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  3. Blaz3

    Can't connect to the Server

    I changed nothing but finally it works. Maybe the communication between my 'local game' and your server took a bit...
  4. Ladadoos

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    Doing any changes to how the inventory is displayed (aka with certain filters) requires more work than usual. Anyways, I think the right dropdown could be made less wide and the left dropdown could be removed I believe, so then there's quite a bit more space.
  5. Flrbb

    3 - badge after level up

    NAME: badge after level up SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: journal and matchmaking screen REPRODUCIBILITY: I noticed this the first time. DESCRIPTION: I played a Gus on Lyr, which made my score rise above the border between 4 yellow dots to 1 cyan (1200000). Within the book my rank was displayed correctly, but my badge at the next matchmaking screen (new group, other mission) was still the old one. but after this next match, a random pve, the badge while matchmaking was shown correctly. this time a random match again, same group as before. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  6. Kubik

    Can't connect to the Server

    can you check you antivirus/firewall? Do you know how to check if process "Launcher.exe" is running?
  7. I installed everything properly and the updater worked aswell but if I try the login using my email adress (same email and password like here (I registered myself today)) it shows 'connect failed'. Should I create another account or what can I do? Best Regards
  8. Hi everyone , actually my favorite deck in rpve 9 lane 2 or 3 ! let's play
  9. Nahath

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    Great list and suggestions. It's well thought out and makes the cases effectively. One general point of improvement: In almost all cases, I think the best buff is one that emphasizes the card's uniqueness. Most of the time, I think you did this, but in a few cases, I think there could have been more focus there. In particular, when a twilight card is underperforming, its transformation ability could be the first place to look for buffs, as most of these abilities are too weak to be worth using. Outside of twilight cards, one in particular that I think about is Battleship. I would buff it by improving its ability instead of its general stats, making it the ultimate air siege unit.
  10. Last week
  11. FreshExE

    Battleforge PvP deck overview - by Hirooo & RadicalX 

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10vtOk_VEnORUNvZ9OCZzBw-OG9MrFBaHgtszsLSyyuA/edit#gid=0 Decklists with overview of Prices
  12. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    If I remember it correctly, he want to make it more mission based for gold. But I am not sure anymore. Maybe I am mixed something up.
  13. Hi all! First, thanks for all the effort and passion that went into this project! Since the forge is basically for testing decks and combos, why not allow anyone to use any card -ONLY in the forge-? This basically helps test cards before buying them, since some are quite expensive. I think this was one of the reasons the original BF didn't go too well, and I hope Reborn can address some of these issues. Thanks a lot!
  14. RadicalX

    Balance Proposal: Emberstrike

    This was discussed in the discord channel too. I think it is a reasonable idea, but impossible to implement for now.
  15. Flrbb

    Balance Proposal: Emberstrike

    I'd suggest to remove the restrictions of spawning without beeing near to a home base. (Half lifepoints etc.) This is more radical but would support this units' unique mechanic.
  16. Aviat0r


    To extend Kubiks answer a bit, you can find an option called fullscreen. Simply set this option to 0 instead of 1 and restart the game. It will switch to windowed mode again. 0 = Windowed mode 1 = Fullscreen
  17. Kubik


    in "Documents\BattleForge\config.xml" is xml-like config file where you can edit it, or delete the file to get everything to default
  18. Glenn8484


    hello, I just restart the game on full screen, but every time the game starts my screen gets frozen. I cant reset the options.. What can i do? Greets Glenn
  19. RadicalX

    Balance Proposal: Winterwitch

    Winterwitch • Card Changes Hp: 1350 -> 1700 Shield value: 1500 -> 2000 Ability power costs: 100 -> 65 Winterwitch lacks power that makes her worthy for a T4 card that demands 3 Frost orbs. The biggest current issues we see with this card are the low survivability in a T4 environment & the nonexistent synergy with AoE damage reductions. Cards like Ward of the North or Revenge have no effect onto iceshields. Therefore we want to increase her supportive strengh. Chosen card changes: The hp buff mainly is supposed to increase her survivability to get a proper positioning and good shield area placement. Regarding her ability a shield increase of 500 seems to be a low amount, but as Winterwitch provides up to 15 shields therefore it stacks up. An ability cost reduction is supposed to help players that have no access to voidmanipulation, which isn't guaranteed in a triple Frost deck.
  20. Emberstrike • Card Changes Ability dmg 1100(1650max) -> 1300 (3250max) Passive dmg: 500(750max) -> 900 (2700max) There is a general issue with current L units in T4. They have several downsides to XL units such as scaling limitations through unit & charge limit, L knockback, higher vulnerability vs burst, lower movement speed, damage loss as only a limited amount of creatures are able to attack one target (melee problem only) or the inability to attack air units (melee only). There is almost nothing that makes up for these downsides leaving L T4 units mostly behid. The AOE increase for Emberstrike is supposed to open up a somewhat unique playstyle by using their ability more frequently in order to clear big camps alot quicker than before. In addition to that you should be able to spawn them alot more aggressively into fights with a massively increased passive. I might extend this thread and add some more information in about 2 weeks (I'm short on time for now). Best regards RadicalX
  21. new guy

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    Searches for numbre of cards could also be included. Something like they do in Hearthstone with the search "extra". Further keywords could be "Affinity:<shadow/fire/forst/nature>" and "Owned:<1/2/3/4/4+>". Maybe even "Owend:0" to take a look at cards not in your posession. Just some ideas. Do with it what you consider best for the game.
  22. Dion

    Help... How i can buy BFP?

    Kubik and ultra already answer your question however, if you have bfp already you can increase it by following the market an example of this is that i have gotten alot of ting of 50-100bfp for very low price and i resell them. I even one time got primewatcher. for 290 and the other for 477. some player sell this for 800-900 depending on the player [price might have dropped] majority of your bfp will come from daily and sellling your booster to another player for 410-420bfp through trades
  23. Dion

    SPECIAL leader board suggestion

    I see, well if it is a trouble than no worries, we really dont need such feature ^,^
  24. new guy

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    Good Point, even though I wouldn't consider this an actual problem. Sure, let's hear his opinion. While we're at it, maybe make the seachbar accassible with a shortcut like Ctrl + F. In my opinion, limiting the searchfunction to one keyword would also be sufficient. Then the visible space wont be a problem ever.
  25. Kubik

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    can you even tell what is written there? I think it is too small, but lets ask @Ladadoos if he think it is good idea that way?
  26. new guy

    Inventory Searchbar improvements

    Use the search bar itself like the mentioned games do. The searchbar doesn't have to get any bigger it's big enough. As example, unitsize:M, "siege" or even lager ones like attack>2500 counter:XL really aren't long keystrings. Hearthstone's gamepedia page on their "Collection Manager" (section 1.1 Search) Path of Exil's &nbsp;gamepedia page on their "Stash" (section 5 Hilight Items) A couple of Images i took in PoE from their stash searchbar.
  27. Ultrakool

    Help... How i can buy BFP?

    You can’t buy bfp for real life money
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