a chest for playing really well with a champion, but that's it. You can't get another chest playing that same champion until the end of the season. While keys can be earned by getting honored by others, which is also another suggestion I had, but was waiting for the the season/cycle update. Remember Ladadoos' Skylord of honor? That would be nice to see in-game.

    Regarding them being tradeable, it will entirely depend on the balancing. Are shards for cosmetics, or do they include everything I just mentioned? If it's the latter, then I'd say non-tradeable, because it's a concept made to push players into playing more and play in different styles, as I said above in the reply, and since the Forging system can accept pretty much any mechanism or reward (the ones I said were just examples really), then it would be better to make them untradeable, and even expirable if deemed necessary. 

    Sorry if I missed some of your points guys.

  7. 1 hour ago, Metagross31 said:

    I like the general idea, but in order to give a yes/no vote I would like to have some more info, like if you can also make shards out of unused cards etc.

    The general concept is what I want to focus on, the details like balancing and so forth can be worked out afterwards if the staff wants it to be researched. 

    The main question for me is: Would it be a fun addition and actually impactful or not? What do you think? 

  8. Hi,

    Apparently since something like the booster history, which requires a database connection and client modification, can be developed at a time like this when it is (I assume) a low priority project with no impact on the game at all, then you now have a surplus of developers to afford working on such minor things? 

    If so, here goes another idea I had but didn't share due to limitations.

    Name: Forging (Comes from BattleForge, duh)

    Function: Allows players to forge cards, boosters, and cosmetic collectables.


    - Shards: Can be forged into a random reward.

    - Enhancers: XP and Gold boosters.

    - Cosmetics: New legacy and time-limited avatars, titles (Like PvE/PvP ranks), name colors on the player list the same way as GMs. It could even extend to the forum where you get a special usertitle.

    How it works:

    - Shards: Winning a game, you have a chance to earn a shard. Three shards and you can forge them into a random reward, which can be a booster, random card or a cosmetic. Of course, it can be far more intricate than this, so if you want my detailed plan, sure. This post is just the basics. All within a single tab in the client. A couple of buttons and a few images, all the magic happens in the background in the server (really basic stuff though, a simple database and an RNG).

    - Enhancers: Super simple yet I don't see why it isn't being added. "You have an XP booster for 4 hours". Can be 1.2x multiplier, or even a more advanced system where it scales with your rank. The higher your rank, the higher the multiplier, but the lower the time the booster lasts for. Can be purchasable with Gold or earned with Shards, or by levelling up. It's temporary boosters of course, noting permanent. The point is to increase play time.

    - Cosmetics: A whole new world. Just add more unique and legacy items, like a golden border your avatar for instance. I assume that can be done. Whatever avatar you have is the same way it is, but if the server's packet for the avatar ID is like, "34_0" -> Then you'd have a golden border, since the "_0" is an identifier for golden border, and a LUA script can pick that up. If not, then just introduce new, limited-time avatars. Crop the face of a character from an oil painting of the game for instance, from the loading screens. 


    Honestly, I can't be bothered to make a more detailed or bigger post because it will most likely die like always and go unnoticed. If you want more information about the technicalities, implementation strategy, or the mechanisms and their effects, let me know and I will reply. I can even make a prototype for you. Peace.


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  9. 23 minutes ago, Zyna said:

    It's not as simple as just prioritizing game design over faction design. Those are two different departments. The balancing developers could not simply just start working on implementing new concepts. They are neither client nor server developers. As balance developers, they "only" work with our internal balancing tool. For the game design process, we need game designers, client developers and server developers (and also potentially more web developers in the future). So far we managed to add one new game designer, @Eirias, and soon we could add one new client developer, who is currently working on their first assignment. We have a couple of open server developer applications, which are still being reviewed.
    You could argue the faction designers could also help with game design. However, they specifically volunteered for faction design because of their experience and interests.

    Yeah, I get you. I was just saying that projects administration can also be applied to newer departments, like Events, Mini-games, etc.

