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  1. Metagross31 liked a post in a topic by Potato_Hoarder in Modifying Gold so that it can be converted from Gold to BFP - say 100 -> 1 or 1000 -> 1   
    but its just sitting there, slowly growing, transforming me into a hoarder
  2. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Ultralord in 2p PvE Event - Save energy to restore Lyr - Until: 21.07.2024   
    Greetings people of the sky
    I hope you all read the last community update.
    There is a section about an awesome community map, which was substantially enhanced and nearly made it into the official story.
    While it did not make it in to the official lore – Why not make an event for the map like we did for other awesome community maps!

    Map Trailer

    The challenge & ranking:
    The map is called "Restoring Lyr V2", so lets save Lyr by "saving up".
    The Team which spends the least amount of energy on cards receives the highest ranking.
    (abilities, repair, orb and well costs are ignored in the final score)
    For the event use Advanced difficulty.

    How to check the score & how to join:
     A new tab has been made on my website named "EVENT". -->  https://t1421.de/
    You can upload your replay there and it will tell you current score, as well as your current ranking in comparison of those who joined already.
    (Every team will get an alias)
    You can upload as many replays as you want. The website will always keep your best run for the rankings.

    In conclusion:
    Map:                      Community map: “Restoring Lyr”
    Difficulty:               Advanced
    Goal:                     Use the least amount of power to play out cards
    Replay:                  Upload replay here
    End date:              21.07.2024 23:59 CET
    Winner Stream:    26.07.2024 19:00 CET at https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421
    How to play the map:

    (per player)
    1st Place: 5 Boosters + Both new cards + Harvester

    2nd Place: 4 Boosters + Both new cards + Amii Monument
    3rd Place: 3 Boosters + Both new cards + Cluster Explosion [R]
    4th Place: 2 Boosters + Both new cards + Thunder Wagon [R]
    5th Place: 1 Boosters + Both new cards + Raven Archwalker
    Places 6 to 10: 1 Booster + One of these cards Oracle Mask [R], Moloch, Ashbone Pyro, Church of Negation, Nox Carrier [P]
    You can join with as many teams as you want, but you will only receive the price of your highest ranking.

    Big thank-you to:
    SLR-Team                 For 40xBoosters, 10xSwarms and 10xIcespiks
    @Kayrie               For helping with Trailer and Test runs
    Anonymous             For the cards 2xHarvester, 2xAmii Monument, 2xCluster Explosion [R], 2xThunder Wagon [R], 2xRaven Archwalker,
                                                          2xOracle Mask [R], 2xMoloch, 2xAshbone Pyro, 2xChurch of Negation, 2xNox Carrier [P]
    @Maze                As always, my page would not work without the SMJ-API
    @Potato_Hoarder For Proofreading

    Some information about the map:
    If you want to host an event yourself, contact our Event Organizer @Metagross31
    I hope you all in join the "small scale" event 🙂
    See you in the forge fellow Skylords
  3. Nerokin liked a post in a topic by Potato_Hoarder in Autocast for toggleable global effects, or the ability to group 2 into 1 hotkey.   
    This refers to shrine cards, "soulstone", "fountain of rebirth", the others like it (not the shadow shrines those cards just screw your team over).
    Not cards like "fleshbender", "lifestream", "frontier keep", "ice shirld tower", etc.

    These cards are the greatest barrier between "good" and "casual/new" players, mostly on RPVE, with players opting to not run them so they wont get flamed for it not being up every 30s.

    Here are a few suggestions for implementation:

    a) If you believe its too unbalance or strong you could add a toggle (idk "X") to that it auto toggles but at 50% potency? for those of us without the skillset of a pro starcraft player. (shrine of the martyrs is a decent example)

    b) Make it work on RPVE only game modes? and not in PVE or PVP. (another thought would be make shrines in PRVE maps like in ascension to give small global buffs when found [toggleable and untargetable])

    c) If both of those options "go against the spirit of Battleforges intended gameplay" at least let us hotkey 2 buildings and press "Z" whenever we finish spamming spells on our units and remember we have a shrine somewhere on the map.

    If all these options seem overpowered remember wheel of gifts is a thing just balance it with that card in mind, and that card does 3 things very well and takes up only 1 slot.

    If you like the idea maybe "kobolt INC" ,"warden sigil", "kobolt laboratory" as those card barely see use.

