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Breeding grounds for other factions

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As the title suggest I always saw breeding grounds as an unfair advantage nature has that no other faction has access to, which heavily limits deckbuilding in favor of including nature in alot of decks.

Every faction has access to a building that influences void-power, some better or worse, but breeding grounds/summoning units for a discount is exclusive to nature. I think it would really open up deckbuilding if every faction has access to a similar mechanic. I just rarely see a point in excluding nature if not for a challenge, breeding grounds just has so much value for every deck you can put together.

Happy to hear what you guys think about this topic

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None of the mentioned card gives the same benefit. like rallying banner is for undazed units, juice tank is barely ever used besides 2-3 maps it is useful on.ressource booster is an entirely different story being a trade-off card. construction hut is a similar mechanic all of them should have but on the other hand there's not enough buildings to make it a necessity for all factions. Of course you would have to limit the summoning reduction( so you can't put in 3 different color breeding grounds and just have all units costs half or some gamebreaking interaction). Still thinking it may be a good addition but guess that's why we have these forums, after all I'm just 1 guy throwing his ideas into the pot

My general idea looked like this:

- for shadow: a building that requires multiple corpses to make your next units costs less and drain the stored power.

- for frost: a building that makes units that have a frost shield or being able to freeze cost less

- for fire : I didn't come up with a fitting idea for the theme yet, maybe give it a building that reduces costs once you've done enough damage to enemies

- nature; keep it as is but the other factions cost less or make it so it triggers if you healed enough allies


Finally you would have to limit these cards to 1 per deck on top of it not being counting for teammates otherwise it would be way too powerful.This approach suits the theme for all the factions we have and would favor deckbuilding into already existing synergies without 'forcing' you to auto-include nature in 80% of decks

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  • Nature have most expensive units - T1, Lack of 60 cost core units on T2, Forest Elder Giant Wyrm on T4 ---> Therefore they get cost return from Breeding Grounds.
  • Frost is a faction that should be focused on structures like WBG, Stronghold and large outposts (may get buffed soon) ---> Therefore they have Construction Hut.
  • Fire is focused on highest aggression, with Rallying Banner, offensive spells and units with charge -------> Therefore they get cost return when a unit dies from Banner of Glory, which is fast to build.
  • Shadow is "high risk high gain" faction, with many risky mechanics and best void power from Furnace of Flesh ----> and they get resource booster which is insanely strong. They certainly do not need any other power mechanics for now.

What you are suggesting is:

  • Shadow - copy of void return mechanic from Furnace of Flesh, but it gives extra discount, so that Cultist Masters can be even more OP now.
  • Frost  - a card nobody's going to use, since there are only 2 units than spawn with ice shield in frost faction.
  • Fire - copy of Shrine of War.

I see no point in duplicating current mechanics just to give a feeling of "being even" when it practice it is not. Factions are kept unique, and that's beautiful.

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11 minutes ago, Dallarian said:

Shadow has resource booster which is probably strongest.

Shadow has resource booster which is probably strongest.

11 minutes ago, Dallarian said:

Factions are kept unique, and that's beautiful.

Couldn't say it any better.

Because in the next step it would be 2-3 Stong heals for each faction.

A Cluster Red alike dmg spell for every faction.

An Frenetic alike super CC for ervery faction...

and in the end Deckbuilding is throwing in random cards.



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As mentioned above, nature is the color that tends to have the most expensive units. Its also the color of control. Breeding grounds does not feel out of place for this faction.

But in general: most of the balance should not be looked at in a vacuum, but for the faction in a whole. In some areas, we agree that some color combinations need certain tools to compete with the other colors, but this does not mean that each faction should get its own variant of breeding ground. Just as we are not planning to give each color its own Eruption-variant or crowd-control spell to match the other colors. The fact that some colors are better at a certain playstyle and have unique tools is part of the charm of Skylords Reborn. 

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7 minutes ago, Doomsword87 said:

what about frost eruption? that does minimal damage, and freezes units down for half the Time of coldsnap


PS: Btw, its even ~double the damage and 3/4 of the freeze 🙂

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