    Either way, I had an opinion and I said it. Whether or how it can be utilized, I will trust your judgement on that. Keep up the good work. Cheers 

  10. 38 minutes ago, Zyna said:

    Cloud you clarify what you mean with "pretty much everything else"? I hope it's clear that we have a team of more than 20 people who are putting their time into this project. They handle moderation, balancing, design, map creation, technical support, etc. Obviously we do a lot, which is to be expected as both an admin and developer, but to claim we do everything is absurd. You could even say that there are already multiple "project administrators" in the project who are overlooking a general process:

    First I would like to clarify that I am not attacking you or the staff members. I know you guys are putting in hard work and long hours, I am not denying any of your progress whatsoever. I am merely talking from my point of view and experience about what I think could be lacking. In addition, I am not trying to act superior or judge your ways. Sorry if it's coming off as harsh or rude.

    Back to the topic at hand though, my point revolves around the following: Even though the project administrators/managers you listed are essential to any game, and I am not denying their work, I personally don't see them as what this game needs at the moment. Sure, map making is important and all, but how many players will that attract? How about faction designing? In my opinion, they should be lower on the priority list, and things like new content should be given more attention. 

    And that brings us to the second point; You said I am not quite aware of your limitations, and although I admit I know less than I would like, I got a general idea from you guys on the call, and was following the development from the very beginning closely, even with Blank on Skype, so I know the limitations in terms of how much you can edit the game, as well as the lack of developers, you made it awfully clear to me hahaha. I am just referring to plausible things, such as making the website more BattleForge-like, increasing community engagement like anonyme suggested, and so forth.

    Yet again, none of us is in a position to judge. We all appreciate your work and just having the game there is awesome; we just wish to help. Which is why I will say it again, I think that things like "faction designing" which is already limited due to implementation issues, should be pushed down a little and be more focused on newer content like the great concept of quests/achievements. One more map or one more card will not make much of an impact the same way a new concept would. 

    Much love.

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  11. I speak for no one, but the way I see it is that upper staff has too many different things to deal with at once. They handle staff recruitment, game designing, project planning, community management, client modifications and pretty much everything else while also giving directions to those working under them.

    With the way things are, the game will die out in a year or two, the same way it did in the past, if no significant updates are rolled out, and I am not talking about new quests or achievements, those are, in the grand scheme of things, very insignificant. One of the fuels of this project is nostalgia, and it will eventually run out.

    I am not saying upper management is failing at regulating the game, not at all; I am very much appreciative of their work, but I think they should specialize and expand a little bit more in their ranks in order to fill the vacancies, and allow for each of the upper staff members to focus on a project at a time, not handle everything. I applied for just that, specialized administration, but in the end it felt like our visions differed. 

    Projects/New mechanics should be tailored toward acquiring new players, not making an update for the sake of having one. Nowadays, a multiplayer game can have like 5 different crafting systems, with player cosmetics, event passes, monthly themes and so many other things. Compared to BattleForge as a game... we have what, card upgrading? 

    What I am saying is, I feel like it should be emphasized what the SR team actually is. Are they a team that is hosting the BattleForge game as it is with minor changes? Or are they aiming to become an entirely new (and separate) entity than the old game? Keep in mind that I am aware of the limitations facing the team, and every point I mentioned, I feel there is a fix to. It only requires modifications to the ranks of upper management to allow for a more versatile team overall, instead of overloading the current two administrators, and that begins with having groups, each consisting of an administrator and a few developers, working to finish a specific project that is separate from what the rest of the team is doing. There is a reason specialization is vital in workplaces, since it increases accountability and speed of work.

    That said, I still highly appreciate and know how hard they are working. I am merely providing what I find to be constructive criticism from my own point of view. 

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  12. On 2/15/2021 at 11:40 AM, Darcurse said:

    Then you can also go the extra mile and copy more from existing trading card games.
    Like for PvE and PvP add a Draft Mode.
    You get maybe 3-4 card options per deck slot to choose from. You will then go successively go through slot 1-20 to fill it with one of the options. You will never see the options in the next slot until you chose for the previous one. Or maybe give a bigger card pool and have to choose simultaneously for like 5 slots, to reduce the randomness and allow for better planning.

