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Adding additional options to filter cards

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Hi! Not sure if this has been suggested but I have a couple of suggestions relating to the card filter. 

1. Spare cards Filter: The number one concern would be the constant scroll to check if I have any spare/duplicate cards that I either want to give away or put it on the auction house. I am not sure if its possible but i suggest doing a card filter for "Spare cards" this would mean the system will be able to detect if you have more than 4 of the same card (1 + 3 Upgrade charges). By enabling this card filter, you will only be shown the cards where you are sure to have no use of. This would mean that it'll be easier to either give away your cards (Rather than scrolling through your collection) as you will know the spare cards you have, or makes putting spare cards on the auction house less tedious.

2.  Mixed factions filter: Less important than the first, adding card filters such as bandit/stonekin and lost souls etc. Instead of seeing cards of both factions cramped altogether it'll be nice to only see the cards you want to build e.g Bandit deck. 


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Old thread but with the new filter system you can now do it your self.

My daily used filters:

--> That are cards which i can apply a charges upgrade


--> That are cards which i can sell / reforge
(i keep the cards i will need up upgrade the charges to max)


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