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  1. Hey guys! Sorry for asking here but im not in to forum, idk where to ask, whitch place is best for my question.. In one patch our skylords make a shortcuts to the equipment. You are able to find cards whitch have a 3< copy's. That help a lot with reforging but i cannot find this patch and honnestly i never learn any of this shorts. Can someone link me this patch? Greetings!
  2. Bro.. You are out of your mind XDD I start playing as battleforge drop to shops. EA have easy access to commercial so they promo this game so well... at the beginning. I guess Yours memory can be blured apart, You was just a child like u said, so let me rewind sth... Skylords Reborn consistently every month give us new balance patch. In first year they made more small/big changes then EA EVER! EA as BF exist create a stunning number of two new maps(correct me if im wrong). HUGE. DISSAPOINTING. Maybe well they do something else to make this game not be a super stereoid cash bank succking snake
  3. Did we need to watch stream to get the code, or it will be posted here anyway?
  4. Well we need to wait for hotfix then. None of my attempts didnt help at all.
  5. Same problem. I already uninstal game to kinda repair it but still i got this problem. Interesting is that my housemate do not have this problem. Maybe is about idk synchro or wha Anyway game seems broken for now
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