    Issue here:
    Small dev team trying to implement a whole new function into the game which has most likely no base at all implemented by original devs.
    -> Lot of work. Personally I'd first love to see the base game fixed/polished to become a more attractive game for the long term than going directly into adding up layers on a bad groundwork. Same for OP ideas about guilds, lore, potions or new affinities. The last two are also glaring issues balancing wise. The base balance is already borked as it is, don't mess it up with new stuff until that's adressed.

    From my experience in game designing and development of frontend and backend, it really isn't a big deal to "implement a new function into the game", since not much functionality goes into the game itself; it's all in the server (Unless there is some obstacle I don't know of in BF). Plus, if a new mobile team is deployed to handle such implementations on the test server, fiki and the inner circle devs will not have to work unnecessarily and will be able to focus on their main duties. 

    Regarding polishing the game, I'd like to hear your thoughts more on that. What do you mean by polishing? My experience with the game, starting from EA's beta up until now has been really good, all things considered, but that's just me.

    And yeah, of course it will bring balancing issues, but those can be sorted out. This is just a baseline of what COULD be implemented in the game without changing the core game mechanics. 

    It would also help if one of the team would reply, because it feels like I am a blabbering toddler at this point haha 

  13. On 2/13/2021 at 2:39 PM, anonyme0273 said:

    A fun gamemode could be a deck switch - make a deck (fitting some card requirements, so for example 6 T1 cards, four units, two spells/one spell + one building, 10 T2 cards containing the color of the first orb, 4 T3 cards), then you and your opponent switch these decks and try to beat each other with the other persons garbage.

    Pro mode - blindfold on all Power values - costs, Void pool, Usable pool, ya gotta keep a track of that in your head

    PvP with fog of war - against original BattleForge principles, but adds some new strategy making

    Otherwise any BFP and Gold dumps are a good idea - an extremely expensive 'anything' to strive towards, as it was with Promos in the old days - nametag, card, consumable, chat color... definitely in support of that idea.

    Adding spice is fun and nice, why not do it.

    Overall makes the game more lively and modern, seconding this.

    EDIT: nice to see you alive @Sykole

    Yeah exactly. The game needs a constant flow of new ideas and updates, but since the development is limited to how much can actually be changed, we will just implement a workaround. 

    In all honesty, I think the Skylords development team should create a separate team that solely focuses on coming up and implementing changes, while having a clear goal in mind; much like a balancing team, their only purpose is to keep things changing and fresh.

    When you come to think of it: Is there really any point to the game after finishing the campaign, if you are not a PvP player? Achievements are meaningless if you have BFP. That's why I find that it is not a good thing to have everything revolve ONLY around how much BFP you have.

    Imagine this for an example: The top player creates a guild. It's only natural that everyone else that is good will only join that guild. Now, what if the rewards are distributed 60/40, and only the leader gets the fancy collectables? Players will want to create their own guilds rather than following someone, which creates competition. <-- This is what I mean by creating an ecosystem that is run by the players. 

    Other games focus their attention on earning money from microtransactions, but this is not the case here. So the question to the current game designers is, what do you seek? Playtime? Enjoyment? It should be made clear to the players, or nothing will change from when the game was managed by EA.

    And yeah, I am glad to be back :)

  14. Long post? TL;DR: 1- New card affinities. 2- Guilds. 3- Adding lore. 4- Potion consumables.

    Concept: If creating new cards is out of reach, why not make use of the available things we have access to? Like creating new game systems/mechanics out of thin air with minimal work, just like quests; it's a glorified database with a tracking system, but will that alone be enough on the long run?


    1 - Creating new type of affinity(s) (if plausible): Just stick another random affinity color; same card model, different in-game effects.

    2- Increasing the ecosystem that have little to do with the actual game mechanics:

    • Take Minecraft servers for example. They create something out of nothing with a gamemode like King of the Hill; it's the same game mechanics of Minecraft, but with some spicy Java plugins that track each player's movements, give them points, give them EXP, and so forth.


