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Achievements for beginners with "essential" cards


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For new players its pretty hard and expensive to get a decent deck, which puts some people off and makes playing some standard difficulty maps a challenge.

What I am proposing are more Achievements aimed directly at new players.

for example:

Play 50 nature cards -> 1x Werebeast

Play 100 nature cards -> 1x Shaman

Play 250 nature cards -> 1x Manawing

Play 500 nature cards -> 1x Grimvine

Play 1000 nature cards ->1x Deep coil

Play 50 fire cards -> 1x Nomad G

Play 100 fire cards -> 1x Mortar Tower

Play 250 fire cards -> 1x Sunderer

Play 500 fire cards -> 1x  Vulcan

Play 1000 fire cards -> 1x Magma Fiend


Play 50 shadow cards -> 1x Skeleton Warriors

Play 100 shadow cards -> 1x Nox Trooper

Play 250 shadow  cards -> 1x Furnace of flesh

Play 500 shadow cards -> 1x Ashborn Pyro

Play 1000 shadow cards -> 1x Overlord


Play 50 frost cards -> 1x Northern Keep R

Play 100 frost cards -> 1x Frost Mage

Play 250 frost cards -> 1x War Eagle

Play 500 frost cards -> 1x Juice Tank

Play 1000 frost  cards -> 1x Construct


Play 50 bandit cards -> 1x Banditos

Play 100 bandit  cards -> 1x Commandos B

Play 250 bandit  cards -> 1x Windhunter

Play 500 bandit  cards -> 1x Corsair P

Play 1000 bandit  cards -> 1x Soulhunter B


Play 50 lost cards -> 1x Lost Wanderer G

Play 100 lost cards -> 1x Lost Dancer R

Play 250 lost cards -> 1x Lost Reaver P

Play 500 lost cards -> 1x Lost Horror R

Play 1000 lost cards -> 1x Lost Dragon G


Play 50 twilight cards -> 1x Slaver P

Play 100 twilight cards -> 1x Vile Blood G

Play 250 twilight cards -> 1x Mutating Maniac G

Play 500 twilight cards -> 1x Tree Fiend G

Play 1000 twilight cards -> 1x Abomination B


Play 50 stonekin cards -> 1x Stone Hurler R

Play 100 stonekin cards -> 1x Aggressor G

Play 250 stonekin cards -> 1x DeepFang R

Play 500 stonekin cards -> 1x Gemeye G

Play 1000 stonekin cards -> 1x Grinder P


These are all up for change or debate, I was trying to think of decent cards that aren't too rare or expensive in the marker place, that's why fire dancer, harvester , forest elder, Dreadnaught weren't included although they might make decent 10K cards played achievements (basic not promo). The "Mixed" orb ones are more difficult and rarer although it could be adjusted and have play any of the two orbs.

Tell me what you think!

edit: Spelling and better wording

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Just now, Dallarian said:

Current "play faction n times" achievements end at 10 games, and possibly expanding those to include more common and uncommon cards would be cool.
I am not sure if giving rare cards in such a way is a good idea, though.

Whole point is to discuss, which cards do you believe should be changed?

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It's a bit tricky because for some factions there are very strong baseline C and UC cards. Yet for others there are key Rs and URs that can really elevate a deck.

The economical ramifications also have to be kept in mind. Cards that are given out for free will drop in value. Even if you made them account-bound. Now, Cs and UCs aren't as affected because they hover around the baseline established by reforging. Different story for Rs though.

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That's Fair, how about a BFP value for each tier?
for example :

50 cards -> 10bfp market value card (ex) skeleton warrior or knights of chaos

100 cards -> 20bfp market value card (ex)  Phase tower

250 cards -> 50bfp market value card (ex) Necrofury

500 cards -> 100bfp market value card (ex) embalmers shrine or Shadow phoenix

1000 cards -> 200bfp market value card (ex) cultist master or Wrathgazer
(current prices in the marketplace at time of writing)

I played a standard bad harvest game this morning and a bronze 3 player was in slot 2 and cleared out the bandit camp at 12:30 min mark. He didnt have the best rest of the game.

Im hoping this sort of achievement system will help players like this get a small boost in capability and not make them feel demoralized and quit.



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