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Promo Snapjaws vs. Completionists - and a possible solution...


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Dear Skylord, Skyladies and other Skyfolk; Yes - this is my official Whine-Thread about the Promo Snapjaws, begging the Devs for mercy for me and other Completionists.

For as long as I can think, my playstyle of any game was a completionists approach. If there are achievements I go even for the craziest ones, go for every aspect of a game no matter if its PvP/PvE/whatever, in simple words: I gotta catch them all. When I encounter other players, usually I have the expierience that Completionists are not super rare, but not that many players want to do "everything", especially if there are low or no rewards for it.

When I joined Skylords Reborn, my timing was kinda unfortunate: Severy other players said I should enter the PROMOMOUNTAINEER code, and they were surprised that the code has become invalid - so I guess I joined shortly after it ran out. I got myself two good decks and started my usual jouney: unlock all maps, do achievements, do all expert maps while collect all nature cards first, then all legendaries, then all frost cards, and so on. In the collectible card aspect, I'm about to finish with just 3 promos missing, and the closer I get to this finish line, the more my mind returns to the snapjaws. Its "THE MISSING CARD", and people like me are bothered by this greatly. Especially, since there is no information out there if it might return or not. Asking about it brought to light that the devs have not decided upon this.

I totally understand the concept of rewards for a special group of people. Get something very special under this-and-that circumstances, and the rest is left out. Like, "this is the reward for the people who have been there since the beginning". In other games, I am usually on the side that has the reward already, and encountered multiple times that restriction have been loosened or removed, and some special titles/items/... havent been that special anymore. But to be honest, after the first impulse that my "hard work" didnt pay off subsided I didnt care that much for long. Usually you have lots of other stuff to show off, and if some things are devalued, sooner or later it always happens as long developers are still changing and developing the game.

Long story short, here are my suggestions what to do in that aspect, in hope that the devs take this into consideration:

1. Make an annoucement that Promo Snapjaws will never be obtainable again, and it stays a special reward for those who have been there from the start. While I wouldnt be super happy about this, it gives some peace of mind. Its better then the current state of them, where nobody knows nothing and false hope can rise.

2. Make them available once a year like Santa or Easter egg, e.g. on the release date as Skylords Reborn "Birthday" card or something similar.

3. (this is my favourite option) Since only completionists are bothered by this, make an Achievement to "Collect X cards" and the final achievement for having one of every card is the Snapjaws. So, if you really care, you can work towards it. You may or may not include Promos in that achievement, with Promos it would be incredible hard, but real Completionists will work toward it anyway. no matter how hard it is. Sidenote: Since Battleforge has an collectible card game aspect to it, I was very surprised that there isnt a "Collect X cards" achievement already.

4. Any other crazy Achievement would be welcome too, if it fits more in the general roadmap of Devs plans for new Achievements. "Play X games with Snapjaws in your deck", "Win a expert map with at least X Legendary cards" or whatever - in the style of the Dragonkin achievement.

Of course I talked to several people how they feel about this issue, and in some cases they brought it up because they share the same fate as I do. To be honest I have no idea how much opposition this ideas generate inside the community, especially amongst those who have been really there since the beginning. And I feel those people should be rewarded, maybe with some special title, avatars or something. But for those who joined later its harsh for Completionists that the reward is something important like a promo card.

So, that is my Suggestion/Whine. Hope to hear from the devs regarding this issue, even a statement like (1.) would be welcomed, to put the minds at rest.



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Making it a reoccurring birthday code sounds okay-ish.

You also raise a valid point about the game not having a collection achievement for cards. There is one for upgrades but it's not quite the same. I could also see an Achievement "The Completionist" for getting all obtainable cards in the game. But Promo Snapjaws as a reward for that would suck for people that already had them from launch.

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12 minutes ago, Cocofang said:

 But Promo Snapjaws as a reward for that would suck for people that already had them from launch.

To be honest I didnt think about that, a valid point. Would kinda suck, so that proposed "solution" isnt as smooth as I thought it might be.


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22 hours ago, Kapo said:

2. Make them available once a year like Santa or Easter egg, e.g. on the release date as Skylords Reborn "Birthday" card or something similar.

That would make sense yeah, would vote for this solution. Even tho I do already have it. So I´d propose something additional: 
- Give every player 500bfp as a Birthday-present and make Promo Snapjaws available in the shop (like a Booster) for 500bfp - available at the 18th Dez and for a week afterwards. Then everyone who doesn´t already have them can buy them, and the others are happy with bfp. 

I also like the Achievement Idea, but as already stated it should reward people with something special, and not something that they might already have.

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A good question, and one I am happy being able to answer:

The Promo Snapjaw was a celebration promo for the official release, unlockable with a scratch code. On the 18th of May it has been exactly 6 months after the official release of Skylords Reborn. On the maintenance on the 19th, we will make the Promo Snapjaws tradeable.

We have not yet decided if we will hand out a new batch at some point in the future, but this way you will be able to get your hands on them if people are willing to sell or trade them. 


This bad boy can soon be yours! 

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nice, thanks so much for taking care of this issue. a good solution to not screw over those who have been there at the beginning, since they decide if they want to keep it or sell it for the price they deem acceptable. we will see the price I have to pay, but gaining any form of access puts my mind at ease that I make my completionist heart whole. Only one thing left to say:


WTB Promo Snapjaws

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I mean, I won't lie... I followed on what you guys have been up to in 2018-19, but I lost track in time when I started attending college... And up until this week I didn't even know how far you guys have gone (and albeit this might sound wrong, it's understandable since you guys are in search for marketing agent) and I installed it a few days ago... And all memories came back 🙂

But I must warn you guys, if you make it a once in a lifetime exclusive, you are doing the same thing EA was doing with Lyrish Knight, Juggernaut, Razorleaf and Harvester... Only for those who were there in those earliest days reward* and these things will be a pain for players who want to play it both for collection and gameplay (I for once used to main Shadow in 2012 and pure Frost) and these little buggers were included in every deck I ever had (even in this affinity).

So my sincere suggestion would be to make them annual reward on B-day or something like Halloween (since they work with that horror thematic and enough time will pass in-between the first handing out)

2ndly, for those who already have it or claimed it through a drop by a code (which i presume is how it was handed out on last giveaway) they could be awarded a hefty sum of BF points or few card packs instead 🙂

And that would be more than fair... because... If you keep it like ONE TIME ONLY thing... You are just repeating the cursed circle EA tried to pull off in "Pay to Play" days 🙂

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