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Increase Auction Set time

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I was wondering if it was possible to add more Set time to the Auction house.


We currently have Short, Medium, long and Very long.

a few games i played offered 3 days, 5 days and a week, so if it is possible to do such thing, then i would recommand extend the time ltime limit and add 4 days and a week to it. of course the gold cost will be risen up for the current set time.

Name ideas could be:
Very Short (2h)
Short (8h)
Medium (24h)
Long (48h)
Very Long (96h)
Super Long (168h)

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I think that would actually improve the consistency of card prices and reduce the frequency of price spikes.

A price spike commonly occurs when the supply of a given card runs out so the next seller takes this opportunity to put theirs up for some outrageous price. Which then leads to this new price being the reference point for several future listings until, over the course of a few days, people undercutting one another leads to the price being normalized again.

Price spikes can of course still be artificial when somebody intentionally buys up the supply for one card to relist it but at least against organically occurring price spikes longer AH times could help.

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I think such options would be nice for those who can't play for a while, and they don't hurt anybody really.

As long as the necessary gold scales up the same way it does right now, it should be fine.

Also agree on that it would counteract "natural" occurring card prize spikes.

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42 minutes ago, BoltyGER said:

I am glad you guys liked this one, i saw it way to much, and thought it might be an ideal idea to bring in. The question is.. is it possible to be worked on since it may be in the core game set?

Informed sources suggest it is already being worked on 😉

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1 minute ago, Volin said:

Just an idea that Ultralord and me had - when you are just working on the GUI here, is it possible to make that the "create auction" can be triggered with enter?

Good idea, and should be easy to do – it does already do that with "space", but space is useless cause you just entered the price and while in that field the space does not react.

Switching it to enter would finally make it work like it should 😃

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