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  1. Just wanted to zip in with a quick: Take your time, if you can't hit the deadline you set yourself for open beta release, just take more time. The kids will manage. They will cry. They will lament their broken dreams and hopes. They will temporarily feel betrayed, dirty and used. But they will manage. They are strong souls. Godspeed.
  2. Does that count as a birthday? It's more like a two year pregnancy anniversary.
  3. Composed decks are a not a good idea because it completely removes an entire aspect of the game: Customizing your own deck to suite your playstyle and strategy. Especially if the cards in these decks are not randomized but predetermined by a bunch of "pro PvP players", then you get a scenario where these guys already have the deck figured out, because they built it, while the rest still has to adapt. Horrible if you want to have some sort of integrity in your PvP scene. Having active competitors decide the terms for the entire field is a nightmare to justify. Worst case scenario is if one
  4. Yes, there are models that allow to trade money in order to safe time. Those commonly involve unnecessary, forced grinds in order to manipulate people into spending. Either way you don't think the other way around, that there are people that spend time AND money and these pull ahead by a fucking landslide, which can be especially problematic in a game that involves an economy.
  5. Enlighten. It was the most powerful spell at one point and a standard in almost any hight tier deck. It dropped in value after some expansions and it got nerfed too if I remember correctly. But it was an absolute chase-card.
  6. If they actively lock content/functionality behind a paywall or want reoccurring payments, I would be fucking out. Forcing grinds onto people to manipulate them into coughing up money was basically what the original BF did and it was tedious as hell. If they absolutely want to have microtransactions in this reboot, the most ethical way to go about it would be cosmetics that you can ALSO unlock by playing (albeit associated with a lot of playtime because they are in no way essential). For example the Harvester had a promo version that was fully upgraded and had a different skin. You could
  7. The craziest news about this whole thing is EA is fine with it with some obvious restrictions. Normally big publishers just sit on their IPs and let the rot, even if they don't even want them anymore. In the past people wanted to buy IPs from various publishers to revive some of them, yet were denied. So this is pretty huge actually. However: THIS made me instantly wary. Back then BF was pretty much the game that taught me to monitor my spending habits when it comes to endless money dump-games. I didn't break the bank but definitely spent more than I want to know. Now, with t
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