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  1. The active effect on Soulstone causes the affected buildings to be selectable from anywhere in the effect radius. This makes selecting individual units harder. Easily reproduced by using the ability and moving the mouse around your buildings. It's best noticed with a medium unit. See how close you need to be to select them with and without Soulstone active.
  2. I did a 1 player, rpve advanced++ (6) and one of the spawners in the final area was off the map and untargetable, but I was able to destroy it with aoe. I have attached the replay. 2024-03-19_12-50-22_RPvEOnePlayer_diff6_s62019_Blitzling_time_0_28_54.7_v264.pmv
  3. I didn't realize that "copy deck" was a built into the game. Shows how much I know. I think even without a fancy button or interactable, its a really nice feature to have.
  4. does it push an error if you are missing a card?
  5. Even upsizing M to L would add a lot of potential. How do S look when upped to M?
  6. I use Teamspeak and Discord to voice chat with friends while playing games and Skylords Reborn is preventing both programs from detecting that I am pressing my talk key. This occurs both in-game and from the game launcher itself. Does anyone have any ideas? I am using Windows 10 64bit.
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