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  1. No need to read any more of this post, Fiki (and the rest of the team), this is just a game. No matter how much we love it, it's not worth damaging your own health, education, income, etc over. Good choice even if it's sad circumstances, hope you all get some time to breathe and continue making this the best possible re-launch it can be. Edit: Oh, I too have slight concerns over the boosters, but I'm guessing that's just for beta to kickstart drop ratio tests and wouldn't happen at full release?
  2. Pfft, only somebody who never found the Fall for Heaven mod for Civ IV would say that. In that spirit I would absolutely endorse a lot of suggestions already in here; Civ IV, Terraria, Magicka, Portal 1 & 2, PUBG, Starcraft 2, and Dawn of War 2 are all games that I've spent many, many hours in with friends and still play now. Would also throw in Sattelite Reign and Stellaris as extra contenders from my list, love both games!
  3. Archeon


    I didn't realise there was a challenge #3 - are they only being posted in your profile? Might get a bit more attention if you post them in here cause even though I found #2 I don't generally remember to check anything outside the forum posts. Will check out #3 soon though now that I see it!
  4. I'm curious then as to where you stand if we were discussing a different, hypothetical terrorist. Let's say one in Saudi Arabia 20 years ago who bombs a group of people in protest of the lack of womens' rights. They just killed people, they're likely to do it again, so killing them will save lives. However, if they do continue, they may be the ones to draw enough attention to the cause to change things, and make the life of every woman in the country for the next however many years be so much better. Do you kill them, limit the number of deaths and allow the regime to continue, or let th
  5. No disagreements yet? I find that odd but ok. Personally I find it strange that people decide to be aligned to a particular viewpoint, especially those who (I'm in the UK) say "I'm a Conservative" or "I'm Labour". I believe in what I think is best for me and for my society, which sometimes is one and sometimes the other. And that's without getting into how often each party changes its alignment or how the Conservatives historically are the party trying to bring about change, despite their name. That said, I don't know how to label my views except to say I believe every person should
  6. That's one way of looking at it, but personally I feel like there are also a lot of people who are just jealous of those who have gotten in and decide to vent the anger stemming from that by criticising the project as a whole. These people, in turn, anger people like me because it just looks whiny, selfish and childish. Learn some delayed gratification guys, it's going to be awesome when it is released, and the fact that anybody is being added is a great sign for the game! Howevere, people don't understand that this isn't your typical game development; it isn't run by a big development st
  7. Archeon

    EVE online

    No idea about a transporter, but I've been playing a week (actually about 4 hours total playtime) and am starting tier 2 missions solo in a destroyer, have the skills/money to buy a cruiser but don't want to risk losing one yet! Being competetive mostly relies on finding a good corp who will help you get there, plenty of them around who know how useful even a basic frigate can be. Also it's fun to run jamming stuff and be a pita to ships that cost 1000 times what yours does
  8. Ditto, have played DotP 2014/15 a bit again recently, and today I thought about trying to find the oooold version of Magic that had an overland map with shops etc, but nothing comes close to the BF experience.
  9. Archeon

    EVE online

    I found out that the game has gone free to play (or, sort of anyway, what ships/equipment you can use is limited unless you subscribe) and decided to give it a shot - anyone else here had the same bout of nostalgia, or already playing? Would be nice to catch up with people, the universe is a great big place! I've been really enjoying it, started last Sunday and after going through lots of tutorial type missions for the first couple of days, today I blew up a player-made station, explosions are pretty! ...alright I helped, by doing about 1% of the damage. Still felt good! If there's anyone
  10. Indeed, as it's structured the sentence implies the King is wearing the dress. The modifier is misplaced and should be next to the subject, the Queen. Edit - heh, apparently blue-light filters apply to screenshots, who knew?
  11. To eat all the countless hours I guess?
  12. I'm playing London 2038, revival of another underappreciated classic! Also the occasional bit of Guild Wars (the good one, not the one that should have a different name). But most of my miniscule playtime atm goes into co-op games rather than mmorpgs. Incidentally, is there anyone else who can't read the word mmorpg without hearing Yahtzee say it in their head?
  13. Tried that once at University, recipe involved "a room full of spoons". Google translate wasn't so good way back then
  14. Ok, so I managed to get the ranger to the end of Act 3 and then started playing in Breach. Currently have a Witch and a Marauder near the end of Act 1 and still have no idea what I want to play! I like the Witch more i think, and have been taking her the summoning route with zombies, skeletons and spirits, but I've also played around with spark and essence drain and both seem fun too. Any suggestions on what is likely to be a better build for a beginner? I see a lot of guides showing Witch builds as shield based rather than life, and as I understand that's usually more expensive, should I
  15. No slaughter without laughter!
  16. That is all hugely helpful, thanks - the loot filter thing in particular is great! My character name is ArcheonBlackelk, trying out a few classes so this one is a Templar.
  17. 30 minutes? Mine had 10 hours of HDD activity after the download was finished, though I hope that's just because I'm playing on a craptop while my PC is out of action. Anyhoo, after seeing quite a bit about it in the chatbox I thought I'd give it a go, seems like a fun game but yeah, that passive tree is insane! Never mind the number of skills out there to use, I have no idea what I'm doing! I see there's a new league starting next week that looks fun, would like to start a character for that. My usual thing is casters, but oddly enough I started a ranger and thought it was fun enough, th
  18. Another shadow fan here, nothing like throwing away the lives of your own units for the greater good (winning) to terrify the enemy. Also who doesn't love disintegrating stuff?
  19. Played (and still play) the non-special edition to death. If the special edition is just better graphics then I'll stick with normal, the mods for it make it ridiculously beautiful already, and there's a huge amount of extra content from them too. But yeah, amazing game, though that's not exactly news. Would be more surprised to meet people who haven't played it than who have!
  20. Silver Sonic, in the Game Gear version of Sonic 1. Fight wasn't that amazing but was different from the usual dr eggface fights and I was so happy to have gotten that far as this was back in the days where we didn't have savegames!
  21. Loved it before the nerf to Second Chance, admittedly for massive cheese of summon 4 dragons, enlighten second chance, use decomposer and FoF to kill 4 dragons and get their void power back, summon 4 more dragons and get your original 4 back for free. It never secured a place in any of my rPvE decks as far as I remember, one of those cards I used as a crutch when I was newer (I bought a lot of copies of the retail box for about £3-5 each so had plenty of BFP) but dropped out of most decks as I figured out the maps and strategies and played around with other elements. Generally
  22. Wish granted, but your single extra voice in the anti-capitalist movement tips it over the edge, shutting down all businesses around the world. EA and all their studios will never exist, and nobody will ever have played or ever be able to play Battleforge. I wish I was finished taking exams, I'm 34 for crying out loud!
  23. Wish granted, but every time you do, the chorus of "I believe I can fly" plays constantly on repeat drom nowhere. I wish I had a job playing video games.
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