    Cards with 0 cost actives should autotoggle or have an option to autotoggle at a reduced efficiency.
  4. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Statement about antivirus programs flagging Skylords Reborn as unsafe   
    well no, it is not only the login credential, but everything, what cards you have, what maps you played, what actions you trying to do during match, .... everything, login credential are just the most obvious example. There is no EA's server to respond to these packets either, and there never was EA's server that would answer to things we added, like quests, achievements, cosmetics, booster history, ...
    So there is no other way to do this. But we have been doing it like this since the begining, so no idea, why AVs started to trigger so much more now.
  5. Dran liked a post in a topic by Potato_Hoarder in pcre3.dll issue   
    Same situation same question! can we just get the file in the "download" section, please?
  6. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Vetulus Montanis in pcre3.dll issue   
    well, i only have micrososft defender thats about it but what should i do now that the dll seems corrupt? is there anyway i can download the dll without reinstalling the whole game?
  7. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by WindHunter in Autocast for toggleable global effects, or the ability to group 2 into 1 hotkey.   
    Options B and C are impossible. We have tried to change it so that players can add multiple buildings to a group and still use the abilities but we have been unsuccessful. The reason Bedrock's abilities disappear when you have multiple is because the spawn ability was originally from a building and it keeps the same limitation.

    Option A is possible, it is mostly a question of balance and if we want shrines to work like that. We have discussed making Cultist Master having an auto-cast summon ability to enable Furnace of Flesh + Cultist Master to function autonomously though less efficiently, but we have not pulled the trigger on that as an idea we want to implement at this time.
  8. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Kubik in Autocast for toggleable global effects, or the ability to group 2 into 1 hotkey.   
    oh you just misunderstood me I think.
    What you call "global persistant buff" are at least 2 "abilities". ("ability" the game's terminology for any non instant effect, to simplify the definition, and "spell" is an instant one time effect)
    1. ability is relatively simple make another ability apply to all players
    2. ability will do the actual thing, but to do actual thing, which might be complicated chain of abilities...
    so for a card with 4 upgrade levels (0, 1, 2, 3) such thing is at least 8 new abilities, that will need to be maintained. (Not saying it is impossible, just pointing out the ammount of work)
    And as I said before there is no way for ability to behave differently based on map, and I do not think, that we should even try to add such thing, because it would only lead to a confusion, why card does not work on map X like on map Y.
  9. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Bullet4U in Modifying Gold so that it can be converted from Gold to BFP - say 100 -> 1 or 1000 -> 1   
    Same here. Would like to buy gold ingame for BFP, maybe in auction house.
  10. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by WindHunter in Modifying Gold so that it can be converted from Gold to BFP - say 100 -> 1 or 1000 -> 1   
    The gold system and the bfp system are designed to be entirely separate systems. This separateness makes it easier for us to balance them individually, and it also ensures that we avoid gold selling schemes which could get the project in trouble. 
    After we released some veteran-oriented achievements in January 2023, we spent the last year working on the early to mid-game experience. We think these are now in a good place with the gold rework, tutorial missions, and early game achievements. As such, we will be focusing on late-game content moving forward with one of the intentions being gold sinks.
  11. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Kapo in Patch #400036 - 3 October 2022   
    I totally agree there should be hard and superhard achievements, though it doesn't have to be that "Play X hours constantly" stuff.  If the data suggests the Reserve stuff frustrates Skylords away from the game, it's the right move to remove them.
    But as we have seen on the "Force of Nature" patch, achievements can revitalize interest pretty strongly.
  12. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Carofex in Patch #400036 - 3 October 2022   
    There could be also some harder archivements.
  13. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Lobo23 in Patch #400036 - 3 October 2022   
    Dont nerf achivments based on "frustration" balance them only by seing if its doable or not! i have all the new achivments and can confirm they are indeed dooable, it takes all the credit away from completing them, if they are easy.  Sure ppl are going to cry about it, just like im doing but opposite, its natural, and its also natural for achivments to mean something, and be hard to ACHIVE.
  14. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by WindHunter in Patch #400036 - 3 October 2022   
    Patch #400036
    Welcome to our newest patch. This update contains a follow-up to our larger patch earlier in the month with new achievements and changes to existing achievements. 

