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  1. well, no matter it's function, it would require a heavy price, on the auction house, for focused PvE players
  2. infinite possibilities, i think i'd like It better if it were just a neutral legendary card
  3. i am talking about spells like CC and lava field, i can't usually even get a building down or cast a soulhunter unit's minefield before i am wiped out in all classic head to head combat
  4. hopefully the community can think about This, it'd be quite a heavy difference, and would need to be examined, not including how mana cost can also affect the normal matches
  5. the problem is That i want to use spells only when needed most, absolutely, which is why i think limiting charges, and using the cooldown, would add for Late Game decision making
  6. hmm, they just last so long, i'll throw out a heavy amount of units, and end up losing monument access by the Time i even actually get prepared to do some major damage
  7. to add, a few ways (just off the top of My head), can be limit upgrade charges, increase cooldowns.., or, a less favorable way, only allowing a certain amount in the deck, or "nerfing" them, as in aura or frost spells, - simply Time duration
  8. will the Game ever experiement with new features, that can make It more focused on more pyshical routes? not entirely nullifying major spells, but accenting combat in some way
  9. ironclad is still a Good card, It seems more fitting for damage, instead of the "Tank" role, plus it kind of looks like an ice warrior with machine guns, It has tainted affinity too, doesn't It?
  10. playerbase isn't half bad, a lot of teams playing, pathfinding is a little off, but it is still engaging, and they work on it, it's always been quite a project
  11. i didn't read It all, but looks like alright changes, some of the spells on cards we renamed, that's good, i also see some of the original functions were brought back, and gold chests were removed, pretty cool i'm looking forward to a few stable iterations, especially if we ever get a brand new deck to play with or a new Map Of The Month, so i can tweak my ice mage and thugs, to counter some of the enemy's spells at least, luckily enough, none of the t3 giants can climb over walls, breaking them is already hard enough
  12. as in, like, for playing "Map of The Month", You can earn new cards, from the pvp only experience
  13. i always thought It would be neat, to see some of the creatures Die in amazing ways, (like the twilight magma hurler):, proc'ing a chance to explode, not for damage, but just as a visual effect and also it would be good for un-used models, that may have been scrapped in the past, as promo cards!
  14. relatively fair changes that will add explosive elements
  15. Aye, yes The Game is an economical masterpiece, with plenty of reason to come back and beat and bash The Tainted, again, and again
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