    • So this brings us to the next point: Why not create Guilds? Why not implement Guild PvP Wars? If you think about it, it's just /guild in the chat to message your guild, a new tab in the Friends window labelled 'Guild', and a leaderboard. As evident by the Quests tab, it appears that you have quite a bit of control over the client editing with graphical drawing (the green reserve thing). 


    3- Adding some spice: Everything in the game has a lore, so why not give Quests lore? Say for example, they are missions given by Moon or Mo, and when completing a quest, it would display a dialogue box with either of their pictures, like they are informing you that you completed said quest with a sound effect? "Good job Skylord, you assisted us greatly" - Moon says, filling the empty void in my heart.

    It's all for the sake of adding familiarity and character to the game, instead of being just a bunch of text about what reserve BFP is or whatever. What even is BFP? Why would a Skylord need that? Give me lore! Give me context!

    Another idea: "Hey Sykole, I see you lost the map Empire twice. Skylords know no defeat! Make sure to do XYZ, it might help you pass the map!" - I see after the welcome screen in a dialogue box said by Moon, for example. 

    4- Consumables and Collectables: Only reason I would open a gold chest is either for a quest or ... nothing else really, I get 4k+ gold every 15min of playtime in rPvE, why care about a 100gold chest? So, instead of just gold, introduce consumables and collectables. A whole new concept to the game. 

    • Potions: Arranged in slots just like the in-game deck cards, but on the right side for example. One is called the Time potion, reduces your recasting time by 15 seconds. Want an additional layer to the mechanic? Enter levelling, where the higher your in-game rank, the longer your potions last/increase in power. You could have healing potions, strength potions, anything really. They just have to be rare, untradable and orb-neutral.


    • Enter; collectables: People and myself included love trophies, so just add random icons next to ours names. Complete all the achievements and you get an icon, right next to your PvP rank, or temporary colored names much like that of mods/gms. 


    • Why stop there? Add event passes. Each month/season you can purchase a pass with 3000 BFP. This pass lasts for until the end of the season. You get 10% more gold, you get slightly better booster chances, slightly more EXP and so forth. Even get your name highlighted in gold, for example.



    Note: Those are just quick examples off the top, they are not literal but I find that if they are properly implemented (I do not know what your limitations are when modifying the game), the game will thrive even more and will give it more purpose than just collecting the most promo harvesters. 

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  15. 5 hours ago, Ladadoos said:

    Sounds interesting, but how would you imagine that to work considering you could I assume just edit your collection before uploading it? Or what exactly was the idea of being able to compare inventories with other players?
    A feature I had started a long time ago but actually never finished was being able to export your decks and import decks in-game, and to make it work together with like the cardbase (as in, you can import decks from cardbase). But considering the cardbase will be replaced in the future at one point, it's on hold.

    To verify the authenticity of the collection, I could just export, run a checksum, and upload it automatically without user input. Sure it might be possible to edit the memory of the client itself to change what cards you have, but that'd be really sad, but fixable by intercepting the server's packets for what cards the player owns.

    I wanted more than just comparing cards with other players, though. My primary function was the total worth of your cards, which I was going to use the AH API for to get real-time pricing, and a price alert bot automatically notifies you if say, an upgraded card of yours that is missing a charge, goes below a certain price. And yeah, exporting/creating decks as well where they can be accessible, like localhost/empire/ to show the player-recommended decks for the map empire; fun stuff like that.

  16. On 2/7/2021 at 1:55 PM, Ladadoos said:

    These are scripts/modifications a player should not do (editing the client or manipulating the networking), even though they are not ill-minded. There is currently no in-game option to export your cards and unfortunately if we ever were to add it, it would be (very) low priority. Currently there is no feasible option to export your cards in another approved way.

    I can still give you a list of your cards if you want though :rolleyes:

    Ah, too bad then. Wanted to make a fun little project out of it where players can see what cards they might be missing, compare it with others on a website, etc.

    Thanks anyway.

  17. Want to make a script to export all the player's cards locally, but can't seem to find the packets responsible for populating the player's CollectionView (?) or an option to export them via the client directly, and doing it via OCR will be a chore.

    Any ideas? 

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