    General Changes
    Added notificaton when all gold chests have been opened. Fixed bug where you could start campaign PvE matches with free PvP decks. Solved numerous smaller textual inconsistencies in the UI. Renamed "Delete all" to "Collect all" in the mail window. Added dialog box that mentions the mails will also be deleted, instead. Removed map seeds from the random PvE map pool known to crash the game. This should solve the issue where a random PvE map crashes on start-up. Faction ability icons are no longer displayed as status effects on a unit to conserve space for non-permanent effects. This includes: Life Stealer (Bandits), Elusive (Amii), Adamant Skin (Stonekin units), and Adamant Alloy (Stonekin buildings).
    New & Existing Achievements
    Skylords Reborn released with a base set of achievements, including 3 achievements which reward players for draining their BFP reserves. Unfortunately, since release we have seen that contrary to encouraging more play, these reserve achievements are actually driving players away from the game. Players will grind many hours in a row to finish all three achievements and in the process completely burn themselves out. Given this situation, we have decided to remove all 3 reserve achievements and replace them with general in-game playtime achievements that the player can complete at their own pace. These new achievements will be available to everyone, even those who previously completed the reserve achievements.
    Sadly, our newest achievements were also not free from issues. "A Wrinkle in Time" caused a lot of confusion with its description and has been updated accordingly. Our new RPvE 10 achievement "Abandon Hope..." has proved to be quite popular, even with brand-new players who attempt it without being properly prepared. This has led to frustration among our more veteran players, who the achievement was meant to help by increasing the RPvE 10 player pool. As such, we have locked the achievement beyond PvE Rank 10, to prevent unprepared players from joining lobbies in hopes of easy boosters. Our Pure Fire achievement "Never Thought of Him" has had a very low completion rate and after talking to players we decided to reduce the restrictions. Now, only the player pursuing the achievement is required to use a Pure Fire deck, instead of the entire team. While not mentioned here, see PvE map changes below, we have made changes to Defending Hope to allow the player to activate Rogan with a building and not just a unit. While the fact Rogan required a unit to be activated was intended to be a fun puzzle-like challenge for the "A City Strongly Compact" achievement, we noticed this caused substantial frustration among players, especially those who were also trying to complete "The Long Journey Home" simultaneously.
    [ New Achievements ]
    Thirsty for More  [1/2/3 General Boosters ]
    Spend time in matches. (5/15/30 hours)
    Up and Coming  [1 Mini-booster]
    Complete the 1-player scenario Introduction.
    Gym Rat  [3 General Boosters]
    Win 20 sparring PvP matches.
    Moon's Disciple  [6 General Boosters]
    Win 20 ranked PvP matches. (Locked until Gym Rat has been completed)
    [ Changes to Existing Achievements ]

    All 3 Reserve Achievements (Drink Up, Me Hearties!; Thirsty for More; To the Last Drop)
    - Permanently removed from the game
    A Wrinkle in Time
    - Description changed to clarify it requires Lost Souls cards.
    Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here
    - Achievement is now locked until a player reaches PvE rank 10 (Gold 2)
    Never Thought of Him
    - Only requires the player to use a Pure Fire deck instead of the entire team.
    A Force of Nature
    - Reward description changed to "1x Promo Mana Wing" to clarify it is not a normal Mana Wing being rewarded.
  15. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Dutchy in Community event #4: Onslaught on the Ground   
    The event has concluded, thank you for participating!
    Dear fellow Skylords 
    You have to prove yourself worthy – this time without air support! You have to break the walls and get yourself and Rogan Kayle to the end of the map as fast as possible! You can bring one friend on this endeavor, but that's it.
    Map:                          King of the Giants
    Difficulty:                   Advanced
    Players:                      Either solo or duo (separate prizes)
    Card restrictions:       No Amii Monument, Nether Warp, Enlightenment, and units that can fly
    Goal:                          Win the map as fast as possible
    Start:                          19.08.2022 18:00 CEST
    Until when:                28.08.2022 23:59 CEST
    Replays:                     PM in the Forum @Dutchy or DM via Discord Dutchy#4596
    Replay name:             KingoftheGiants_Dutchy_time_0_20_12.0.pmv

    You can send in multiple replays, the last one which I receive will be used for the event.
    1st place:           5 Stonekin Boosters
    2nd place:          4 Stonekin Boosters
    3rd place:           3 Stonekin Boosters
    4th place:           2 Stonekin Boosters
    5th -10th place: 1 Stonekin Booster
    Duo (each)
    1st place:          4 Stonekin Boosters
    2nd place:         3 Stonekin Boosters
    3rd place:          2 Stonekin Boosters
    4th place:          1 Stonekin Booster
    Slowest solo run:         8x Juice Tank and 69 bfp
    Random draw:             Rogan Kayle Promo
    5th place solo:             Spitfire
    Top 5 slowest overall runs gets 3 Magma Hurlers each - Nemoo SK / Hrdina Impéria
    Big Thank you to:
    The Skylords team for sponsoring this event.
    Donaar for sponsoring 8x Juice Tanks and 69 bfp.
    Kapo for sponsoring a Rogan Kayle promo
    Ultralord for sponsoring a Spitfire
    Nemoo SK / Hrdina Impéria for sponsoring 15 Magma Hurlers

