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  1. now is as good of Time as ever to get those updates going, with fantastic new cards to strengthen The Player, let's hope we see some additions to Corpse Techonology next!!!!!!
  2. the cooldown is pretty harsh, especially when You only have a handful of archers left, technically It's a mess, but a decent defense in PvE, especially against stonekin
  3. sure (That'd) hit the spot, a good chance to earn gold for cards in the edition, i'm trying to buff My stonekin up anyway, give them a little spice
  4. very cool core deck on the first MAP, and a manawing promo? yes, how sweet the design has a Great flavor of vanity, and will be That much easier to crush those stonekin bolters, not to mention two seperate infusions, with more frost spells, we can have the Time of our lives, deckbuilding professionally, keep up the good work and see You in the FORGE
  5. i would go ahead and say once in a blue moon You could get away with throwing down an undead army, but if it should qualify for the buff is another matter
  6. It would bring explosive elements to the Game, as people are waiting for their own biological clock to cool down
  7. a slick addition to uncommon frost, as part of the DECK, with two affinities too well help give root nexus units extra Time when needing That push over the cliff
  8. global warming got a nice buff/nerf combo, good Thing in case someone shields those T1 root nexus units
  9. i'd color it blue instead of white, i'm always happy to go through common changes, as i strictly play nature or fire, and do not experiment with any of the other branches
  10. should help with T1 units that use root nexus too, mainly the 60P cards, You can't ever tell if they are dazed
  11. i'll have to go way more in depth, and check how units react with spamming certain spells early Game, as a cheapshot method
  12. what about frost eruption? that does minimal damage, and freezes units down for half the Time of coldsnap
  13. bandits, they seem to get the Job done, quickly, and really force The Player to step up their Game
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