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Here comes another one for far down the priority list!

I recently played a little bit of Guild Wars and noticed, that they have a system, where you can create a code from your character build from ingame, share it with other people and then they can use it to quickly copy your build.

How about adding a similar feature to Skylords, where you can create a code (basically like a hash, but reversable) from your current deck, which the game displays to you and you can copy it to your clipboard and share it with other people. Those people then have a button when creating a deck, which says something like "create deck from code", and when you paste the code in there, the game automatically creates the deck for you.
This could make sharing decks more convenient then taking screenshots of decklists, especially when newer players don't know the name of all cards just from a small icon. This way one could also create a Discord bot, that can show a decklist from a given code.

Is this possible given what resources are available to us?

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Not really sure if it is doable in 20 numbers (byte/characters) but easily doable in 40 to 80 (a brute force way is just to have 20 slots of card ids, you can take a few extra bits for upgrade/charges or not).

I sometimes use hashes to generate a set (e.g. some decks are really the same just different order).

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I mean 3-4 characters long numbers separated by comma and space for readability, but sure you can go crazy and say car requires 13 bits, upgrades and charges another 3, so you can do 80 hex characters, or use base64 and use only 56 characters...

Problem is implementing that for our sides...

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When it was possible for Cards...


It's probably possible for Decks too. Just implement itΒ 4Head. πŸ˜„


All we need is an export to the clipboard: πŸ‘Ό"id=703|id=374|id=677|id=663|id=664|id=1409|id=426|id=524|id=661|id=527|id=1482|id=1343|id=414|id=662|id=427|id=431|id=707|id=707|id=1200|id=1318|id=1224"

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meming btw, do what you can do Kubik, we all know you do :P
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