    Future events
    If you are interested in helping with these (or better) kinds of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out! Contact our beloved Event Managers @Minashigo Hiko and @Metagross31 on the forums or discord. They are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!
  16. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Cocofang in Achievements for beginners with "essential" cards   
    It's a bit tricky because for some factions there are very strong baseline C and UC cards. Yet for others there are key Rs and URs that can really elevate a deck.
    The economical ramifications also have to be kept in mind. Cards that are given out for free will drop in value. Even if you made them account-bound. Now, Cs and UCs aren't as affected because they hover around the baseline established by reforging. Different story for Rs though.
  17. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Dallarian in Achievements for beginners with "essential" cards   
    Current "play faction n times" achievements end at 10 games, and possibly expanding those to include more common and uncommon cards would be cool.
    I am not sure if giving rare cards in such a way is a good idea, though.
  18. Dallarian liked a post in a topic by Potato_Hoarder in Achievements for beginners with "essential" cards   

    For new players its pretty hard and expensive to get a decent deck, which puts some people off and makes playing some standard difficulty maps a challenge.

    What I am proposing are more Achievements aimed directly at new players.

    for example:

    Play 50 nature cards -> 1x Werebeast
    Play 100 nature cards -> 1x Shaman
    Play 250 nature cards -> 1x Manawing
    Play 500 nature cards -> 1x Grimvine
    Play 1000 nature cards ->1x Deep coil
    Play 50 fire cards -> 1x Nomad G
    Play 100 fire cards -> 1x Mortar Tower
    Play 250 fire cards -> 1x Sunderer
    Play 500 fire cards -> 1x  Vulcan
    Play 1000 fire cards -> 1x Magma Fiend
    Play 50 shadow cards -> 1x Skeleton Warriors
    Play 100 shadow cards -> 1x Nox Trooper
    Play 250 shadow  cards -> 1x Furnace of flesh
    Play 500 shadow cards -> 1x Ashborn Pyro
    Play 1000 shadow cards -> 1x Overlord
    Play 50 frost cards -> 1x Northern Keep R
    Play 100 frost cards -> 1x Frost Mage
    Play 250 frost cards -> 1x War Eagle
    Play 500 frost cards -> 1x Juice Tank
    Play 1000 frost  cards -> 1x Construct
    Play 50 bandit cards -> 1x Banditos
    Play 100 bandit  cards -> 1x Commandos B
    Play 250 bandit  cards -> 1x Windhunter
    Play 500 bandit  cards -> 1x Corsair P
    Play 1000 bandit  cards -> 1x Soulhunter B
    Play 50 lost cards -> 1x Lost Wanderer G
    Play 100 lost cards -> 1x Lost Dancer R
    Play 250 lost cards -> 1x Lost Reaver P
    Play 500 lost cards -> 1x Lost Horror R
    Play 1000 lost cards -> 1x Lost Dragon G
    Play 50 twilight cards -> 1x Slaver P
    Play 100 twilight cards -> 1x Vile Blood G
    Play 250 twilight cards -> 1x Mutating Maniac G
    Play 500 twilight cards -> 1x Tree Fiend G
    Play 1000 twilight cards -> 1x Abomination B
    Play 50 stonekin cards -> 1x Stone Hurler R
    Play 100 stonekin cards -> 1x Aggressor G
    Play 250 stonekin cards -> 1x DeepFang R
    Play 500 stonekin cards -> 1x Gemeye G
    Play 1000 stonekin cards -> 1x Grinder P
    These are all up for change or debate, I was trying to think of decent cards that aren't too rare or expensive in the marker place, that's why fire dancer, harvester , forest elder, Dreadnaught weren't included although they might make decent 10K cards played achievements (basic not promo). The "Mixed" orb ones are more difficult and rarer although it could be adjusted and have play any of the two orbs.

    Tell me what you think!

    edit: Spelling and better wording
  19. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Deadman in Battle of Tactics #1: Your actions count - Until 14.08.2022   
    problem is I have to complete the map, gonna have to skip this one 
  20. Potato_Hoarder liked a post in a topic by Kapo in CCC #6 - Back to the Roots UNTIL 24.07.2022   
    automatic means in this case I will send them out by hand 😉
    (when the contest is done)
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